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7 Thy Walls, remote from hoftile Fear,
Nor the loud Voice of Tumult hear,

Nor War's wild Wastes deplore;
There smiling Plenty takes her Stand,
And in thy Courts with lavish Hand,

Has pour'd forth all her Store.

8 Let me, blest Seat, my Name behold
Among thy Citizens enroll’d,

In Thee for ever dwell."
Let Charity.my. Steps attend,
My fole Companion and my Friend,

And Faith and Hope farewell !

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THOU whose Grace and Justice reign,

Enthron'd above the Skies,
To Thee our Hearts would tell their Pain,

To Thee we lift our Eyes.
2 As Servánts watch their Master's Hand,
And fear the


Stroke ;
Or Maids before their-Mistress stand," !!

And wait a peaceful Look: 3. So for our Sins we justly feel

Thy Discipline, O God,
Yet wait the gracious Moment still,

Till Thou remove thy Rode
4. Those that in Wealth and Pleasure live,

Our daily Groans deride, t!
And thy Delays of Mercy gives
Fresh Courage to their Pride. 'n nu

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5 Our Foes insult uş, but our Hope

In thy Compaffion lies :
This Thought shall bear our Spirits up,
That God will not despise.

AD not the LORD, may Irael say,



When Men, to make our Lives a Prey,

Rose like the swelling of the Tide: 2 The swelling Tide had stopt our Breath,

So fiercely did the Waters roll;
We had been swallow'd deep in Death ;

Proud Waters had o'erwhelm'd our Soul. 3 We leap for Joy, we shout and fing,

Who just escap'd the fatal Stroke:
So flies the Bird with cheerful Wing,

When once the Fowler's Snare is broke. 4 For ever blessed be the LORD,

Who broke the Fowler's cursed Snare, Who sav'd us from the murd'ring Sword,

And made our Lives and Souls his Care! 5 Our Help is in Jehovah's Name,

Who form’d the Earth and built the Skies : He that upholds that wondrous Frame, Guards his own Church with watchful Eyes.

PSA L M CXXV. Metre i. I

FIRM and unmov'd are they


Firm as the Mount where David dwelt,

Or where the Ark abode.i


As Mountains stood to guard

The City's facred Ground;
So God and his Almighty Love

Embrace his Saints around.

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3 What though the Father's Rod

Drop a chastising Stroke,
Yet, left it wound their Souls too deep,

Its Fury should be broke.
4 Deal gently, LORD, with those

Whole Faith and pious Fear,
Whose Hope and Love, and ev'ry Grace

Proclaim their Hearts sincere. 5

Nor shall the Tyrant's Rage

Too long oppress the Saint; : The God of Israel will support

His Children, left they faint.
But if our flavish Fear

Will choose the Road to Hell,
We must expect our Portion there,

Where bolder Sinners dwell.

PSALM CXXV. Metre ii.

UMAnd firm as Mountains be,

TNSHAKEN as the facred Hill,

Firm as a Rock the Soul shall rest

That leans, O LORD, on Thee. 2 Not Walls, nor Hills, could guard so well

Old Salem's happy Ground';
As those eternal Arms of Love

That ev'ry Saint surround.

3 While Tyrants are a smarting Scourge,

To drive them near to GOD, Divine Compassion does allay

The Fury of the Rod.
4 Deal gently, LORD, with Souls sincere,

And lead the safely on
To the bright Gates of Paradise,

Where Christ their Lord is gone.
But if we trace those crooked Ways

That the old Serpent drew,
The Wrath that drove him first to Hell,

Shall smite his Follow'rs too.

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O trust in God's protecting Hand,

Secure as Sion's Mount shall ftand, That, proof to Ages, meets the Skies,

And fix'd-each adverse Shock defies. 2 Behold fair Salem's hallow'd Ground

By shadowing Hills encompass'd round ;-
Thy Presence thus, great God, we trace,

Incircling Jacob's chosen Race... 3 Ne'er on the Lot by these possess'd

Shall impious Pow'r its Sceptre rest, i
Left Sin, establish'd into Law,

Their Hearts from thy Obedience draw. 4 O ftill our Guardian, ftill our Friend,

Thy Mercies to the Just extend ,
Nor ever from our Souls remove
'The Consolations of thy Love.

PSA L M CXXVI. Metrei.

- . THEN Sion's God her Sons recall'd

W From long Captivity

It seem'd at first a pleasing Dream

Of what we wish'd to see.

2 But foon in unaccustom'd Mirth

We did our Voice employ,
And sung our great RESTORER's Praisez

In thankful Hyınns of Joy.
Our Heathen-Foes repining stood,

Yet were compelld to own,
That great and wondrous was the Work

Our God for us had done. 4 'Twas great, say they, 'twas wondrous great,

Much more should we confess ;
The Lord has done great Things, whereof

We reap the glad Success.
5 To us bring back the Remnant, LORD,

Of Ijrael's captive Bands,
More welcome than refreihing Show'rs

To parch'd and thirsty Lands. 6 That we, whose Work commenc'd in 'Tears,

May fee our Labours 'thrive, Till finish'd with Success, to make

Qur drooping Hearts revive. 7 Though he desponds that fows his Grain,

Yet doubtless he thall come, To bind his full-ear'd Sheaves, and bring

The joyful Harvest home.

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