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Eccles I Astic AL INTELLIGENck (see end of Volume).
Emigration (Rev. H. Smith), clxxvii. 78.
The New Creation (by the rev. C. Rawlings, A.B.), clzxii. 1;
concluded, clz.xiii. 17.
Missionary Exertions (by the rev. R. G. Blenkinsopp, M.A.),
clxxiv. 33; concluded, clxxv. 49.
Spiritual Influences (by the rev. Edward Young), clxxvi. 65.
On the Omission of the Duty of Prayer in the Mosaic Law (by
the rev. Edward Hawkins, M.A., Provost of Oriel College,
Oxford), clxxvii. 73; concluded, clxxviii. 89.
The Saviour's Abode with his People (by the rev. Pelham Mait-
land, B.A.), clzxix. 105; concluded, clzxx. 121.

Family Worship (by the rev. J. Rawlings), clzxxi. 137.

On the Atonement (by the rev. J. Spence), clxxxii. 145; con-

cluded, clzxxiii. 161.

Responsibility, clxxxiv. 177.

Worldly Carefulness incompatible with Christian Godliness

(by the rev. W. Buswell), clxxxv. 193; concluded, clxxxvi.


The Knowledge of the Glory of God (by the rev. J. Fawcett),

clxxxvii. 217; concluded, clxxxviii. 233.

The Believer's Peace, clxxxix. 249; concluded, cyc. 265.

The Christian's Law of honouring all Men (by the rev. T. Eng-

land, M.A.), czci. 281.

Divine Revelation (by the rev. T. P. Wright, M.A., Hackney),
cxcii. 290.

Origin, Nature, and Object of Divine Worship (by Rev. W. G.

Moore, M.A.), crociii. 305; concluded, cyciv. 321.

The Benefits of Church Psalmody, with Hints for its Improve-

ment (by Rev. John Eden, M.A.), cycv. 337; concluded,

cxcvi. 353.

The Duty of Watchfulness (by the Rev. C. Rawlings), cycvii.

The Study of Prophecy, cycviii. 377; concluded, cycix. 393.

The Value of Present Mercies, cc. 409; concluded, cci. 425.

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