All the Kings Horses: Royalty and Their Equestrian Passions from 1066 to the Present Day

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Pavilion Books, 31 мая 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 336

Since 1066 there have been 42 monarchs in Britain, each with their individual tastes and styles of government, yet the one thing which has always linked them is an overriding fascination and love of horses, from their use in war and pageantry to sport and leisure.

Henry VIII and Elizabeth I bred horses at Hampton Court to race and imported stallions and mares from North Africa and the Middle East. James I and Charles I expanded the importation of Barb and Arab blood, and though Oliver Cromwell prohibited racing, the studs and racetracks of the Restoration were able to continue to produce some of the finest horses in the world.

Amanda Murray's intriguing and comprehensive study offers a new history of the British royal family told through the fascinating and often surprising story of 'The Sport of Kings'. Discover how the side saddle was introduced, how horsemanship has always worked hand in hand with architecture, Queen Victoria's many and impressive achievements as a breeder, as well as countless other tales of the heroes and villains of horse-racing and breeding.

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Amanda Murray was born in Liverpool in 1969. She attended Liverpool Polytechnic, where she gained a degree in Librarianship and Information Studies, and for the past nine years has worked as a support officer for Merseyside Police, writing in her spare time. She has always loved horses and history, and Race to the Finish: The Life and Times of Fred Archer is her first book.

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