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I Thine Eyes did all my Limbs survey,

Which yet in dark Confusion lay;
Thou saw'st the daily Growth they took,

Form’d by the Model of thy Book.
12 By Thee my growing Parts were nam’d,

And what thy sov’reign Counsels fram'dy. (The breathing Lungs, the beating Heart)

Was copy'd with unerring Art.
13 To Thew th' Almighty Maker's Name,

God stamp'd his Image on my Frame,
And by his wondrous Counsel join'd

The finish'd Members to the Mind.
14 There the young Seeds of Thought began,

And all the Pallions of the Man :
Great God, our Infant-Nature pays
Immortal Tribute to thy Praise.

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15 LORD, since in my advancing Age

I've acted on Life's busy Stage,
Thy Thoughts of Love to me surmount

The Pow'r of Numbers to recount,
16 I could survey the Ocean o'erg

And count each Sand that makes the Shore,
Before my swiftest Thoughts could trace

The num'rous Wonders of thy Grace.
17 These on my Heart are still impreft,

With these I give my Eyes to rest ;
And at my waking Hour I find
God and his Love possess my Mind, .

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18 MY GOD, what inward Grief I feel,

When impious Men transgress thy Will!
I mourn to hear their Lips profane

Take thy tremendous Name in vain. 19 Does not my Soul detest and hate

The Sons of Mialice and Deceit?
Those that oppofe thy Laws and Thee,

I count them Enemies to me. 20 LORD, search my Soul, try ev'ry Thought;

Though my own Heart accuse me not
Of walking in a false Difguise,

I beg the Trial of thine Eyes.
21 Doth fecret Mischief lurk within ?

Do I indulge some unknown Sin?
O turn my Feet, whene'er I stray,
And lead me in thy perfect Way.

ORESERVE me, Lord, from crafty Foes

Of treacherous Intent;
And from the Sons of Violence

On open Mischief bent. 2 Their fand'ring Tongues the Serpent's

In Sharpness do exceed; (Sting Between their Lips the Gall of Afps,

And Adders' Venom, breed.
3 But thus inviron’d with Distress,

« Thou art my God, I said,
“ Lord, hear my fupplicating Voice,

« That calls to Thee for Aid.

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" Permit not their unjust Designs

« To answer their Desire;
« Left they, encourag'd by Success,

“ To bolder Crimes áspire.” 5 Though Slander's Breath may raise a Storm,

It quickly will decay :
Their Rage does but the Torrent swell,

That bears themselves away.
6 God will affert the poor Man's Cause,

And speedy Succour give;
The Just shall celebrate his Praise,

And in his Presence live.


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Y Gon, accept my early Vows,

Like Morning-Incensein thine House, And let my nightly Woríhip rise

Sweet as the Ev’ning-Sacrifice.
2 Watch o'er my Lips, and guard them, LORD,

From ev'ry rath and heedless Word;
Nor let my Feet incline to tread
The guilty Paths where Sinners lead.

3 3 O may the Righteous, when I ftray,

Smite and reprove my wand’ring Way!
Their gentle Words, like Qintnient thed,

Shall never bruise, but cheer my Head.

When I behold them prest with Grief,
I'll cry to Heav'n for their Relief;
And by my warm Petitions prove,
How much I prize their faithful Love.

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PS À L M CXLIÍ. Metre i. I O God I made my Sorrows known, In long Complaints before his Throne I pour'd out al]


2 My Soul was overwhelm'd with Woes,

My Heart began to break;
My God, who all my Burdens knows,

He knows the Way I take. 3 On ev'ry Side I cast mine Eye,

And found my Helpers gone ;
While Friends and Strangers pats'd me by

Neglected, or unknown.
4 Then did I raise a louder Cry,

And call'd thy Mercies near : « Thou art my PORTION when I die,

« Be Thou my Refuge here."
5 LORD, I am brought exceeding low,

Now let thine Ear attend,
And make my

Foes who vex me know
I've an Almighty FRIEND.
6 From my fad Prison set me free,

Then shall I praise thy Name; And holy Men Thall join with me, -.Thy Kindnefs to proclaim. PS À L M CXLII. Mêtre ii.

O Gob I raise my humble Cry,

To His unfold my mournful Cale; Prostrate before his Throne I lie, T'implore and füpplicate His Grace.


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2 While, plung'd in Sorrow, I endure

Th' opprobrious Taunts of fcornful Pride,
How far my Sentiments are pure,

Omniscience, only, can decide.
3 Around I cast my wishful Eyes,

Distress'd, abandon'd, and forlorn,
But, to my Grief and fad Surprise,

Am answer'd with Contempt and Scorn.
4 No kindly Refuge or Retreat

Invites my fainting Soul to Rest;
No soft Humanity I meet,

No friendly Comforts make me blest.
5 Indulge, O God, my louder Cry;

Cherish my Hope and foothe my Fear;
Thou art my fov'reign Bliss on high,
Be Thou my Shield and Refuge here.
6 While I beneath Amiction bow,

To my pathetic Suit attend,
And let my Persecutors know,

Omnipotence is still my Friend, .
7 Enlarge my Sphere, and set me free
From Prison, Bondage, Guilt, and Shame;

Then shall the Righteous join with me,
Thy kind Indulgence to proclaim.

PS A L M CXLIII. Metre i.
TEAR, gracious Lord, my fervent

Indulge my humble Cry: [Pray'r,
Thy Truth and Righteousness declare,
And save me from on high,

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