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Metre i.



And let
Amidst the Church with cheerful Voice

His later Wonders thew.
The Jews, the People of his Grace,

Shall their REDEEMER sing;
And Gentile Nations join the Praise,

While Zion owns her KING.

2 The LORD takes Pleasure in the Just,

Whom Sinners treat with Scorn:
The Meek that lie defpis'd in Dust

Salvation shall adorn.
Saints should be joyful in their KING

E'en on a dying Bed;
And like the Souls in Glory sing,

For God shall raise the Dead.

3 Then his high Praise fhall fill their Tongue,

Their Hands Niall wield the Sword;
And Vengeance shall attend their Songs,

The Vengeance of the LORD.
When CHRIST his Judgment-Seat ascends,

And bids the World appear,
Thrones are prepar'd for all his Friends

Who humbly lov'd Him here.

4. Then shall they rule with Iron-Rod

Nations that dar'd rebel :
And join the Sentence of their GOD,

On Tyrants doom'd to Hell,

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The Royal Sinners bound in Chains,

New Triumphs shall afford :

Such Honour for the Saints remains : she at Praise


and love the LORD. PSALM CXLIX. Metre ii. OME praise the Lord, ye tuneful Bands,

Ye Saints affembled in his Name;

New Streams of Joy your God demands, G

New Mercies all your Praises clajm..
2 Let Israel's Tribes, with Blessings crown'd,

Their God, their mighty Maker fing ;
And Sion's Sons with Joy resound

The endless Glories of their KING.
TNG 3 He bends complacent to your Praise,

Your God approves the beft Employ;
The thankful Meek his Love will raise

To Crowns of everlasting Joy.
4 O let the Saints aloud rejoice,

And Sounds of Glory fill the Song ;
All Day let Rapture tune their Voice,
And Night the blissful Ştrain prolong.

PSALM CXLIX. Metre iii. 1


Prepare your glad Voice,
His Praise in the great

Assembly to sing :

Let Israel rejoice ;
And Children of Sion

Be glad in their King,


2. Let them his great Name

Extol in their Songs ;
: With well tuned Hearts

His Praises express ;...
Who listens with Pleasure

To hear their glad Tongues,
And waits 'with Salvation

The Humble to bless.


3 With Glory adorn'd,

His People shall fing,
To God, who their Heads

With Safety does shield ;
Such Honour and Triumph

His Favour shall bring ;
O therefore, for ever

All Praise to Him yield.

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ING OG Pace He there reveals

To Heav'n your Joy and Wonder raife,

For there his Glory dwells.

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2 Let all your facred Passions move,

While you rehearse his L'eeds; But the great Work of saving Love

Your highest Praise exceeds.

3 All that have Motion, Life, and Breath,

Proclaim your MAKER bleft;
Yet when my Voice expires in Death,

My Soul Thall praife Him best.


PSALM CL. Metre ii.
I RAISE the Lord, who reigns above,

Yet will deign to dwell below;
Praise the holy God of Love,
Thankful, all' his Greatness thew :
Praise Him for his noble Deeds,
Praise Him for his matchless Pow'r;
Him, from whom all Good proceeds,
All in Heav'n and Earth adore.

2 Publish, spread to all around

Great JEHOVAH's glorious Name;
Let the Trumpet's joyful Sound
Him the LORD of Hosts proclaim :
Praise Him ev'ry tuneful String,
All the Reach of heav'nly Art,
All the Pow'rs of Music bring,
Sweetest Music of the Heart.

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Him in whom they move and live,
Let the Race of Creatures fing,
Glory to their Maker give,
Humblest Homage to their KING;
Hallow'd be his Name beneath ;
As in Heav'n, on Earth ador'd,
Praise the Lord in ev'ry Breath;
Ev'ry Creature praise the Lord.

PSALM CL. Metre ii.


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PRAISE the Lord in that bleft Place,

From whence his Goodness largelyflows; Praise Him in Heav'n, where He his Face Unveil'd in perfect Glory shows.

2 Praise Him for all the mighty Alts

Which He in our Behalf has done ;
His Kindnefs this Return exacts,
With which our Praise should equal run.


Let all, who vital Breath enjoy,
The Breath he does to them afford,
In juft Return of Praise employ ;
Let ev'ry Creature praise the LORD.

PSA L M CL. Metre iv.

I HOSANNA! praise the LORD, and bless

According to his Holiness,
And let your Praifes tow'r;
O bless Him in fublimest Strains,
Where in the Firmament He reigns

Of his exalted Pow'r.

2 The Works of his Almighty Handy
Which on eternal Record stand,

With thankful Hymns review;
On his majestic Glory dwell,
Whose Rays all Excellence excel,

And give the Praises due,

3 Let all Things that have Life and Breath, In Heav'n above, in Earth beneath,

To CHRIST their Tribute bring ;
O praise Him; for to Him belongs
The Breath which modulates your Songs,

The Heart inspir'd to sing

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