Leicester and the Court: Essays on Elizabethan Politics

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Manchester University Press, 2002 - Всего страниц: 420
During the past 25 years Elizabethan history has been transformed by the work of Simon Adams. Famous for the depth and breadth of his research in libraries and archives throughout Britain, Western Europe and the USA, he has brought to life the most enigmatic of the greater Elizabethans: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Together with his edition of Leicester's accounts and his reconstruction of Leicester's papers, Adams has published numerous essays and articles on Leicester's influence and activities. They have reshaped our knowledge of Elizabeth and her Court, Parliament, the localities from Wales to Warwickshire and such subjects of recent debate as the power of the nobility and the noble affinity, the politics of faction and the role of patronage. Sixteen of Simon Adams' essays are found in this collection, organized into three groups: the Court, Leicester and his affinity, and Leicester and the regions. The collection ranges from much-cited essays in standard textbooks to papers at international conferences, as well as articles in a variety of journals.

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in perspective
the Earl of Leicester
The Dudley clientele 155363
A Puritan crusade? The composition of the Earl of Leicesters
IO The Dudley clientele and the House of Commons 155986
A godly peer? Leicester and the Puritans
I2 The gentry of north Wales and the Earl of Leicesters expedition
The Composition of 1564 and the Earl of Leicesters tenurial
Officeholders of the borough of Denbigh and the lordships
Baronial contexts? Continuity and change in the noble affinity
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Simon Adams is Reader in History at the University of Strathclyde

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