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ing. Messrs Paterson and M‘Leod were tions as to the better support of the Gospel appointed members of the Synod's Commit- ministry. It was presumed that the oibers tee of bills and overtures. A special meet- adhered to the opinion expressed last year ing was appointed on the 19th April, for on the subject, which was in favour of the missionary business, on which occasion Mr committee's recommendations, if found Inglis is to deliver an address on missions, practicable; and the presbytery agreed to and Messrs Paterson and M‘Leod are to report in terms of their decision of same lead the devotions of the presbytery. date, which contained the special recom

Inverness.- At the meeting of this pres- mendation, that in future no minister be bytery, held at Campbelton on the 5th ordained under the minimum stipend of instant, the Rev. Alexander Munro of In- L.100, exclusive of manse. Records of sesverness brought forward an overture pray; sions not given in now, were ordered to be ing the Synod to sanction and recommend left with the clerk before 31st May, and a the opening of fraternal intercourse with committee appointed to examine them. the Free Church, with a view to ultimate Messrs Cranstoun and Monteath, ministers, union. The overture was favourably re- were chosen members of the Committee on ceived by the presbytery, but on a vote, Bills and Overtures. A petition was read Transmit" or Delay, the latter was carried from the church of Leitholm, craving a by a majority of one.

renewal of the grant in aid of stipend, toKelso.—This presbytery met on the 15th gether with a half-yearly return of financial March- Rev. D. Barclay, moderator. Mr condition. The presbytery unanimously James Scott, student of the third year, de agreed to recommend to the Home Mission livered a discourse, and was examined to Committee that the present grant be con. the satisfaction of the court in theology tinued ; and in the event of the congregaand Hebrew, and had additional pieces of tion increasing their own amount, sugtrial prescribed to him. Reports from the gested the propriety of a corresponding congregations of Kelso were received, as to increase by the committee. On the motion the collection of 13th February having of Mr Jarvie, the presbytery adopted and been made for the liquidation of Debt transmitted an overture to Synod anent the Board. The Report from the Committee more adequate remuneration of the proon the Better Support of the Gospel Minis- fessors and librarian of the Hall of Thetry was remitted to sessions, with a recom- ology. The next meeting was appointed mendation that the opinions of sessions to be held on the third Tuesday of June. should be communicated to next meeting. Kilmarnock.—This presbyrery met on 13th The annual production of session records April. Mr William Taylor, probationer, was called for. The Rev. Mr Renton sub- intimated his acceptance of the call from mitted the following overtures to Synod, Kilmaurs, in preference to that from Sanwbich the presbytery adopted, and agreed quhar (South Congregation). In intimatto transmit :-1. Overture anent minutes ing this decision, he observed that the step of synod and its committees. 2. Overture he was about to take might appear hurried, anent moderator's nomination of members but such was not the case, for the call from of committees. 3. Overture anent intro- Kilmaurs had been virıually, although not duction of strangers and documents from officially, before him for the last two months, parties met under the inspection of the and the call to Sanquhar had been also besynod. 4. Overture anent the time of fore him for five weeks, and had now been the meeting of synod. Agreed to renew, sustained and formally presented to him. in a petition to the House of Commons, the He was, therefore, in a position to give his presbytery's expression of their disapproval decision upon the subject, and this he would of the Tests affecting the Scottish Univer- now do by accepting heartily and entirely sity chairs. The next meeting was fixed of the call to the congregation of Kilmaurs. to be held on the 19th April. The presby. There were two reasons which induced him tery met as appointed, when Mr James to come to this determination. The first Scott, student, was examined in the portions was in reference to Kilmaurs-the state of of Latin, Greek, and Church history pre- the congregation there—the length of time scribed, with which cordial approval was it had been vacant--and the consequences expressed. Reports were received from that might result from another refusal. the congregations of Morebattle and The second was in reference to Sanquhar, Yetholm, that the collection had been and to the spirit which that congregation made for the liquidation of Debt Board. had manifested, more especially in the ar. Three churches in arrears are instructed rangement of their pecuniary affairs, which to give attention to the same.

The con- was anything but satisfactory. That spirit, vener of Committee on Annual Statistics he thought, required to be checked that presented a digest, which was again rc- spirit he was in a position to check, inasmitted for more deliberate consideration. much as, in accepting Kılmaurs, he took a Returns were received from two congrega- stipend which was much smaller than that


offered by Sanquhar, even although that toul, student in divinity of the 4th year, was considerably less now than the income and Mr Robert Ewing, of the 2d year, were enjoyed by their late pastor. Indepen- examined by Mr Brown on the history of dently of that, however, the leadings of the British Reformation, and of our own God's providence, so far as he could ascer- Church. They and Mr Thomas Russell, tain, seemed conducting him to Kilmaurs ; of the 1st year, delivered discourses. The and he therefore most cheerfully accepted presbytery had under their consideration of the call. This announcement was re- the subject of the more liberal support of ceived with marked approbation by all the the ministry, which, from the pressure of members of the Court, and trials for ordi- other business, had been delayed at the nation were prescribed. On petition from meeting in February. They agreed to the churches of Ayr. (Cathcart Street) state that their only difficulty in the matter and Troon, Mr Knox was appointed to relates to the ways and means; and that moderate in a call at Cathcart Street, and they will be happy if measures can be deMr M Gregor at Kilwinning, both on the vised for accomplishing an object of which 25th April.

they cordially, approve.

The members Lanark.—This presbytery met on the were appointed to forward to the clerk the 19th of April—the Rev. Robert Cordiner, information required by the Synod in remoderator. Mr Aikman, student in divinity, ference to the financial regulations of their delivered a homily, which, after some critic congregations. Mr Russell of Bucklyvie cal remarks, was sustained. The remit of and Mr John G. Aitken were appointed synod regarding“Congregational Finance” members, for this presbytery, of the Sywas again taken up and considered. Writ. nod's Committee of Bills. ten answers to queries which had been transmitted to them were received from nearly all the congregations within the bounds. The questions, with the answers Mr Robert Knox, by the presbytery of given to them by these congregations, were Paisley and Greenock, 19th April. then read seriatim. After some conversution the former committee, along with the

CALLS MODERATED. clerk, were appointed to prepare a digest of the answers, and to transmit this, along Peterhead.-Mr Walter Morrison, prowith the questions, to the Synod as the re- bationer, called 30th March-Mr Allison, port of this presbytery. A number of con.. of Stewartfield, presiding. gregations reported that they had made the Perth, North Congregation.-Dr R. T. collection ordered by the Synod for the Jeffrey, of Denny, called 11th April, to be “Liquidation of Debt on Churches Fund.” colleague with Dr David Young-Mr Lamb, All the students under the superintendence of Erroll, presiding. of the presbytery were enjoined to be present for examination on the exercises prescribed to them at next meeting, which was appointed to be held on Tuesday the 7th of The Synod of the United Presbyterian June. The Rev. James Dunlop was chosen

Church meets, in the Synod House, 5, moderator for the next twelve months.

Queen Street, on the evening of Monday, Paisley and Greenock.—This presbytery 20 May, when the opening sermon will be met at Greenock, 19th April--the Rev. preached by the Rev. Henry Rentor, Kelso, Sutherland Sinclair, moderator. Mr George - public worship to commence at half-past Sandy, under call to Gourock, delivered all

six o'clock. bis trial discourses, and his ordination was appointed to take place on the 17th of May next--the Rev. James Dunlop. to preach, The Senatus Academicus of the Univerthe Rev. James Meikle to ordain, and the sity of Glasgow have conferred the Degree Rev. George Brooks to address the congregation. Mr Robert Knox, student, was

of LL.D. on the Rev. J. C. Bruce, A.M., licensed to preach the gospel. An over

Newcastle, a licentiate of the United Pres. ture on the subject of the better support of byterian Church, and Author of “The

Roman Wall." the Gospel Ministry was adopted, and ordered to be transmitted to the Synod. Stirling. This presbytery met on the 5th

TERIAN STUDENTS' MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION. of April. Mr John More, preacher, having delivered his remaining trials, was appointed The annual social meeting of this society to be ordained at Alloa on the 20th of was held on Friday evening, 1st April, in April-Mr Hunter to preach, and Mr Gil- the Religious Institution Rooms, Glasgow, fillan to preside and give the charges to -Mr Robert Cameron, president, in the minister and people. Messrs David Rin- chair. After tea, addresses were delivered







by Mr Daniel MʻLean, Mr John Robson, the preceding Sabbath in Renfield Street Mr George Wade, Mr James Paterson, and Church, by the Rev. Dr Robertson, when a Mr James Muir. The appual sermon of collection was made in behalf of the Nova the society was preached on the evening of Scotia Academy.


Monthly Retrospect.

United States amounts to 3,300,000 in

round numbers, of which the above list inFrom an address which has just been issued cludes only a fifth.. by the committee of the British and Fo. Religious Societies that refuse to treat reign Anti-Slavery Society we extract the slave-holding as a sin :following statements, showing how slavery American Board of Commissioners for is interwoven with the churches and reli- Foreign Missions ; American Home Misgious institutions of the United States, and sionary Society; American Bible Society; what is the duty demanded of Christians in American Baptist Missionary Union ; this country in relation to this state of American Baptist Home Mission Society; things :

American Baptist Publication Society; “At the present time, when, by a con- American Bible Union ; American and Focurrence of circumstances, some of a deeply reign Bible Society; American Tract So. painful, others of a more cheering character, ciety; American Sunday School Union; the attention of the whole civilised world the Missionary Societies of the Protestant has been specially turned towards American Methodist, Episcopal Methodist, and Moraslavery, the committee feel it to be incum- vian bodies respectively. bent upon them strenuously to recommend It is only an act of justice to the churches Christians of all denominations in the and missionary associations which have reUnited Kingdom, and especially Christian fused to receive slaveholders as members, ministers, to adopt towards such of their to record their names in honourable conbrethren in America as are involved in the trast with those who are implicated in the guilt of slavery, a specific course of action, enormous iniquity of slave-holding. They based on the principles embodied in this are therefore subjoined :appeal. As a first step, the committee American Baptist Free Mission Society, would respectfully suggest that they should aided by about 10,000 members; American address to their corresponding denomina- Missionary Association, aided by 20,000; tions in the United States, a solemn and American Free Presbyterians, nearly 1000; Christian remonstrance against the guilt American Free Will Baptists, 49,215; and sin of slave-holding, entreating them American “Friends,” 300 congregations ; to bear an open and uncompromising testi- American Covenanters, a few hundreds ; mony against it, and to use their influence American Wesleyan Methodist, 20,000. to effect its immediate removal.”

In an appendix, the committee furnish a statistical account of the extent to which the American churches, missionary associations, and religious societies, are directly We gladly join our voice in the welcome, implicated in slave-holding, or otherwise which now echoes throughout Great Britain, instrumental in supporting the system.

to Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe, the gifted authoress of “Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Negro Life in America.” In company with her

husband, Professor Stowe of Andover, and Protestant Episcopalians, 1,504

other near relatives, she has landed on our

73,000 88,000 Presbyterians,

4,578 490,259 77,000 shores, in compliance with the invitation of Baptists,

8,018 949,867 226,000 the friends of the negro, in Glasgow. The Methodists,

6,000 1,250,000 219,563 Other Denominations, 3,514 530,196

manner of her reception deserves to be 50,000

noticed as a great fact, strongly indicative Total, 23,614 3,292,322 660,563 of the depth and breadth

of the anti-slavery

sentiment among us. On Monday mornAt 800 dollars (a low estimate at present) ing, 1st April, the day after her arrival at for each slave, this table shows that there Liverpool, where she was the guest of the is actually vested in human bodies and souls, Hon. Mrs Cropper, an address of congraa property-fund amounting to the enormous tulation was delivered by the Rev. Hugh sum of 528,450,400 dollars, or L.105,690,080, M'Neile, in name of the friends assembled. owned by the American Protestant churches. On Tuesday evening, at a great public The whole number of slaves held in the meeting, she was presented, by the ladies





Ministers. Members.


of Liverpool, with a testimonial,

an ele.

“ Anti-christian book.” Such an appointgantly worked purse, containing one hun- ment will be felt by the friends of the Bible dred and thirty sovereigns. At half-past Society here, if not as an open insult to the ten o'clock on Wednesday night, a vast Christians of this country, at least as a bold throng of people, including a number of and rash experiment upon our christian forladies and ministers, had met at the railway bearance. How to adjust the claims of station to wait her arrival in Glasgow, courteous hospitality on the one hand, and where she was received by Bailie Paton those of self-respect and outraged humanity and Dr Robson. Addresses from various on the other, will be felt to be no easy bodies which have identified themselves problem by the audience in Exeter Hall. with the cause of humanity and liberty were If, as perhaps will be best, they allow the presented to her during her stay in Glas- reverend advocate of slavery and the fugigow; and much attention paid to her by tive law to utter his admiration of the Bible, the Lord Provost and other distinguished without any interruption expressive of citizens. On Friday evening she received their pent-up feelings, they will

, no doubt, Glasgow's peculiar ovation-a City Hall relieve themselves by a more than ordinary Soiree-when the company, upwards of burst of admiring applause in favour of the 2000 persons, was too large to be accom- christian lady whom he has maligned, and modated at tea in that capacious building, the noble cause with which she has inseparand had to be entertained separately till ably linked her name. While protesting the repast was over. On the appearance against such an excruciating test of British of Mrs Stowe, Professor Stowe, and Rev. urbanity as this unhappy appointment Mr Beecher, on the platform, the assembly seems to involve, we still hope that only simultaneously rose to their feet, and such an expression of feeling will be given, greeted the lady again and again with a as shall attest our determined regard for reception as cordial and enthusiastic as ever the claims of oppressed humanity, without was accorded to any celebrity in the city of injuring the moral weight of our opinion Glasgow. On the platform were a great in the estimation of the misguided brethren many of the most esteemed and distin- by whom slavery is upheld. guished clergymen and laymen of the city. Bailie M‘Dowall occupied the chair, and in

SCOTTISH ANTI-STATE CHURCH ASSOCIATION. an admirable speech gave the key-note to the subsequent proceedings. The meeting Since the accession of its able and efficient was addressed by Dr Wardlaw, the vener- secretary, Mr Allen, this association has able and veteran advocate of the rights of been proceeding in its good work like a the slave, Dr Robson, Professor Stowe, giant refreshed. Meetings for the advanceRev. Mr Beecher, Dr King, Dr Smyth, ment of its objects have been held recently Dr Runciman, Rev. Mr Edmond, and Rev. in all the principal towns in Scotland, and Mr Guthrie. Again, on Saturday evening, such a degree of interest excited as reminds a soiree of the working-classes was held in one of the heroic age of Voluntaryism, when honour and welcome of Mrs Stowe in the the cause started from obscurity, and almost. City Hall, Bailie Paton presiding; and on contempt, into one of the great public questhe evening of Wednesday, 20th April, an tions of the day. In former times the equally enthusiastic demonstration was friends of the Voluntary principle stood made in her favour in the metropolis of nuch indebted to a party in the Established Scotland, when the largest place of meet- Church, who seconded their efforts by meaing—the Music Hall-was needed for the sures of assumption and aggression, disaccommodation of the admirers there. playing the compulsory system in a more During their stay in Edinburgh, Mrs Stowe scandalous light than it bad appeared in and her party were guests of the Lord before. Many of the chief movers in the Provost's. Several invitations to other endowment scheme of that day survive large towns in Scotland Mrs Stowe has still, though in very different circumstances been constrained to decline.

as regards the civil government; and some Another demonstration equally emphatic, of them, as members of the Free Church, and more peculiarly striking, seems to be have begun to renew, in a similar fashion, awaiting this noble daughter of genius and the good service they formerly did to the philanthropy, at the approaching meeting cause of free Christianity. We find the of the Bible Society in London, where, of following morsel in the news of the week:course, she will be present. It appears that one of the delegates appointed to that

“At the meeting of the Free Church Synod

of Glasgow and Ayr, held on Tuesday, Ilth meeting by the American Bible Society, is

April, an overture was adopted, setting forth a Rev. Dr Prince of New York, who has

that at a fitting time the Legislature should distinguished bimself as a bitter opposer of be approached with a view to recognising the the Anti-Slavery movement, and has de- principles contained in the Bill of Rights, nounced "Uncle Tom's Cabin" as an and that the General Assembly sbould adopt

such other measures as to them in their wis- that seven members have been sent to the dom should seen meet. The Rev. James House who are opposed to all endowments of Gibson, in introducing the overture, said, religion, and these seven represent 23,500 out • The Free Church of Scotland possessed the of the 46,000 burgh electors of Scotland; and right to all the privileges, immunities, aye, no doubt many members who have not comand even the endowments too, of the State. mitted themselves to Anti-State Church prinIf ever there were a time sinoe the disruption ciples will, in consequence of the discussion when it was fitting to to the Legislature of them at the last election, give them more on the subject, it was now. Who were the careful study, and be more cautious in remen who were instrumental in driving them, cording their votes on ecclesiastical questions. not from the Church of Scotland-for they Every honourable effort was made by the took the Church of Scotland with them- but Executive to induce Free Churchmen, who from the Establishment ? Sir Robert Peel have no interest in upholding any endowment was now gone to his account, but Sir James now in existence, to unite with Dissenters, Graham and the present Prime Minister, the but except in a few gratifying cases without Earl of Aberdeen, were both instrumental in avail. The report referred to the proceed. driving them from the Establishment, and, if ings of the committee in reference to the Rereport spoke truly, they knew that in so do- ligious Equality_Movement in Ireland, the ing they had done, if not a moral wrong, at Annuity-tax in Edinburgh, and the Canada least they had committed a political blunder. Clergy Reserves, in all of which cases action Why, therefore, should the Free Church not had been taken, founded upon the principles go and let the sin of these men stare them in of the association. The appointment of the the face? If they confessed their error in Rev. William Allen as secretary was men. private, why should they not be made to con- tioned as an important step in the progress of fess it publicly?'”

the society, and most honourable reference

was made to Robert Millan, Esq., Edinburgh, What the Free Church Assembly will

for his valuable services as interim secretary. do with this overture, it is not for us to The committee contemplate the publication predict; and though the favour it has met of a monthly report, to contain articles, inwith in the inferior judicatories is fitted to telligence, and lists of subscriptions. Branch awaken suspicion, and stimulate watchful. associations have been formed in twenty-one ness, we are unwilling to assume that it towns, and meetings held in many of the expresses the mind of the Free Church most important in the kingdom, and members generally, till we hear of the deliverance of are daily increasing. The committee urged the supreme court regarding it. Meanwhile

the meeting to increased efforts. The corwe only remark, that the renewed agita- ruption of the English Church, the oppression

of the Irish, and the unsatisfactory position tion of such claims at the present time is

of the clergy of the Free Church, who, at most opportune for the objects of the Anti

least many of them, are disposed to ask reState Church Society, and that it is matter endowment from the State, show that Antiof congratulation that such a society ex- State Church principles must be re-discussed, ists, to keep an eye on the field of action, and never again be allowed to fall into abeyand sound a note of warning, which may ance." be heard through all the country at once, should the danger become more imminent,

In the subsequent proceedings the followwhich threatens us from this or any other ing speakers took part :-Dr Baird, Dr question.

Robertson, Dr King, Mr Williams, and “ The annual meeting of the members of Mr Dick, and Mr Yuille. The principal

Mr M‘Gill, ministers; and Mr Walker, the association was held

on Tuesday evening, resolutions adopted were as follows:12th April, in the Trades' Hall, Glasgow,David Anderson, Esq., in the chair. On the “That the measures, ecclesiastical and poplatform were the Rev. Dr Wardlaw, Rev. litical, now before the House of Commons, Dr Baird of Paisley, Rev. Dr James Robert- or shortly to be introduced, will afford opporson of Glasgow, Rev. Dr King, Rev. Mr tunities highly favourable to the ultimate M*Gill, Rev. Mr Burgess, Rev. Mr Williams, objects of the Scottish Anti. State Church Rev. Wm. Allen, Bailie Macgregor, Deacon Association;" and," that faithfulness to prinConvener Yuille, Henry Bruce, Esq., G. C. ciple, and a just regard to the signs of the Dick, Esq., Gavin Walker, Esq., James Gray, times, require those who are opposed to all Esq., and other leading friends of the Volun. State endowments of religion to give practitary cause. The Rev. Wm. Allen, secretary, cal exposition of their principles on every read a very interesting report of the society's suitable occasion, and to aid the Scottish proceedings during the last twelve months. Anti-State Church Association in its efforts

“ The report stated that, owing to the ex. to enlighten and move the public mind." citement occasioned by the general election, the committee were not able to accomplish so much for the association as they desired. But BRITISA ANTI-STATE CHURCE ASSOCIATION. though little had been done for the organiza. tion, much had been done for the principles From a circular addressed to the members of the association. Dissenters had adopted a of the Council, we learn that the Third new policy at the election, and the result was Triennial Conference of this Association

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