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7 In ev'ry new Distress

We'll to his House repair ;
We'll think upon his wondrous Grace,

And seek Deliv'rance there.


8 FAR as thy Name is known

The World declares thy Praise ;
Thy Saints, O LORD, before thy Throne,

Their Songs of Honour raise.
With Joy let Judah standy

On Sion's chofen Hill;
Proclaim the Wonders of thy Hand,

And Counsels of thy Will. 10 Let Strangers walk around

The City where we dwell,
Compass and view thine holy Ground,

And mark the Building well : 11 The Orders of thy House,

The Worship of thy Court; The cheerful Songs, the solemn Vows;

And make a fair Report.
12 How decent and how wife !

How glorious to behold!
Beyond the Pomp that charms the Eyes,

And Rites adorn'd with Gold. 13

The God we worship now
Will guide us till we die ;
Will be our God while here below,

And through Eternity.


LORD whát our Ears long fince have


[known, Thy Love in long Succession shown

To Salem's chosen Race. 2 Thrice bleft Abode! whose ev'ry Tow'r

By Thee supported stande,
The God whose wide-extended Pow'r

Th' ethereal Hoft commands.
3 When proftrate at thy hallow'd Shrine,

Thy Mercies Each surveys, Transported with the View, we join In Wonder, Love, and Praise.

4 LET Sion's heav'n-devoted Mount

With Shouts of Triumph ring,
And Judah's Daughters, pleas'd, recount

The Judgments of her King.
5 Go, walk her facred Streets along,

And let her Tow'rs be told ;
With curious Eye her Bulwarks strong,

And beauteous Domes, behold. 6 So shall the fair Description last,

Prefery'd in full Record,
And tell what Glories once have grac'd

The Seat of Jacob's LORD. 7 To Him our thankful Hearts shall bow,

Nor own a God beside ;
To Life's last Period Him avow,

The ever faithful Guide.

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HY do the Proud insult the Poor,

And boast the large Estates they have?
How vain are Riches to secure

Their haughty Owners from the Grave! 2. There the dark Earth and dismal Shade

Shall clasp their naked Bodies round;
That Flesh so delicately fed

Lies cold, and moulders in the Ground. 3 Like thoughtless Sheep the Sinner dies,

Laid in the Grave for Worms to eat
The Saints shall in the Morning rise,

And find th’ Oppressor at their Feet. 4 His Honours perish in the Dust,

His Pomp and Beauty, Birth and Blood :
That glorious Day exalts the Just

To full Dominion o'er the Proud. 5 My Saviour shall my Life restore,

And raise me from my dark Abode :
My Flesh and Soul shall part no more,
But dwell for ever with


EHOVAH from his chosen Place (crown’d:

Shines forth, with matchiess Beauty He comes ! devouring Flames his Face,

His Steps impetuous Storms surround.
2 From East to West, from Shore to Shore,

The dreadful Summons swiftly rolls ;
His Voice, in Thunder's awful Roar,
At once th' affrighted World controls.

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3"Go call my. Saints together ;-those

“Who in my Laws delight; and o'er
“ Their Sacrifice my Cov'nant chose,

“ And there to Me devoutly swore.
4 “Hear me, my People! Ifrael, hear !

“ With thee the Cause I'll calmly plead:
« Lo! I the LORD OF Hosts appear !
“The Mighty God, thy Sov'reign Head !

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“ Did I e'er call for Sacrifice ?
" Or of thy sparing Hand complain?!!
“Or bid that constant Steams should rise

“ From bleeding Bullocks, duly flain?
6 “ Vain Trifles all !-Thy folemn Feafts,

“ Thy Bullocks and thy Goats I scorn :
« The Forest-Herds are mine ;-the, Beasts
<< Which on a thousand Hills are born.

7 « The feather'd Hosts, the Fowls are mine, “ And all the Droves which graze the Fields: “ If hungry, I'd not ask of thine;

" To Me the World its Plenty yields,: A
8 « Think'st thou the Flesh of Bulls I'd eat,

“ Or Goats? Or drink their steam, g Gore?
“No :--give Me Praise; my Praise repeat;
“My Grace, with Vows perform’d, implore.
« Then in the Time of Danger cry
“ To Me; to Me thy Griefs display;
“ And thou, when I to save thee fly,
“ Just Honours to my Name fhalt pay.

10 THE LORD the JUDGE his Churches

Let Hypocrites attend and fear, (warns,
Who place their Hopes in Rites and Forms,

But make not Faith nor Love their Care. 11 Vile Wretches dare rehearse his Name,

With Lips of Falsehood and Deceit;
A Friend or Brother they defame,

And footh and flatter those they hate.
12 They watch to do their Neighbours Wrong,

Yet dare to seek their Maker's Face;
They take his Cov'nant on their Tongue,

But break his Laws, abuse his Grace.
13 To Heav'n they lift their Hands unclean,

Defil'd with Luft, defil'd with Blood;
By Night they practise ev'ry Sin,

By Day their Mouths draw near to God. 14 And while his Judgments long delay,

They grow secure and sin the more ;
They think He sleeps as well as they,

And put far off the dreadful Hour.
15 O dreadful Hour! when God draws near,

And sets their Crimes before their Eyes !
His Wrath their guilty Souls shall tear,
And no Deliv'rer dare to rise.

PSALM LI. Metre i.
I HEW Pity, LORD; O Lord, forgive,

She a repenting Rebel live.

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Are not thy Mercies large and free?
May not a Sinner trust in Thee?

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