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Proceedings of other Societies.


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Sunday School Union. The annual meeting of this society, which has been so greatly blessed of God, was held at Ex

cler Hall, on Thursday evening, the 3d of May, The following notices of some of the more in Lord Henley in the chair. portant of the late anniversaries in London are Including the Sunday School Society for Iretaken, with omissions, from the Evangelical schools, 115,709 teachers, 1,131,023 scholars;

land, there are belonging to the Union, 10,897 Magazine.

being an increase, during the year, of 735

schools, 8,162 teachers, and 78,367 scholars. British and Foreign Bible Society.

London Hibernian Society. The anniversary of this great society was held at Exeter Hall, on Wednesday, the 2d of May, On Saturday, the fifth of May, the anniversary and the occurrences of the day were such as to of this institution was celebrated at Excler Hall, awaken sentiments of devoui thanksgiving 10 the Marquis of Cholmondeley in the chair. God, among all the attached friends of the cause. The number of day, Sunday, and adult The hall was full-he platform presented a de schools, in connection with the society, during lightful spectacle of rank, talent, and piely-and the past year, have been 1,569, in which 90,085 the dove of peace once more hovered over the scholars have been enrolled, being an increase assembled advocates and distributors of revealed on the returns of the former year of 4,330 chiltruth. Lord Bexley, in the absence of the ven dren and adults. Making allowances for the erable president, took the chair; and, in an ap double enrollment of certain of the pupils in the propriate speech, congratulated the meeting on class-books of the day schools, aifd of the Suntwo things the mild visitation of the hand of day schools, it appears that no fewer than God, in that disease which has oí late prevailed, 1/73,655 have been in actual attendance, for a and the re-establishment of peace and union in longer or shorter period, during the past year, the society. He concluded by urging the friends being an increase on the preceding year of of the cause to increased diligence, walchiul- 13,500. The Roman Catholic pupils, it is calcuness and prayer.

lated, have amounted to 36,000. The repori of the society was unusually inter The day schools are 692, in which there are esting. It opened by a temperate reference 10 55,750 scholars; 24,490 of whom are Roman recent differences; it recorded the unanimity of Catholics, and 31,260 Protesta ts. The Sunday the society's councils; and mentioned the fact schools are 468, containing 23,346 scholars. The that more than one thousand pounds had been adult schools are 409, containing 10,989. Of voluntarily spent by the friends of the cause in these, three schools have been entirely instructdefending it from the attacks of its enemies. 'The ed in the Irish language. In the day schools, foreign operations of the insururion have been there are 34 Irish classes, in which 594 children most encouraging:

have been taught to read in the Irish tongue. The income of the society, during the past Of the thirty-two counties into which Ireland is year, has amounted to 81,7351. 16s. Ad.; being a divided, twenty-nine are blessed with the schools dimination on the receipts of the preceding year

of this admirable institution. of 13,6881. arising exclusively from a variation It was reported that of the 692 day schools in the amount of legacies falling in to the society | belonging to the society, 347 were under the during the year. The expendiiure of the society superintendence of clergymen of the established has been 98,4091. 10s. 9d. The issues of Bibles church of Ireland; forty-five under the ministers have been 160,701, and of Testaments, 182,414, of other denominations; 282, under poblemen, which, added to the issues on the continent, || ladies and gentlemen; and eighteen having nó make a total of 583,888, being an increase on local visitors. the issues of the preceding year of 100,000 copies The Bibles distributed during the year have of the word of God. The total issues of Bibles been 4,712; the English Testaments 12,832; the and Testaments, from the commencement of the Irish Testaments, 330; and the Irish Bibles, 69; society, have been 7,608,615, and the sum spent | making a total of, since the commencement of in effecting this grand object, 1,878,382. 1682d. the society, 273,519. During the past year, a

Among the occurrences of the day, nothing I grant has been made to the institution by the was perhaps more gratifying, than the modest, British and Foreign Bible Society, of 500 Bibles humble, and self-denying manner in which the and 16,000 Testaments. Hon. and Rev. Gerarü Noel acknowledged his The receipts of the past year have amounted error in having opposed himself, for a time, to 10 9,829. 15s. 6d.; and the expenditures to the great and good cause.

8,2971. 8s. ld.
British and Foreign School Society.

Religious Tract Society.
The twenty-seventh annual meeting of this On the 8th of May, early in the morning, the
society was held on Monday, the 7th of May, 1 anniversary of this society was celebrated at the
Lord John Russell in the chair.

City of London Tavern, W. B. Gurney, Esq.

in The total receipts of the past year, including the chair

. After prayer

, the chairman briefly 1001. from the king, have amounted to 2,572 explained the objecis of the society, and then 105. 8d.; and the expenditure has been 2,5382. called on Mr. W. Jones to read the report. It

stated that a grant had been made in China to VOL. XXVIII.


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4s. 3d.


Leang-a-fa for the printing of tracts written by || CHURCH MISSIONARY society's mission in
himself, and circulated from one end of that vast
empire to the other. In Siam a tract, printed at
the request of one of the native princes, has been The death of Mr. Kugler, and of his patron,
largely distributed, and has excited great interest | Segabadis, and the residence of Mr. Gobat
among thousands. At Malacca 10,000 Chinese
tracts have been circulated, About 17,500 Ja- | among a strange and wild people, were men-
vanese tracts have been privied, 4,000 of which tioned at p. 166. A more particular account of
have been furnished at the expense of the Sina these events is subjoined, iaken from the Church
gapore society. The accounts from Burmah, || Missionary Record.
transmitted by Dr. Judson, are of the most en-
couraging character. He says the Burmans are
an inquiring and reading people, and that the

I hope you will have received the letter which tracts of the society now pervade the whole (1829). We had then the best prospects on

we wrote to you on the 20th of October last country, from the frontiers of China to the banks of the Ganges, and froin the borders of Cassay I changed, at least for a season. The hope only

every side; but, since that lime, all has been to the southermost villages of British Pegu. At

remains to me, that God will bring clearer days the last festival 10,000 tracts were distributed. At Calcutta 72,500 tracts have been printed, and

on this miserable country, and that he will not

suffer me to be cast out as a vessel of no use. 83,204 circulated. At Serampore 18,000 copies You will already know that I have been al of eleven new tracts have been put in circula

Gondar from the 26th of March to the 4th of Oction; and in various languages there have been

tober; whilst my dear brother Kugler remained distributed altogether no fewer than 39,050. A

at Tigre. At Gondar I have found many indigrant of 4,200 tracts have been sent to Berham

viduals inclined to receive the word of life. I pore. 3,800 suitable books and tracts have been

have disposed of sixty copies of the Four Gos. sent to Chunar, 9.000 tracts have been sent to

pels, which I have sent into all the provinces of the military stations at Cawnpore and Meerut.

ibe interior, as far as Shoa. I added a short letDuring the year 92,000 native tracts have been

ter to the Gospels and Acts, which I sent to the printed at Madras, including twelve new tracts,

king of Sboa." I have since heard that be was In the same period in various languages, 99,305 | well pleased with the whole, and that he intended tracts were circulated, being an increase on the former year of 47,831. The lotal circulation of

to send me a present, when he heard that I the Madras society has amounted to 461,722 could reach me. I was in the favor of the etch

should be out of the eountry before his present tracts. At Bangalore 15,000 tracts have been

egua (the chief of all the Monks, and al present, printed on the divine attributes. At Nagercoil

, || in the absence of an abuna or bishop, the great45,000 tracts have been dispersed. At Bombay

est ecclesiastic of the country,) and in general in * 25,000 bave been printed within the year. At Surat, Mr. Fyvie, missionary, has distributed except the old king, who has at present no king.

the favor of all the great men whom I have seen, 40,000 books and tracts during the year. Other dom. But for all the details I refer you 10 zy parts of the report were equally encouraging. journal; which I, at first, intended to bring myBoth at home and abroad God is eminently pros. I self, at least to Égypt, as you will bave seen in pering its endeavors to spread the knowledge of

our joint letter of October. At present I cannot divine truth. 8,350 tracts have been voted for send it, for fear of the robbers, who infest the distribution in the Highlands and Islands of Scot

way from hence to Massowab. But I will send land; 150,000 for Ireland; for the courts and

it as soon as the state of things shall be a little alleys of the metropolis, 99,750; for circulation

ameliorated. A few Mohammedan pilgrims will in reference to the cholera, 72,500; for counter

take this letter to Massowah; but it is a great acting Sabbath-breaking and infidelity in the

chance if it ever reach you. metropolis, 164,000; for hospitals and workhouses, 8,000; for country villages and hamlets, | 1829, reached me, toward the end of December

Your very kind letter, I believe of November 300,000; for horse-races, 20,500; for places where

last. I was then al Adowah, with brother scepticism has been making visible progress, Kugler, and little thought that it was the last of 10,700; for the North of England during the prevalence of cholera, 28.000; for soldiers, ll ii proved. Thus it has pleased a wise Provi

your letters we should ever read together, but $o sailors, watermen, rivermen, bargemen, and

dence to take away from me the only missionary canal men, 43,000; for foreigners, 8,800. The brother whom I had in this dark land. He died new publications for the year have been 186. The sums received during the year for the sale last, of a small wound

which he had got in the

in the peace of God, on the 29th of December of publications bas been 26,9491. 11s. 8d. The total amount of the society's receipts has been | large losses of blood. The last evening was, I

left arm on the 10th of December, after several 31,3761. 6s. 11d.

The publications circulated hope, for the edification of many who witnessed during the year amount to 11,714,965. The total

bis death; for they all said, that they had never circulation at home and abroad has amounted to

seen a man die in such full confidence in the pearly 165,000,000.

Savior. A Mussulman, who was present, said, Port of London and Bethel Union Society.

in the presence of all, that he had seen many

persons in the hour of death; that four had died The thirteenth anniversary was held at the

in his arms; but that he had never seen true faith City of London Tavern, on the 7th of May, Lord

till this day. His remains were deposited in the Mountsandford in the chair. Receipts 7091. 10s.

church called Madhan-Alam (the Savior of the

world,) on the 31st of December, 1830. You Church Missionary Society.

will see the details of his illness and death in my The thirty-second anniversary was held on

journal. The young Tecla-Georgis,

Jate king of the same name, was a great help to the first of May, Lord Bexley in the chair. The receipts of the year were 40,751l. and the dis-Aichinger was himself very ill, and all

at that period; as my Christian brother


other bursements 47,1731,

friends had gone to the war; and the priest re:

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son of the


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with our Ali to his village, where ; and to go

fused to receive the remains of brother Kugler | feed our mules. We intended to march again into the church, because I would not permit during the night; but, after being there about half them to pronounce the absolution over him. At an hour, a messenger arrived to Wolda Michael, that moment, also, the help of God was with me. who brought the news that Ras Marea was dead:

But another occurrence has lately taken place, he had been shot at the beginning of the battle, by which the work of this mission will be sus

without his soldiers knowing it until the evening. pended altogether, for several months at least. All was joy in our camp. The brother of SebaWhen I left Gondar, there was a general cry for gadis arrived. It was immediately resolved that war against Tigre. When I arrived at Adowah

we should return, altogether, the next day to on the 17th of Ociober, I found Sebagadis, who

Adowah: but when we rose in the moruing, the was then going to war. He received me in

soldiers were going the same way to their home, every respect as his equal. We passed two

and the officers were in silence. Wolda Michael evenings alone together; on the last of which he

sent to inform me, privately, that a messenger wept almost all the time. When we separated,

had arrived in the night with the news that his be said to me, “I love you; not because you are

father Sebagadis was dead: he had been taken a great man, nor because you are a white man,

prisoner on the 14th, and killed on the 15th. We but because you love the Lord whom I wish to

Then consulted what was to be done. He advislove with all my heart. I pray you to be my

ed me to prosecute the plan which I had formed, brother, and to consider me as your brother."

of leaving all my clothes and money at Debra "No," said I, “I will be your son, and you shall

Damol, a monastery situated on a rock, where be my father.” At this he kissed my hand, weep

no one can ascend without a ing, and saying, "I am not worthy to be called

now am your father; but I will be a faiibiul brother to two days we arrived at Debra Damot; but the you.” Thus we parted forever. On the 19th of

monks made many difficulties. I could not arOctober he left Odowah; and, without a balt, he

range with them until the evening of the 20th, passed the Tacazze, took the mountains of

when Wolda Michael arrived, and settled every Samen, and went as far as Inchetkaub), the resi thing as I wished; but be did not ascend to the dence of the governor of Samen, who liad joined

convent. On the 21st I arrived here at Behati, the rest of the governors against Tigre. The

where I intend to stay, with Ali, until the state of intention of Sebagadis was, to attack his ene

things shall be a little better. The country is mies before they could assemble in great num

full of robbers; but I do not know any other place bers: and indeed Marea, who governed all the

of refuge; and I hope the Lord will have his interior from Tacazze, marched immediately

eyes upon me, as he has done hitherto. against him; but he remained on the mountain

Thus you see the state in which I am. Do Samalemon, until his troops were collected.

not forget me: pray for this poor people. There Sebagadis retired to this side of the Tacazze. will probably be a long series of misery in all On Sunday, the 13th of February, the Galla

thuis land; for though Wolda Michael will probafor so the Abyssinians call all the soldiers of the bly succeed his father, it will not be without interior, the chief governor being a Galla inward war and much bloodshed. passed the Tacazze without resistance; because We have little news of the Galla: some say, Sebagadis was not willing to fight on a Sunday. that they are divided amongst themselves, and On the 14th, the most bloody battle which Aby's- that they are returning to their country: others sinia ever witnessed was fought. The Tigre say, that they are near Axum, with the intention soldiers fled; and on the 15th the news arrived of plundering it, as they have already done some at Adowah that the Tigre bad been beaten. At sacred places, which used, as Axum, to be secure might some soldiers, who had fled, arrived; and places of refuge in time of war; that they will in the morning the whole of the inhabitants had come to Adi.Grate, where Sebagadis 'had his fled, with the exception of some old women, who money, and then return, through Antalo, to their were weeping, and beating their breasts, on the own country. The Gooderoo Galla, Mohamlops of the houses. About an hour after sunrise, medans, are the worst of all; they spare neither the streets were full of people, who had come church por monastery; they even take delight is from the war: all were in tears; and a dead killing the priests and monks. The Christians silence was only broken by the loud cries of do not spare the churches for fear of God; but those who had siill strength io cry. Till then I they fear the saints to whom the churches and had almost resolved to remain at Adowah; sup- monasteries are consecrated. The brother of posing that some of the chiefs of the interior Marea will find opposition; but if he succeeds in would know me, and preserve my house. Whilst taking the place of his brother, there is some I was praying to God that he would direct all hope for the interior; for they say, that he is a my steps, I heard that a son of Sebagadis and good man, as his father, Ras Googsa, was. his brother had passed near Adowah, without I have found an able man, the son of a Greek entering the town. I ran after them, to ask for ecclesiastic, born in this country, who will transsurer news; when they both told me that there late the whole New Testament for 200 dollars. was no time to be lost, but that I should come He has already translated Mathew, chapters immediately with them to a mountain near the five, six and seven, and St. Luke to the end of town. In the mean time


dear brother Aichin the eleventh chapter. I hope he will have finger was preparing every thing for departure. ished Luke when we shall meet again. Mr. When I returned home, I found our Ali, who had Kugler had also prepared an alphabet-book in been sent by the eldest surviving son of Sebaga- | Tigre, about the same size as the Amharic one; dis, Wolda Michael, to take me with him. I put but it is of no use. In the Ambaric, only the the books and medicines in a church, and went alphabetical table with the single words will be away with the lighter articles. We marched for of any use.

If other missionaries should come Some bours in the night: some of our party were

to this country, nothing would be beiter for plundered by the people of the country; but I

school-books than select passages of the Bible, lost nothing. On the 17th I met Wolda Michael, or entire chapters or epistles, with some psalms. who knew me only by reputation. We marched

I have frequently been unwell, since I first until three o'clock, P. M., when we halted to

entered this country; always with more or less

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fever. Now I feel myself much better; for since | mathat, and it contains, probably, about three the beginning of December I have only been tive hundred souls; the whole couniry appears a days confined to my bed. This has not prevent beautiful and luxuriait plain, except here and ed me from preaching the gospel 10 many; for, there a stupendous rock, rising abruptly from at Gondar, my house was almost daily full of two to three hundred feet high-these rocks people, from morning to evening. Ai Adowah, | brought forcibly to our minds, the beautiful and I had frequent visits from those who speak Am- impressive allusion in the Prophet Isaiah, where haric; for I know very little of the Tigre dialeci. he speaks of the Messiah as the shadow of a But my illness prevents me from any continued great rock in a weary land. We sensibly felt the application, and especially from writing. As force of this allusion, when we came under the long as I was surrounded with brethren better cooling grateful shade, which they flung lo a able to write than myself, I counted on the indul- | considerable distance over the plain, and were gence of the committee if I did not write more effectually sliekled from the burning rays of a frequently; but al present, being alone, I will try,

torrid sun. if "God please, to do it more regularly: if I do Taking two of the disciples along with us, we not, I hope you will not ascribe my silence to ascended, with much fatiguc, one of these mounneglect or slotfulness, though I frequently have laius, on the very summit of which stands a reason to reproach myself with both. Send no golden pagoda, a zayat, a large bell, and a missionaries' at present to this country, except | building filled with idols. We had an interesting they are to stay in Egypt; until I send further view of the surrounding country; here, the river news. If you should send any at a later period, winding its course Ibrough the plain, and making it would be better if some of them were married; I its way to the occan; there, gigantic rocks spotbut only to women who trust in God, and who ting the plain in every direction, and proudly are ready to suffer hunger in evil times, and, of looking down upon the palm, cocoanut, orange, course, to exchange some of the European coli and other forest trees which skirt their base. veniences for a greater abundance of the peace We also visited a cave in a mountain or rock, of God. The fatigue of travelling is a small but a little distance from this, on which the pathing in this country; for they have good mules, goda stands: it is an immense cavern in breadth, and, in general, travel only five or six hours in and in length extends quite through the mouna day.

tain. The interior presents an appearance at I cannot say, as Pau} did, “Remember my once grand and affecting. From its loily arch, bonds." but I can truly say, Do not forget my hang a great number of spars, or incrustations prison; for I dwell under the tents of Kedar, ( formed by the dripping of the water, some of amongst the wild Shobos, whose language I do which are very large and brilliant, appearing as not understand, and who hale peace. Ali, low if they were covered with frost. Bui that which ever, is very kind to me, and does all he can to rendered the scene affecting beyond the power alleviate my situation. A servant whom I took of language to express, was the impressive evi: at Gondar gives me much hope of his being use dence we had of the darkness, ignorance and ful in future limes. He is convinced of the sin idolatry, which have for ages enveloped these of his former life, but not yet of the entire sinful many millions of immortal beings. Here is the ness of his lieart. His conduct is exemplary, valley and shadow of death. Here the gloomy Whenever he has a moment, he employs il in horrid clouds of superstition, unpierced by a sin. reading the New Testament; pray for him, and

gle ray of celestial light, have brooded over mildo not forget your unworthy brother.

lions of our fallen family. While standing in the
interior of this cavern, and seeing the amazing
number of idols of all sizes, from lory feet in

length, 10 three inches, and in almost every state,
Visit to the Karens.

from a new and brilliant polish to entire decay,

we were shocked at the long ard deadly reign The visit, some account of which is now to be of idolatry. This must have been the work of given, was made by Messrs. Wade and Kincaid, other. in multiplying images of Gaudama. We

ages. Princes probably have vied with each in the spring of 1831, who proceeded two or

could but exclaim, 0, when will these idols be three hundred miles up the Martaban river, on giren to the moles and the bats, and these intelliwhich great numbers of the Karens reside. The

gent beings how before the Lord God, who

made heaven and earth? There are a number account is taken from the journal of Mr. Kin

of villages but a little distance from Damathat. caid, published in the Baptist Missionary Regis

15. We left Damathat this morning before darlight, and bave come about thirty miles, to a

village called Guingue, containing between two March 14, 1831. This morning we are to and three hundred inhabitants. We have passed leave our home. for the country inhabited by

several villages, and some of them considerably Karens: our prayer has been that God wonld large. Here is a kyoung, that is, a large pile of prosper our way,

and bless the word of His buildings inhabited by priests, delightfully shaded grace in the salvation of many souls. It is not

hy a grove of lofty palm trees; near ii lies the without some regret, that we leave home just at ruins of a once splendid exhibition of paganism, this time, several of the English and Burmans, an incredible number of idols, great and small, having been recently brought to knowledge | all mouldering away in ruins. Not many years of the truth, and some others anxiously inquiring hence these bricks and stones will be made up what they shall do to be saved?

into a house in which the true God will be worWe have come about thirty miles, and put up shipped. O it is delightful to think that soon the for the night. We ate our supper in a zayat, darkness will be passed and the true light will which stands on the margin of the river, and is shine. While the boy was boiling our rice, we between sevenly and a hundred feet long. On went into the kyoung, and brother Wade soon every side of us, we see the ensigns of supersti- entered into conversation with the priests, about cion and idolatry. Near us lies the village Daall the living God. They listened; but seemed to

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be entirely indifferent to the subject. The young 24. At day-break the native brethren wept to priests were shy, and only viewed us at a dis another village, and taught the people the way tance. Moong Zoothy, and Moung Dway went of life. They returned just after we had finished into the village to preach the gospel there, but our breakfast. We assembled on the bank of the men being all away to their plantations, the river, and the gospel was again preached to they stayed but a short time, and returned. a considerable number. A young man whose The tide favoring, we left about one o'clock, pame is Pau-lau, was baptised. He speaks the and before night we entered the great wilder Burman language quite well, and can read a lit

ile. We gave him a small bundle of tracts,

and 20. Lord's day. This has been a day not commended him to the grace of God. This soon to be forgotten, and must be numbered young man said, that he first heard the gospel among those rare seasons which in our expe aboui six months ago, and from that time forrience are remembered as important ones.


sook the worship of demons (or nats, as they call fore sunrise in the morning, Moung Zoothy be-them,) and prayed 10 God. When asked how gan reading the scriptures, and it was not long do you expect to be saved? he said. Jesus before the zayat was nearly filled. Ko-Myat Christ died for sinners, and I believe in him. O, Kyan, as soon as day dawned, went to let some it was cheering to see this gleam of light amidst villagers know that it was the Lord's-day, and so much surrounding darkuess. about eight o'clock he returned, and preached Having parted with the people, we made our some time in the Karen language. Then Moung way down the river as fasi as possible, and Dway commenced reading and explaining the reached the zayat just al evening. We sound catechism. He had no sooner finished it, than ibe disciples waiting for our return, and we could these peor heatben, hungry for the word of life, I not but remark, the wonderful change which called out that they wished to hear the same


grace has wrought on the hearts of these over again; accordingly, he went through with it persons. In the evening, brother Wade taught again, hrother Wade occasionally helping him, ihe people for a long time, and prayed. to a more enlarged understanding of the subject. 25. About suurise this morning, the Karen This excellent and gilted young man, by brother disciples living near, and many others assembled. Wade's direction, then read and explained nine | Brother Wade read several portions of the word of the most interesting miracles of our Savior. of God, and prayed. We then gathered around After this there was much preaching in Talieng | the water side, and the two persons examined and Karen, till nearly iwo o'clock, when Moung last evening, were baptised, Guate-lau, and Dway read, from the prophet Daniel, the ac Natho-lau, his wife. We trust they will hereafter count of the image which the king of Babylon shine as stars in the kingdom of God. We left made, and explained as he went along. When this interesting portion of the country, feeling he came to that part which relates to the con that the harvest is great, and the laborers few. duct of the three Hebrews, and the appearance

At evening we found we had come down the
of the Son of God for their deliverance it was river a great distance, and we lodged in the wil.
truly affecting, and it appeared evident that the derness.
hearts of many were open to receive it. After
this, brother Wade read the 20th chapter of

Character of the Karens.
Revelation, and explained the first six verses. It
was evidently a time of refreshing from the pre-

The Karens are a truly interesting people. sence of the Lord, and it seemed like the coming

but too little is known of their history, to say any down of rain upon fields which before had never

thing ahout their origin, or the exient of their been moistened by a single shower. Towards population; yet all agree in considering them evening three persons were examined and bap- | very numerous in all parts of the Burman emtised, viz. Ngate-Lau, Naute-Nee and Napa-00. l) pire. daughter of Naute-Nee. In the evening, brother They are more mild in their manners, and Wade and three of the pative assistants went more industrious in their habits than the Rurinto the village, and in two different houses, the mans; and although they are without any fixed villagers gathered around them. They preached religious principles, yet they are exceedingly till after ten o'clock. One of the disciples, a

superstitious. They attribute every evil they female, baptised to-day, who had long been experience to the nats, whom they propitiate by nat-ka-dau, or held the office of consulting the offerings and sacrifices of various kinds. They oracle and directing in reference to the influence are entirely ignorant of the use of medicine; of demons, brought forward, of her own accord, but for some reason they supposed we possessed the sacred pot and knife, and requested to know skill superior to the influence of the nats; for what she should do with them. This was deeply

wherever we went, they brought their sick interesting, as it served to show the great power around us, and they were delighted and astonwhich truth had gained over her affections and ished at the salutary influence which our mediprejudices.

cines produced.
22. At break of day, the disciples went to a
neighboring village, and preached the gospel to
them, and returned about nine o'clock. “We then

proceeded to examine those who professed to
believe, and there were received and baptised
Ngalau, and his wife, and Nau-wa-la, Tounah's
wife. This is a pleasant little village, containing REPORT OF THE AMERICAN BAPTIST BOARD
about one hundred souls. Many listened with
attention, and some were indifferent. Toonah
has commenced a zayat at his own expense, and The report, of which a brief abstract is to be
has it more than half finished. We returned 10

giren, was presented to the Baptist General our zayat in the evening, on the banks of the Daguingue, and the gospel was again proclaim

Convention for missionary purposes, at its sesed to a considerable number.

sion in New York in the month of April.

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