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In all my vast Corticerns With Thee
In God's own House pronounce his Praise
In Mercy, not in Wrath, rebuke
Joy to the World; the Lord is come
Is there Ambition in my Heart
Is there in me a lofty Heart
It is the Lord our Saviour's Hand
Judge me, O Lord, and prove my Ways
Judges, who rule the World by Laws
Just are thy Ways, and true thy Word
Just Judge of Heav'n, against my Foes
I've seen an End of what we cali

Kingdoms and Thrones to God belong

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Let all the Earth their Voices raise
Let all the Just to God with Joy
Let Children hear the mighty Deeds
Ler ev'ry Tongue thy Goodness speak
Let God arise in all his Might
Let not the Sinner's Wealth or Might
Let Sion's heav'n-devoted Mount
Let Sion in her King rejoice
Let Songs of Joy to God ascend
Let Zion and her Sons rejoice
Lift your Voice, and thankful fing
Lo! from the Hills my Help descends
Lo! what a glorious Corner-Stone
La! what an entertaining Sight,
Long as I live l'll bless thy Name
Lord, I am thine; but Thou wilt prove
Lord, I am vile, conceiv'à in Sin
Lord, I esteem thy Judgments right
Lord, I have made thy Word my Choice
Lord, in the Morning Thou shalt hear
Lord of the Worlds above
Lord, since in my advancing Age
Lord, Thou haft been thy Children's God
Lord, Thou haft call'd thy Grace to Mind
Lord, Thou halt heard thy Servant cry
Lord, Thou hast search'd and seen me through
Lörd, Thou wilt hear me when I pray
Lord, to my Wants thine Ear incline

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Lord, 'tis a pleasant Thing to stand
Lord, we have heard thy Works of old
Lord, what a thoughtless Wretch was I
Lord, what is Man, poor feeble Man
Lord ! what our Ears long since have known
Lord, when I count thy Mercies o'er
Lord, when Thou didst ascend on high
Lord, when this Vine in Canaan grew
Lord, where shall guilty Souls retire
Lord, who's the happy Man that may

Maker of All, at thy Command
May God his fav'ring Ear inciine
Mine Eyes and my Defire
My God, accept my early Vows
My God, consider my Distress
My God, how many are my Fears
My God, in whom are all the Springs
My God, my everlasting Hope
My God, my King, thy various Praise
My God, no longer silent stand
My God, permit my Tongue
My God, what inward Grief I feel
My grateful Tongue, immortal King
My Heart's best Portion, Lord, art Thou
My Heart, blest Saviour, is religa'd
My Heart doth take in Hand
My never-ceasing Songs fhall show
My Refuge the God of Love
My righteous Judge, my gracious Cod
My Saviour God, by Night, by Day
My Saviour, my Almighty Friend
My Shepherd is the living Lord
My Shepherd will supply my Need
My Soul in God its Reft has found
My Soullies cleaving to the Duft
My Soul, repeat his Praise
My Soul with sacred Zeal inspir'd
My Soul, thy great Creator praise
My Spirit looks to God alone

No Sacrifice thy Love can win
Not to ourselves, who are but Duit

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Now be my Heart inspir'd to fing
Now I'm convinc'd the Lord is kind
Now let our Lips with holy Fear
Now let our Soul's immortal Pow'rs
Now may the God of Paw'r and Grace
Now shall my folemn Vows be paid
Now will I walk before the Lord

0. bless the Lord, my Soul

come, loud Anthems let us fing
O for a Shout of sacred Joy
Of Justice and of Grace I sing
O God, my gracious God, to Thee,

God, my Heart is fix'd, is bent
God, my Heart is fully bent
God, my Refuge, hear my Cries

God of Grace and Righteousness
O God of Hofts, the mighty Lord

God our Helpin Ages past
God, to whom Revenge belongs

happy Man, whose Soul is fill'd Q happy Nation, where the Lord O hear my Voice, All.

I-potent Sire help me, Lord, för few. I see O how blest the Man whose. Ear

how I love thy holy Law
Q lfrael's Father and his God
O lęt me, heav'nly Lord, extend

let me pot, Almighty Friend
O Lord, how many are my Foes
O Lord, qur God, how wondrous great
O Ļord, the mighty God of Hofts,
O Lord, thy Mercy (my sure Hope)
Once bleft with Peace, I boasting faid
Onţe did our suff'ring Saviour pray
Oppress’d with Grief, in Exile loft,

praise the Lord, and thou, my Soul O praise the Lord in that blett Place

praise ye the Lord

Thanks, and bless the Lord
render Thanks to God above
O save me, Lord, and to my Foes
O spare me, Lord, nor o'er my Head
O. {pare ine, Lord, nor o'er my Head

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that the Lord would guide my Ways
O that the Statutes ev'ry Hour
O Thou that hear'st when Sinners cry

Thou, the Hope of Human Race
O Thou, whose Care prolongs my Breath
O Thou, whose Grace and Justice reign
O T'hou, whofe Hand has Ifrael led
O Thou, whose Justice reigns on high
Our Lord is risen from the Dead
Out of the Deeps of long Distress
O what a stiff rebellious House

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Plead Thou my Cause, O Lord :-My Foeś
Plung'd in a dark and dire Abyss
Praise the Lord who reigns above
Praise the Lord, with hallow'd Mirth,
Praise ye the Lord, exalt his Name

ye the Lord, immortal Choir
Praise ye the Lord : O blissful Theme
Praise ye the Lord: 'tis good to raise
Preserve me, Lord, from crafty Foes


Lord, in Time of Need

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Repuls.d, dispers’d, chattis'd by Thee
Return, O God of Hosts, return!

Salvation is for ever nigh
Safe on thy Word my Trust I build
Save me, O God, the swelling Floods
Save me, O Lord, my gracious God
See what a living Stone
Shew Pity, Lord; O Lord forgive
Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine
Sing, all ye Nations, to the Lord
Sing to the God whom we adore
Sing to the Lord aloud
Sing to the Lord, exalt Him high
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's Name
Sing to the Lord Tome new-taught Song
Sing to the Lord, ye distant Lands
Sing, ye Sons of Might, O ling

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Songs of immortal Praise belong
Soon as I heard my Father say,
Sweet is the Mem’ry of thy Grace
Sweet is the Work, my God, my King

Teach me the Measure of my Days
Th’ Almighty reigns exalted high
That Man is blest who stands in Awe
The Earth for ever is the Lord's
The Earth and all her Fulness owns
Thee, Lord, I boalt my Bliss supreme
Thee, Lord, their Refugc, Thee alone
'Thee will I bless, my God and King
Thee will I thank, and Day by Day
The God Jehovah 'reigns
The God of Jacob chose the Hill
'The Heav'ns declare thy Glory, Lord
The King of Saints, how fair his Face
The Lord abounids with tender Love
The Lord appears my Helper now
The Lord hath Eyes to give the Blind
The Lord Jehovah reigns
The Lord is come; the Heav'ns proclaim
The Lord my Pasture shall prepare
The Lord my Saviour is my Light
The Lord my Shepherd is
The Lord of Glory is my Light
The Lord th’eternal Sceptre rears
The Lord, the Judge, his Churches warns
The Lord, the sov’reign King
The Lord unto my Lord thus (pake
The Praife of Sion waits for Thee
The spacious Firmament on high
The Wonders, Lord, thy Love hath wrought
Thine is the Thone:- beneath thy Reign
Thinky mighty. God, on feeble Man 13
This is the Day the Lord hath made
Thot art my God..to Thee' my Eyes
Thou art my Powion, O my God
Though Thousands by thy Side are slain

Thou, Lord, hat weigh'd our ev'ry Fault
Thou, Lord, my Safety, Thou, my Light
Thou sacred Spring of all my Joys
Thou who art enthron'd above

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