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2 Remit my Guilt, nor call me forth

In Judgment to appear ;
Since none of all the Tribes on Earth

Can in thy Sight be clear.
3 The Hand of unrelenting Pow'r

My Happiness invades: As Men that long have been no more, of I grovel in the Shades. 4 Hence potent Grief and gloomy Care

My inward Peace destroy: The black Intrusions of Despair

Cloud ev'ry Glimpse of Joy.
5 Yet from the Scenes of past Distress

Some Comforts I derive;
The ancient Wonders of thy Grace

My dying Hopes revive.
6 To Thee I stretch my Hands abroad,

And raise my mental Pow'rs;
So thirsts the dry and parched Clod

For the refreshing Show'rs.
7 Hear, O my God, be quick to save ;

My vital Strength decays : Thiné Absence brings me near the Grare,

While Grief consumes my Days. 8. When balmy Sleep forfakes

Thy gracious Aid impart ;
Describe the Path I ought to tread,

And fix it in my Heart,

my Head,

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9 TO Thee my languid Soul aspires,

When threatning Foes engage;
Vouchsafe to second my Desires,

And disconcert their Rage.
10 Teach me to execute thy Will,

My only fov’reign Guide ;
And bear me to thy facred Hill,

Where endless Joys refide.
II Quicken, O God! and make me whole,

Extinguish all Despair ;
Enlarge and extricate my Soul,

And diffipate my Care.
12 Then, while thy Goodness shall prolong

The Measure of my Days,
My grateful Soul shall prompt my Tongue

To celebrate thy Praise.
PSA L M CXLIII. Metre ii.

Y righteous Judge,mygracious God,

Hear when
And cry for Succour from thy Throne;

O make thy Truth and Mercy known !
2 Let Judgment not against me pass;

Behold thy Servant pleads thy Grace:
Should Justice call us to thy Bar,

No Man alive is guiltless there.
3 Look down in Pity, LORD, and see

The mighty Woes that burden me:
Down to the Dust my Life is brought,
Like one long bury'd and forgot.


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I abroad,

I dwell in darknefs and unseen;
My Heart is defolate within :
My Thoughts in mufing Silence trace

The ancient Wonders of thy Grace. 5 Thence I derive a Glimpse of Hope,

To bear my finking Spirits up;
1 stretch my Hands to God again,

And thirst like parched Lands for Rain. 6 In Thee I trust, to Thee I figh,

And lift my heavy Soul on high ;
For Thee sit waiting all the Day,

And wear the tiresome Hours away. 7 Break off my Fetters, LORD, and show Which is the Path

Feet should

go ; If Snares and Foes beset the Road,

I fee to hide me near my God. 8 Teach me to do thy holy Will

, And lead me to thy heav'nly Hill; Let the good SPIRIT of thy Love

Conduct me to thy Courts above. 9 Then shall my Soul no more complain;

The Tempter then shall rage in vain; And Flesh, that was my Foe before, Shall never vex my Spirit more.


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OR ever bleffed be the LORD,

My Saviour and my SHIELD;
He sends his Spirit with his Word,

To arm me for the Field,

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2 When Sin and Hell their Force unite,

He makes my Soul his Care,
Inftruets me to the heav'nly Fight,

And guards me through the War.
3 A Friend and Helper so divine,

Does my weak Courage raise ;
He makes the glorious Vi&t’ry mine,
And His shall be the Praise.

4 LORD, what is Man, poor feeble Man,

Born of the Earth at first?,
His Life a Shadow, light and vain,

Still hasting to the Duft.
5 what is feeble, dying Man,

Or any of his Race,
That God should make it his Concern

To visit him with Grace?
6 That God who darts his Lightnings down;

Who shakes the Worlds above;
And Mountains tremble at his Frown;
How wondrous is his Love !

7 HAPPY the City, where their Sons

Like Pillars round a Palace fet,
And Daughters, bright as polith'd

Give Strength and Beauty to the Státe.
8 Happy the Country where the Sheep,

Cattle and Corn ħave large Increase ;
Where Men securely work or sleep,
Nor Sons of Plunder break the Peace. •

9 Happy the Nation thus endow'd,

But more divinely bless’d are thofe
On whom the All-fufficient God
Himself with all his Grace beftows.

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ONG as I live I'll bless thy Name,

My KING, my God of Love;
My Work and Joy shall be the same,

In the bright World. above. 2 Great is the LORD, his Pow'r unknown,

And let his Praise be great:
I'll fing the Honours of thy Throne,

Thy Works of Grace repeat. 3 Thy Grace shall dwell upon my Tongue ;

And while my Lips rejoice,
The Men that hear my facred Song,

Shall join their cheerful Voice. 4

Fathers to Sons shall teach thy Name,
i And Children learn thy Ways ;
Ages to come thy Truth proclaim,

And Nations found thy Praise.
5 Thy glorious Deeds, of ancient Date,

Shall through the World be known; Thine Arm of Pow'r, thy heav’nly State,

With public Splendor shown.
6 The World is manag'd by thy Hands,

Thy Saints are ruld by Love ;
And thine eternal Kingdom stands,

Though Rocks and Hills remove.

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