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5 The fure Provisions of my God

Attend me all my Days;
O may thy House be mine Abode,

And all my Work be Praise.
6 There would I find a settled Rest,

(While others go and come) No more a Stranger or a Guest,

but like a Child at Home.

PSA L M XXIII. Metre iii.


Y SHEPHERD is the living LORD;

Now shall my Wants be wellsupply’d: His Providence and holy Word

Become my Safety and my Guide. 2 In Pastures where Salvation grows,

He makes me feed, lie makes me rest;
There living Water gently flows,

And all the Food divinely blest.
3 My wand'ring Feet his Ways mistake,

But He restores my Soul to Peace;
And leads me for his Mercy's Sake

In the fair Paths of Righteousness. 4. Though I walk through the gloomy Vale,

Where Death and all its Terrors are,
My Heart and Hope thall never fail,

For God my SHEPHERD's with me there. 5 Amidst the Darkness and the Deeps

Thou art my Comfort, Thou my Stay i
Thy Staff supports my feeble Steps,
Thy Rod directs my doubtful Way.

6 The Sons of Earth and Sons of Hell

Gaze at thy Goodness, and repine
To see my 'Table spread so well

With living Bread and cheerful Wine. 7 How I rejoice, when on my Head

Thy SPIRIT condescends to rest ! 'Tis a divine Anointing, shed

Like Oil of Gladness at a Feast. 8 Surely the Mercies of the LORD

Attend his Household all their Days;
There will I dwell to hear his Word,
To seek his Face, and sing his Praise.

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ITO thy Pastures, fair and large,

Heav'nly SHEPHERD, lead thy Charge; And my Couch, with tend'rest Care,

Midst the fpringing Grass prepare. 2 When I faint with Summer's Heat,

Thou shalt guide my weary Feet
To the Streams, that, still and flow,

Through the verdant Meadows flow.
Thou my

Soul anew shalt frame,
And thy Mercy to proclaim,
When through devious Paths I ftray,

Teach my Steps the better Way. 4 Safe the dreary Vale I tread,

By the Shades of Death o'erspread,
With thy Rod and Staff supply'd,
This my Guard, and that my Guide.

Head ;

5 Thou my plenteous Board haft spread, Thou with Oil refresh'd

my Fillid by Thee my Cup o'erflows,

For thy Love no Limit knows. 6 Constant to my latest End

Thou my Footsteps fhalt attend;
And shalt bid thy hallow'd Dome
Yield me an eternal Home.


Metre v. I

THE LORD my Pasture shall prepare, TH

And feed me with a Shepherd's Care, His Presence shall my Wants fupply, And guard me with a watchful Eye ; My Noon-Day Walks He fhall attend,

And all my Midnight Hours defend. 2 When in the sultry Glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty Mountain pant,
To fertile Vales, and dewy Meads
My weary wand'ring Steps he leads;
Where peaceful Rivers, soft and slow,
Amid the verdant Landskip flow.

3 Though in the Paths of Death I tread,

With gloomy Horrors overspread ;
My stedfast Heart shall fear no Ill,
For Thou, O LORD, art with me still :
Thy friendly Crook shall give me Aid,

And guide me through the dreadful Shade. 4 Though in a bare and rugged Way

Through devious, lonely Wilds I stray;


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Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile,
The barren Wilderness shall smile
With sudden Greens and Herbage crown'd,
And Streams shall murmur all around.

PSA L M XXIV. Metre i.
I 'HE Earth for ever is the Lord's,

With Adam's num'rous Race ;
He rais'd its Arches o'er the Floods,

And built it on the Seas.
2 But who among the Sons of Men

May visit thine Abode ? -
He that has Hands from Mischief clean,

Whofe Heart is right with God.
3 This is the Man may rise and take

The Blessings of his Grace :
This is the Lot of those that seek
The God of Jacob's Face.

4 NOW let our Souls immortal Pow'rs

To meet the LORD prepare :
Lift up your Heads, eternal Doors !

The KING OF GLORY’s near.
5 Who is the King of Glory? who

His wondrous Name can tell?
The LORD OF Hosts who dwelt below,

And conquer'd Sin and Hell.
6 Jesus, the God of boundless Might,

Whom Heav'n and Earth obey;
Lift up your Heads, ye Gates of Light,

Eternal Doors, give Way!


7. Who is the King of Glory? who?

The LORD OF Hosts renown'd:
Glory to Him alone is due,

Who is with Glory crown'd.
PSA L M XXIV. Metre ii.
HE Earth and all her Fulness owns

JEHOVAH fur her sov’reign Lord: The countless Myriads of her Sons

Rose into Being at his Word.
2 His Word did out of Nothing call

The World, and founded All that is;
Built on the Floods this folid Ball,

And fix'd it in the floating Seas.
3 But who shall quit this low Abode?

Who shall ascend the heav'nly Place?.
And stand upon the Mount of God?

And see his MAKER Face to Face? 4 The Man whose Hands and Heart are pure

That blessed Portion shall possess :
Him shall the LORD from Sin fecure,

And clothe and crown with Righteousness, 5 Such only form the chosen Choir

Who seek the Face of Jacob's God;
Whose Feet, with licens'd Step, aspire
To visit Sion's bleft Abode.

6 OUR LORD is risen from the Dead,

Our Saviour is gone up on high ;
The Pow'rs of Hell are captive led,
Dragg'd to the Portals of the Sky.

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