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G'Give Glory to the Son,

Metre i. 1

I VE to the FATHER Praise,

And to the SPIRIT of his Grace
Be equal Honour done.

Metre ii. 2 O FATHER, Son, and Holy GHO'STY God

, Be Glory, as it



now, And shall be evermore, Metre iii.

[flow, RAISE God, from whom all Bleslings

To The Geo whom we adore,

3 P

Praise Him above, ye heav'nly Hoft,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Metre iv.

Such as was through Ages past,
Is, and shall for ever last.

Metre v. 5

W to the great and sacred THREE,

The Father, Son, and SPIRIT be
Eternal Praise and Glory giv’n,
Thro' all the Worlds where God is known,
By all the Angels near the Throne,
And all the Saints in Earth and Heav'n.

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Metre vi. 6 TMMORTAL Honours, endless Fame,

Attend th’ Almighty FATHER's Name: The Saviour Son be glorify'd Who for loft Man's Redemption dy'd, And equal Adoration be, Eternal COMFORTER, to Thee.

Metre vii.

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10 God the FATHER's Throne

Perpetual Honours raise ;
Glory to God the Son;
To God the SPIRIT Praise,

With all our Pow'rs,
Eternal KING,
Thy Name we fing,
While Faith adores.

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Almighty Father ! good and kind
Almighty Maker of my Frame
All People that on Earth do dwell

ye that love the Lord rejoice
Among th’ Assemblies of the Great
Are all the Foes of Sion Fools.
Arise, my gracious God
Arise, O King of Grace, arise
As pants the Hart for cooling Streams
As pants the Hart for. cooling Springs
As the

poor Hart, tir'd in the Chace Awake, ye Saints, to praise your King

Before Jehovah's awful Throne
Before thy Throne, whose-Eyes can read
Begin, my Soul, th' exalted Lay
Behold the Fool, whose Heart denies
Behold the lofty Sky.
Behold the Morning Sun
Behold the stately Cedar stands
Behold the sure Foundation Stone
Behold us, Lord, with willing Feet
Behold thy waiting Servant, Lord
Best Instructor, from thy Ways
Be Thou my Judge: thy searching Eyes
Blcfs, () my Soul, the living God
Bleft are the Souls that hear and know
Blest are the Undefil'd in Heart
Bleft be thy Name, eternal Lord
Blest is the Man, for ever bless'd
Blest is the Nation where the Lord
Bleft Object of my Soul's Desire
Blest Prince of Righteousness and Peace
Blest who with gen’rgus Pity glows
By Morning Light I'll seek his Face
By Thee prepar’d, the Night and Day

Come praise the Lord, ye tuneful Bands
Come lqund his Praise abroad

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Consider all my Sorrows, Lord
Could I so false, fo faithless prove
Create, O God, my Pow'rs anew

Early, my God, without Delay
Exalt the Lord our God
Exalted by a blessed Thought

Far as thy Name is known
Father, I bless thy gentle Hand.
Father, I sing thy wondrous Grace
Firm and unmor'd are they
Fools in their Hearts profanely fay
For ever. blessed be the Lord.
For ever shall my Song record
From all that dwell below the Skies
From Ill recede; to Good incline
From lowest Depths of Woe,

Give Thanks to God Most High.
Give Thanks to God, the fov reign Lord
Give to qur God immortal Praise
God counts the Sorrows of his Saints
God from his cloudy Cistern pours
God in his earthly Temple lays
God is cur Refuge in Distress
God is the Refuge of his Saints
God my Strength, to Thee I pray
God my Strength, the Wife, the Just
God, my. Supporter and my Hope
God of my Childhood and my Youth
God of my Mercy and


God's Glories Salem's Temple fill
God fpeaks;, and lo, a burning Waste
God sware to Abr’ham and his Seed
God the Heav'ns aloud proclaim
Great God, attend while Zion fings
Great God, indulge my humble Claim
Great God, when thy fierce Fury storm'd
Great God, whose universal Sway
Great is the Lord, his Works of Might
Great is the Lord our God

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Great Shepherd of thine Israel

Had not the Lord, may Israel say,
Hallelujah! kneel and sing
Happy the City, where their Sons
Happy the Man to whom his God
Happy the Man, whose cautious Feet
Haite to my Aid, my Saviour hafte
Haft Thoų not planted with thy Hands
Hear, gracious Lord, my, fervent Prayer
Hear me, O God, nor hide thy Face
Hear what the Lord in Vision said
He reigns; the Lord, the Saviour reigns
He that hath made his Refuge God,
Hosanna ! praise the Lord, and bless
How bleft the Man, how safe from Harm
How bleft the Sight, the Joy how sweet
How great is the Messiah's Joy
How long wilt Thou conceal thy Face
How did my Heart rejoice to hear
How fast their Guilt and Sorrows rife
How glows with grateful Love my Breast
How pleafant 'tis to see
How pleas'd and bless'd was
How pleasant, how divinely fair
How pleasing is the Scene, how sweet
How shall the Young secure their Hearts
How sweet thy Dwellingļ, Lord, how fair

Tehovah from his chosen Place
Jehovah reigns : yè Nations own
Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy Throne
Jesus shall reign where'er the Sun
If God succeed not, all the Coft.
If God to build the House deny
I lift my Soul to God
1:11 celebrate thỳ Praises, Lord
I'll praise my Maker with my Breath
I love the Lord, He heard my Cries,
I love the Lord ; his gracious Ear
I meekly waited for the Lord
Immortal King ! through Earth's wide Frame

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