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Through all the changing Scenes of Life
Thus faith the Lord, your Work is vain
Thus the eternal Father spake
Thus the great Lord of Earth and Sea
Thus were the Tribes from Bondage brought
Thy gracious Favour, Lord, display
Thy Mercies fill the Earth, O Lord
Thy Name, Almighty Lord
Thy Nam, immortal God, thy Name
Thy Name my iteadlat Heart avows
Thy Righteousness is deep and high
Thy Servani, God of Gods, supreme
Thy Servant, Lord, is wholly Thine
Thy Suppliuli's Voice propitious hear
To bless thy chosen Race
To celebrate thy* Praise, O Lord
To God'above, from all below
To God I cry'd, with Anguish itung
To God I cry'd with mournful Voice
To God I made my Sorrows known
To God I raise my humble Cry
To God, let all the Nations raise
To my Complaint, O Lord my God
To our Almighty Maker, God
To fighilefs Eyes, long clos'd in Night
To 1pend one sacred Day
To Thee, before the dawning Light
To Thee my languid Soul aspires
To Thee, the God of Truth
To thy Paftures, fair and large
'Twas from thy Hand, my God, I came
'Twas in the Watches of the Night

Vat are thy Works, Almighty Lord
Unclose these Lips to speak thy Name
Unfhaken as the facred Hill
Up from my Youth, may Ifrael say
Up to the Hills d lift mine Eyes
Upward I lift mine Eyes

Wait bat a while, then look around
We blefs the Lord, the Just, the Good
What Joy while thus I view the Day

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What shall I render, () my God
When God arose my Part to take
When God is nigh, my Faith is strong
When God restor'd our captive State
When Jacob's Sons through Paths unknown
When Israel, freed from Pharaoh's Hand
When Israel fins the Lord reproves
When I with pleasing Wonder stand
When overwhelm'd with Grief
When we our weary'd Limbs to rest
When Sion's God her Sons recall'd
Where shall the Man be found
While I keep șilence, and conceal
Who o'er the Waves from Shore to Shore
Who trust in God's protecting Hand
Who will arise and plead my Right
Why did the Gentiles rage
Why did the Nations join to lay
Why do the Proud insult the Pixir
Why doth the Lord stand off fo far
Why has my God my Soul forfook
Why, Tyrant, boasts thy Heart the Pow'r
With all my Pow’rs of Heart and Tongue
With Expectation warm and strong
With Glory clad, with Strength array'd
With Mercy, Lord, revive our Hearts
With my whole Heart, I've fought thy Face
With my whole Heart, my God and King
With one Consent let all the Earth
With patient Hope my God I fought
With Rev'rence let the Saints appear
With Songs and Honours sounding loud

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