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Midnight-and still the storm raged wrathfully and loud,
And deep in the trough of the heaving sea, labour'd that vessel

proud; There was darkness all around, save where lightning flashes keen Play'd on the crests of the broken waves, and lit the depths


Around her and below, the waste of waters roar'd,
And answer'd the crash of the falling masts as they cast them

overboard, At every billow's shock, her quivering timbers strain; And as she rose on a crested wave, that strange ship passid


And o'er that stormy sea she flew before the gale,
Yet she had not struck her lightest spar, nor furľd her loftiest

sail. Another blinding flash, and nearer yet she seem'a, And a pale blue light along her sails and o'er her rigging


But it show'd no seaman's form, no hand her course to guide ;
And to their signals of distress, the waves alone replied.
The Phantom Ship passid on, driven o'er her pathless way,
But helplessly the sinking wreck amid the breakers lay.

The angry tempest ceased, the winds were hush'd to sleep,
And calm and bright the sun again shone out upon the deep.
But that gallant ship no more shall roam the ocean free;
She has reach'd her final haven, beneath the dark blue sea.

And many a hardy seaman, who fears nor storm nor fight,
Yet trembles when the Phantom Ship drives past his watch at

night; For it augurs death and danger: it bodes a watery grave, With sea-weeds for his pillow--for his shroud, the wandering wave.


Song of a Persian Maid.
THERE's a bower of roses by Bendemeer's stream,

And the nightingale sings round it all the day long,
In the time of my childhood 'twas like a sweet dream,

To sit in the roses and bear the bird's song.

That bower and its music, I never forget,

But oft when alone in the bloom of the year, I think is the nightingale singing there yet?

Are the roses still bright by the calm Bendemeer. No, the roses soon wither'd that hung o'er the wave, But some blossoms were gather'd, while freshly they

shone, And a dew was distillid from their flowers, that gave

All the fragrance of summer, when summer was gone. Thus Memory draws from delight, ere it dies,

An essence that breathes of it many a year; Thus bright to my soul as 'twas then to my eyes, Is that bower on the banks of the calm Bendemeer!


The Cottage.-An Admonition. YES, there is holy pleasure in thine eye! -The lovely cottage in the guardian nouk Hath stirr'd thee deeply; with its own dear brook, Its own small pasture, almost its own sky! But covet not the abodemo do not sigh As many do, repining while they look ; Intruders who would tear from Nature's book This precious leaf with harsh impiety: -Think what the home would be if it were thine, Even thine, though few thy wants —Roof, window, door, The very flowers are sacred to the Poor, The roses to the porch which they entwine : Yea, all that now enchants thee, from the day On which it should be touch'd would melt away!


Ariel's Song.- Sea Dirge.
Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;
Those pearls that were his eyes:

Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Hark! now I hear them-ding-dong bell.


@bongbt. Thought shines from God as shines the mom; Language from kindling thought is born; The radiant zones of space and time Unroll from out that speech sublime; Creation is the picture word, The hieroglyph of Wisdom's Lord; Edens on blissful Edens rise To shape the Epic of the skies; Heaven is the grand full-spoken thought Of Him by whom the worlds were wrought; He, throned within the world above, Inspires that heaven, that thought, with love.


The book is completed,

And closed like the day;
And the hand that has written it

Lays it away.
Dim grow its fapcies ;

Forgotten they lie;
Like coals in the ashes,

They darken and dié.
Song sinks into silence,

The story is told ;
The windows are darken'd,

The hearthstone is cold.
Darker and darker

The black shadows fall;
Sleep and oblivion
Reign over all.




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