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7 There his triumphal Chariot waits,

And Angels chaunt the solemn Lay ;
Lift up your Heads, ye heav'nly Gates !

Ye everlasting Doors, give Way! 8 Loose all your Bars of maffy Light,

And wide unfold th' ethereal Scene :
He claims the Mansions as his Right,

Receive the KING OF GLORY in.
9 Who is the King of Glory? who?

The Lord that all his Foes o'ercame,
The World, Sin, Death, and Hell o’erthrew,

And Jesus is the Conqu’ror's Name. 10 Lo! his triumphal Chariot waits,

And Angels chaunt the solemn Lay;
Lift up your Heads, ye heav'nly Gates !

Ye everlasting Doors, give Way!
11 Who is the King of Glory? who?

The Lord of glorious Power possest;
The King of Saints and Angels too,
God over All, for ever blest.

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LIFT my Soul to God,

My Trust is in his Name;
Let not my Foes, that feek my Blood,

Still triumph in my Shame.
Sin, and the Pow'rs of Hell

Persuade me to despair ;
LORD, make me know thy Cov'nant well,

That I may 'scape the Snare.



From the first dawning Light

Till the dark Ev'ning rife,
For thy Salvation, LORD, I wait

With ever-longing Eyes. 4

Remember all thy Grace,

And lead me in thy Truth;
Forgive the Sins of riper Days,
And Follies of


Youth. 5

The Lord is just and kind;

The Meek shall learn his Ways ;
And ev'ry humble Sinner find

The Methods of his Grace. 6 For his own Goodness' Sake

He saves my Soul from Shame; He pardons (tho' my Guilt be great)

Through my Redeemer's Name.



WHERE shall the Man be found

Who fears ť offend his God? Who loves the Gospel's joyful Sound,

And trembles at the Rod ?
8 The LORD shall make him know

The Secrets of his Heart;
The Wonders of his Cov’nant show,

And all his Love impart.
9 The Dealings of his Hand

Are Truth and Mercy still, With such as to his Cov’nant stand,

And love to do his Will.


IO Their Souls shall dwell at Eafe

Before their Maker's Face;
Their Seed shall taste the Promises

In their extensive Grace.


II MINE Eyes and my Defire

Are ever to the LORD;
I love to plead his Promises,

And rest upon his Word.
12 LORD, turn Thee to my Soul ;

Bring thy Salvation near ;
When will thy Hand release my Feet

Out of the deadly Snare ?
13 When shall the fov'reign Grace

Of my forgiving God
Restore me from those dang’rous Ways

My wand'ring Feet have trod ? 14

Behold the Hofts of Hell !

How cruel is their Hate !
Against my Life they rise, and join

Their Fury with Deceit.
15 O keep my Soul from Death,

Nor put my Hope to Shame!
For I have plac'd my only Truft

In my Redeemer's Name. 16 With humble Feet I wait,

To see thy Face again;
Of Ifrael it ihall ne'er be said,

“ He fought the Lord in vain.”

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PSA L M XXVI. Metre i.
E thou my Judge: thy searching Eyes

My Deeds and Thoughts have known; On Thee my stedfast Soul relies,

Nor Fear of Lapse shall own.
2 O search me still; my Heart, my Reins,

With stricteft View survey:
Thy Love, great God, my Hope sustains,

Thy Truth directs my Way.
How oft, instinct with Warmth divine,

Thy Threshold have I trod ! How lov'd the Courts whose Walls enshrine

The Glory of my God! 4 O let me not the Vengeance share,

That waits the guilty Tribe, Whose murd'rous Hands each Mischief dare,

And grasp the offer'd Bribe :
5 But pour, O pour, while thus I tread

The Path by Thee prepar'd,
Thy Beams of Mercy on my Head,

And round me plant a Guard.
6 Thou, LORD, my Steps haft fix'd aright,

And pleas’ shalt hear my Tongue
With Israel's favour'd Sons unite

To form the thankful Song.
PS A L M XXVI. Metre ii.
UDGE me, O LORD, and prove my Ways,

And try my Reins, and try my Heart;
My Faith upon thy Promise stays,
Nor from thy Law my Feet depart.

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2 I hate to walk, I hate to fit,

With Men of Vanity and Lies ;
The Scoffer and the Hypocrite,

Are the Abhorrence of inine Eyes.
3 Among thy Saints will I appear,

With Hands well wash'd in Innocence;
But when I stand before thy Bar,

The Blood of Christ is my Defence. 4 I love thy Habitation, LORD,

The Temple where thine Honours dwell;
There shall I hear thy holy Word,

And there thy Works of Wonder tell.
5 Let not my Soul be join'd at last

With Men of Treachery and Blood,
Since I my Days on Earth have past.
Among the Saints, and near my God.



TAnd my Salvation too

HE LORD of Glory is my Light,

God is my Strength; nor will I fear

What all my Foes can do.
2 One Privilege my Heart desires;

O grant me an Abode
Among the Churches of thy Saints,

The Temples of my God!
3 There shall I offer my Requests,

And see thy Beauty ftill;
Shall hear thy Messages of Love,
And there inquire thy Will.

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