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List of battles in which this battery was engaged :

Hazel Bottom-Wounded, E. M., 1; missing, E. M., 1. Shell's Mills — No loss. Old Fort Wayne — No loss. Cane Hill No loss. Prairie Grove

No loss. Van Buren No loss. Honey Springs - Killed, E. M., 2.U.S. Army Register.


Name and Rank.

Date of Muster.


Hezekiah F. Douglass... Feb. 27, 1865 Mustered out, July 22, 1865, Leavenworth.

William D. Mathews ..... Feb. 27, 1865 Mustered out, July 22, 1865, Leavenworth.

SECOND LIEUT. Patrick H. Minor Feb. 27, 1865 Died of disease, Leavenworth, March 22, 1865.

18 64. JANUARY.-Publication of the first number of the Kansas Educational Journal. It continued to be published in book form through nine volumes and years, and was then continued about one year in a quarto form, ceasing to exist about the end of 1874. It was mainly supported by an annual appropriation made by the State. The first volume contains 344 pages. It is edited by H. D. McCarty, and printed at the Bulletin office, Leavenworth. The Associate Editors are D. P. Mitchell and B. L. Baldridge, Leavenworth; Richard Cordley and Miss Lois Reynolds, Lawrence; Peter McVicar and Mrs. E. H. Mabie, Topeka; James Rogers, Burlingame; R. K. McCartney, Grasshopper Falls; Isaac T. Goodnow, Manhattan; Miss H. A. Earhart, Pardee; Miss A. J. Ellinwood, Chicago, I.; and Miss Mary J. Watson, Emporia. The State Teachers' Association was formed at Leavenworth, September 29, 1863. The first Teachers' Association in the State was formed at Leavenworth, March 14, 1863. The Journal published 32 pages a month. The April number gives the State Geological Corps: B. F. Mudge, State Geologist; Frederick Hawn, Assistant; G. C. Swallow, Paleologist; Tiffin Sinks, Chemist and Meteorologist; C. A. Logan, Botanist, with charge of the Sanitary Relations of the State.

JANUARY 1.–Kansas made a military department, with Gen. Samuel R. Curtis in command.

JANUARY 12.— Meeting of the State Agricultural Society, at Topeka. Officers: President, L. D. Bailey, of Douglas ; Secretary, F. G. Adams, of Shawnee; Treasurer, Wm. Spriggs, of Anderson. Executive Committee: R. G. Elliott, of Douglas; J. W. Sponable, of Johnson; S. M. Strickler, of Davis; P. B. Maxson, of Lyon; S. S. Tipton, of Anderson; J. L. McDowell, of Leavenworth; J. L. Hidden, of Nemaha; C. Starns, of Leavenworth ; J. P. Johnson, of Douglas ; D. L. Lakin, of Jefferson.

No Fair was held this year.
JANUARY 12.-Meeting of the Legislature.



P. 0. Address.


[blocks in formation]

Br'wn and Nemaha
Jackson and Potta-

watomie, Marshall, Riley and

Washington. Shawnee. Douglas. Douglas. Johnson. Miami, Wyandotte. Linn. Bourbon. Morris, Chase and

Butler. Allen and Woodson Anderson and

Franklin. Cotfey and Osage. Lyon and Greenw'd Wabaunsee, Davis,

D'kinson, Saline.

[blocks in formation]
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

J. P. Johnson 258 Doniphan. W. J. Orem...... 167 Doniphan. F. H. Drenning 104 Doniphan. C. C. Camp....

175 Doniphan. J. W. Forman, 166 Doniphan. George W. Glick 195 Atchison. Jacob Saqui.

284 Atchison. Asa Barnes..

233 Atclrison. Boaz W. Williams.. 126 Atchison. J. C. Batsell..

83 Atchison. Ira J. Lacock.. 178 Brown. Geo. E. Irwin

118 Brown. Richard Bradley 227 Nemaha. J. S. Hidden.. 199 Nemaha. J. D. Brumbaugh ... 331 Marshall. G. H. Hollinberg. 48 Washington. 0.J. Grover......

163 Pottaw'mie. J. W. Williams. 311 Jackson. C. A. Beach

272 Jefferson. E. M. Hutchins 214 Jefferson. M. Barnes...

247 Jefferson Wm. Freeland.. 198 Leavenw'th. Josiah Kellogg 492 Leavenw'th. Geo. A. Moore.. 479 Leavenw'th. James B. Laing. 131 Leavenw'th. J. W. Craig.... 176 Leaven with.. G. R. Houts.... 110 Leavenw'th. D. F. Walker... 121 Leavenw'th. Thomas Trower... 165 Leavenw'th. B.

Twombley. 173 Leavenw'th. M. W. Botton 311 Wyandotte. C. H. Stratton.... 149 Johnson, D. G. Campbell...... 120 Johnson, Harry McBride.. 75 Johnson, T. J. Sternbergh.. 254 Douglas. James S. Emery 165 Douglas. Clarkson Reynolds. 101 Douglas. Alois Thoman.... 129 Douglas.

J. A. Wakefield 169 Douglas. 40 Wm. Draper...... 92 Douglas. 41 J. F. Cummings..... 308 Shawnee. 42 Henry Fox.. 203 Shawnee. 43 Wm. Chestnut... 129 Miami.


Thomas H. Ellis 134 Miami. 15 W. G. McColloch.. 157 Miami. 46 Wm. Snooks.... 89 Linn. 47

J. H. Belding.... 87 Linn. 48 Samuel Avers.. 53 Linn. 49 Jefferson Fleming... 102 Linn. 50 Wm. Stone .....

63 Bourbon. 51 R. P. Stevens. 93 Bourbon. 52 D. R. Cobb

87 Bourbon. 53 J. G. Miller.... 178 Bourbon. 54 D. Rogers...

142 Allen. 55 J. M. Erans.... 35 Allen. 56 H. Cavender..... 165 Anderson. 57 Benj. M. Lingo 85 Anderson. 58 Isaiah Pile...

84 Franklin, 59 James N. Smith 80 Franklin. 60 James Rogers 197 Osage. 61 Job Throckmorton. 163 Coffey. 62 Wm. R. Saunders.... 173' Coffey. 63 A. W. Pickering.... 80 Woodson. 64 C. V. Eskridge...... 253 Lyon. 65 A. K. Hawks... | 167 Lyon. 66 Joseph Frost... 102 Lyon. 67 G. T. Donelson

Butler. 68 A. L. Alford

108 Chase. 69 S. N. Wood...

146 Morris. 70 D. M. Johnston 135 Wabaudsee. P. Z. Taylor

241 Davis. 72 B. E. Fullington..... 234 Riley. 73 T. F. Hersey

69 Dickinson. H. L. Jones....

64 Saline, 75 James Kenner 74 Greenwood.

36 37 38

Oficers of the Senate: John T. Morton, Secretary; John T. Weaver, Assistant Secretary; Alson I. Sherwood, Journal Clerk; W. F. Cotton, Docket Clerk; John Van Horn, Engrossing Clerk; H. A. Cook, Sergeant-at-Arms; Leroy Crandall, Doorkeeper; A. L. Bartlett, Messenger.

Officers of the House: Josiah Kellogg, Speaker; W. R. Saunders, Speaker pro tem.; A. R. Banks, Chief Clerk; J. B. Oliver, Assistant Clerk; H. P. Welsh, Journal Clerk; H. B. Waldron, Docket Clerk; C. S. Lambdin, Enrolling Clerk; D. F. Drinkwater, Engrossing Clerk; H. A. Burgess, Sergeant-at-Arms; Edward Cobb, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms; Detrick, Doorkeeper.

JANUARY 13. - Message from Governor Carney.

JANUARY 18.-Robt. G. Elliott takes his seat in the Senate, as the successor of S. M. Thorp, killed in the Lawrence Massacre.

JANUARY 25.—Burning of Stockton's Hall, the Union Theatre building, Leavenworth.

JANUARY 29.- General Thayer succeeds General McNeil in command of the District of the Frontier.

JANUARY 30.- A wagon train, loaded with Fort Scott coal, arrives in Leavenworth.

– The Annual Register gives the following list of the Baptist Ministers in the State:


Post Office.


Alderson, L. A.....

Atchison, Alward, E....


Alvord, Nelson....

Brant, R. C...
Leavenworth City

Leavenworth, Barrett, T. W Leavenworth City

Leavenworth. Bell, G. W.S Ottumwa....

Coffey. Curtis, Alonzo..


Cabal, 1....

Dooley, Wm.

Dean, A. H...


Miami. Evans, R. P.


Fort Scott.



Anderson. Hutchinson, C. C.....


Douglas. Harris, Israel....


Allen. Jones, J. T...

Ottawa ('reek..

Franklin. Kermott, W.J.

Leavenworth City.

Leavenworth. Lac key, J. M. Manhattan

Riley. Pra tt, J. G.

Leavenworth City

Leavenworth, Per kins, A.


Atchison. Patterson,

Forest Hill..

Ritt er, Joseph..

Sands, G. W

Taylor, J. B.

Upham, W.P

Veatch, E....

Waddell, D

Webb, s. M..

Allen. "The aggregate number of Baptist churches in Kansas is about forty-eight, and number of members, 1,231.”

JANUARY.—Indian Agents in the State: H. W. Farnsworth, of the Kaws; G. A. Cutler, of the Creeks; G. A. Colton, of the Weas, Peorias, Piankeshaws, Kaskaskias, and Miamis; P. P. Elder, of the Osages; H. W. Martin, of the Sac and Foxes; C. C. Hutchinson, of the Ottawas; C. B. Keith, of the Kickapoos; Fielding Johnson, of the Delawares; J. B. Abbott, of the Shawnees; W. W. Ross, of the Pottawatomies.

--The Annual Register says the first Minister of the Presbyterian Church (O. S.), who settled in Kansas, was Rev. S. M. Irvin. He was appointed by the Foreign Board to superintend the Iowa (Indian) Mission, near what is now Highland, in Doniphan county. This was in 1835.

In the year 1857, the General Assembly, in session at Lexington, Ky., constituted two Presbyteries within the Territory, under the names of “Highland” and “Kansas.” The former met and organized, November 6, at Highland, with three Ministers present, and two churches represented. The Ministers were S. M. Irvin, W. H. Honnell and D. A. Murdock; the churches represented were Highland and Lodiana, the latter in Brown county, near Kennekuk. The Presbytery of Kansas failed to organize, and was, by the Assembly of 1858, merged in that of Highland, which now covers the whole of Kansas and Colorado.

There are now (1864) under its care twenty-two churches, with sixteen Ministers. The Presbytery at its last meeting, held in Leavenworth, adopted a paper by which their whole field is thrown into Missionary districts.

Special attention is given to education, and the University of Highland, Mapleton Academy and Iola High School are affording excellent advantages to the youth of the State.

Organized and growing churches may be found in Leavenworth, Lawrence, Atchison, Topeka, Highland, Lecompton, Salina, Bethel, Fort Scott, Carlyle, Burlingame, Twin Springs, Elm Grove, Denver City, and in other towns.

-An article by Rev. James H. Defouri, of Topeka, in the Annual Register, says “the Catholic population of Kansas is from 15,000 to 20,000 souls, spread all over the State, in a great many congregations, large and small. The Right Rev. J. B. Miege, D. D., is the Bishop of the Diocese. Under him, to minister to the wants of Catholics, are eighteen priests and several religious communities.”

Leavenworth has the Cathedral, St. Mary's Academy, the largest boardingschool for young ladies in the State, directed by the Sisters of Charity, and a large Hospital under the care of the same Sisters. There is also a German Catholic Church.

Atchison County.–St. Benedict's Church, Rev. Augustin Wirth, Pastor; Assistants, R. R. Thomas and X. Attached to the Church is St. Benedict's College, for young men, Very Rev. Wirth, Principal; also, a boarding-school for young ladies, under the direction of the Benedictine Sisters. The counties of Atchison, Doniphan and Brown are attended from Atchison.

Pottawatomie County.- St. Mary's Mission Church of the Immaculate Conception, Very Rev. J. F. Deils, S. Y., Pastor; Assistants, R. R. Galland, Dumortier, and Laiguiel, S. Y. A large school for Indian boys is under the direction of the Company of Jesus, Very Rev. J. F. Deils, Principal. Another school, for Indian girls, is under the direction of the ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Both schools are very numerous and flourishing. The counties of Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, Riley, Morris, Davis, Dickinson, Saline, Chase, Lyon and Clay are attended from St. Mary's Mission.

"Nemaha County.— Seneca Church of St. Patrick, Rev. John Meurs, Pastor. Under his direction is a Catholic school, and also the district school. The counties of Nemaha, Marshall, Jackson and Washington are attended from Seneca.

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"Shawnee County.—Topeka, Church of the Assumption of the B. V. M., Rev. James H. Defouri, Pastor. Attached to the Church is a select school, in a prosperous condition; Principal, Rev. J. H. Defouri; Assistant, James J. Kennedy, Esq. The counties of ShawDee, Osage, Jefferson, and part of Douglas, are attended from Topeka.

"Douglas County.--Lawrence, Church of St. John, Rev. Sebastian Farre, Pastor. The counties of Douglas, Johnson, Lykins and Franklin are attended from Lawrence.

"Anderson County.- Near Scipio, Church of St. Boniface, Rev. Oloys Meyer, Pastor. The counties of Linn, Anderson and Coffey are attended from Scipio.

"Osage Indian Land.- Catholic Mission, under the direction of the Fathers of the Company of Jesus. Church of St. Francis de Hieronymo, Very Rev. J. Schoenmakers, Pastor; Assistants, R. R. X. Hocken, and P. Ponzilione and X. The Jesuit Fathers, notwithstanding the losses sustained by them on account of the Southern Rebellion, direct a large school for boys. The Mission has also a large school for Indian girls, under the direction of the Sisters of Loretto. The counties of Bourbon, Allen, Woodson, Greenwood, etc., are attended from the Osage Mission."

The Annual Register gives the following list of Ministers in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ : Josiah Terrel...

.Mound City. | W. R. Eggleston..... .Centralia.
W. A. Cardwell.
.Big Springs. J. Rogers......

.Mount Florence.
J. S. Gingerich.......
.Lawrence. S. B. McGrew.

.Mound City.
Samuel Kretsinger..
Black Jack. H. C. Dennison.... ...

Martin Seiler.
Ridgeway. L. O. Mouer

W. Huffman..........
Lancaster. T. W. Jessup...

.Burlingame. H. A. Bell..

Mound City. A. P. Floyd................ Fremont.
A. Prescott...
Oskaloosa. B. F. Lewis.................

Wm. Phillips.........

.Humboldt. J. H. Bonebrake............. Auburn. George Bonebrake. ...Auburn. H. M. Greene.....

.Twin Mound. N. Bixler............ ...Emporia. B. F. Moore........

C. Zook.........
Holton. M. Husted...

A. M. Thornton.....
.Richfield. D. Kling...

S. G. Elliott...........
Fremont. H. D. Healey.

E. Lewis...........

Holton. Aaron Silver.....................Big Blue. The following facts in regard to Marshall county are copied from the Annual Register :

"Marshall county was first settled by A. G. Woodward, in 1848. He kept a trading post at Independence Crossing, on Big Blue, six miles south of Marysville. The next settler was F.J. Marshall, who settled where the present military road crosses Big Blue river, and where the present town site of Marysville is situated, in the year 1850, and established a ferry and trading post, and sold articles of merchandise to the California emigrants, and traded goods for furs with the different tribes of Indians, when the Big Blue valley was the hunting ground for the Pawnees, Cheyennes, Otoes, and Sioux Indians. The next settlements were made by John D. Wells on Black Vermilion, George Manley on Manley's creek, and George Guittard, sen., where Guittard's Station is now situated, on the military road, twelve miles east of Marysville. The county in 1860 contained a population of 2,280.

"The first Probate Judge was James Doniphan, who held the first term on the 10th day of October, 1855, when the Probate Courts had jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases.

"The first Sheriff was Alexander Clark, commissioned in October, 1855, and was killed in June, 1856, while attempting to arrest two horse thieves.

"The first board of County Commissioners was W. N. Glenn, John D. Wells and A. M. L. Duncan. Their first session was in October, 1855."

FEBRUARY 5.- Hawkins Taylor appointed Mail Agent.
FEBRUARY 6.- Reception of the Seventh Kansas in Leavenworth.

- John T. Snoddy and James D. Snoddy buy the Elwood Press of H. D. Hunt, and remove it to Mound City.

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