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hy the Bid Rich?
Sing pe Praises with Undertanding.

Pf. 47. 7.

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Price bound in Sheep, 25. In Calf, 28. 6d. In Morocco, 4s, 6d.

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The profit which may arise from the fale of this Publication, being appropriated to the benefit of the Welch Charity-School in Gray’s-Inn Road; it has been entered at Stationers Hall, to prevent any furreptitious edition.


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T may not be improper to acquaint the

Reader into whose hand this compilation may fall, that it was made for the use of a Congregation which hitherto had used the Version of Sternbold and Hopkins, À desire of discontinuing the Old Version was almost general; difierent opinions, however, prevailed respecting the most eligible of succeeding ones. It was

on comparing several of these together *, that an idea was first suggested of selecting from each Verfion, such parts as had an evident superiority : but as Excellence, wherever observed, was the professed object of such a selection, those fingle Psalms which had been happily translated or paraphrased by eminent Hands t, became (as far as they could be sung to familiar tunes) a valuable acquisition il.

At the request of some very respectable Characters, and because à succinct view of every Psalm in its inoit devotional and poetical form, seemed peculiarly adapted to the time and circumstances, it was here attempted.

The alterations which have been made in order to preserve the sense or connection of a


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* As those by Denham, Milbourne, Tate and Brady, Smart, Morrick, Waits, &c. to the distinguished excellence of which lait-mentioned Version this work itands deeply ine debted.

+ Such as Milton, Addifon, Rowe, Steele, &c.

|| Some admirable Hymns composed on short sentences in the Psalms by Diddridge, Steele, and other writers of piety and genius, would gladly have been inserted, had they not appeared incompatible with a plan which professes to select Psalms only, and which, by comprehending the whole num. bery is sufficiently extenfive.

few paffages, to correct an exceptionable gloss, or to improve the form of a metre, scarcely deserve notice: it may, however, afford pleasure to the scriptural Worshipper to observe, that while Revelation has been regarded in an unveiled exhibition of its distinguishing doctrines, and acceptable words have been sought for both the Understanding and the Heart, care is taken throughout, to avoid thofe Peculiarities which diftinguish any Sect.

By abridging some Psalms, and introducing different Metres of others more generally interesting, advantages are obtained which may excuse fo frequent an use of both expedients: by the former, the work is rendered more select and devotional; by the latter, confiderable scope is afforded, not only for varying the Melody in worship, but also for that variety of Illustration by which many of these inspired songs are exhibited in their comprehensive, as well literal sense Writers who have successfully imitated the POET, may here unite with others who (shewing us a yet more excellent way" by the light and authority of the New

Testament) have unveiled the PROPHET, displayed his evangelical Views, entered into his Spirit and Experience, and adapted both to the service of the Christian Church,


Should this Attempt prove, in the Divine Hand, a humble mean of assisting the Private Meditations of those for whose use it was more immediately intended, or of improving that noblest part of their Public Worship, PRAISE, its defign will be fully accomplished.

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