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2 I need the Influence of thy Grace,

To speed me in thy Way,
Left I Thould loiter in my Race,

Or turn my Feet aftray.
3 When sore Aficions press me down,

I need thy quick’ning Pow'rs;
Thy Word that I have refted on,

Shall help my heaviest Hours.
4 Are not thy Mercies fou'reign still,

And Thou a faithful God?
Wilt thou not grant me warmer Zeal

To run the heav'nly Road ?
5 Does not my Heart thy Precepts love,

And long to see thy Face?
And yet how flow my Spirits move,

Without enliv'ning Grace !
6 Then shall I love thy Gospel more,

And ne'er forget thy Word,
When I have felt its quick’ning Pow'r

To draw mę near the LORD.

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1 BLEST be thy Name, eternal LORD!

O write within my Mind thy Word;
Let me, instructed in thy Way,

The Wonders of thy Grace survey.
2 What Streams of purest Knowledge yield

Thy Words in full Display reveald!
By these the Souls, untaught before,
To Heights of heav'nly Science foar.

3 With sacred Thirst my Bosom burn'd,

To Thee my op’ning Mouth I turn’d,
And from thy Precept wife and true

Its life-imparting Spirit drew.
4 How had I perish'd, 'midst my Woes,

But that within my Bosom rose
The Joys which thy Instruction yield,

And each invading Grief dispellid ! 5. let my Soul, to Life restor’d,

Thy Love in lafting Hymns record ; While o'er my Head its Beams shall shine, And make thy great Salvation mine.


I MY Heart's best Portion, LORD, art Thou,

To Thee my Thoughts Obedience vow;
Thy faithful Hand each Woe I feel
Infiets-and wounds me but to heal.
2 Low in the Dust my Soul is laid,

O reach me, LORD, thy promis'd Aid;
Let thy good Spirit to my Heart

His life-sustaining Pow'r impart.
3 Behold me, absent from my Home,

Through Life's wild Maze a Pilgrim roam :
Friend of the Helpless! near me stand,

And save me from th’ Oppressor's Hand. 4 Ere yet the Dawn has streak’d the Sky, ,

God of my Strength, to Thee I cry;
Let thy Compassion, while I pray,
My Night illumine, guide my Daya


5 Thy Counsels on my Thought impreft,

Shall footh to Peace my troubled Breast;
These, LORD, I'll keep, and fix'd, decree
To fhun each Path that leads from Thee.

I SAFE on thy Word my Trust I build,

O Thou my REFUGE and my SHIELD:
My Hope (nor shall that Hope be vain)

Thy sacred Promises sustain.
2 These, my best Wealth, my treasur'd Store,

I keep, and view them o'er and o'er :
These Heav'n-ward lift my thoughtful Soul,

When Night's dark Shades inveit the Pole. 3 My Hands on thy Commands shall wait,

On thy pure Words I'll meditate,
Which sweeter on my Palate dwell

Than Honey dropping from its Cell. 4 Long as within this House of Clay

My State,st Pilgrimage. I stay,
Thy Statutes are my Song ;--thy Name

Wakes in my Breast the holy Flame.
5 O turn from Vanity mine Eye,

To me thy quick’ning Strength supply;
Redeem from Error's Growth my Mind,
Nor leave one baleful Root behind.

I FATHER, I bless thy gentle Hand;

How kind was thy chastising Rod,
That forc'd my Conscience to a Stand,
And brought my wand'ring Soul to God!

2 Foolish and vain I went astray,

Ere I had felt thy Scourges, LORD ;
I left my Guide, and lost my Way;

But now I love and keep thy Word. 3 'Tis good for me to wear the Yoke,

For Pride is apt to rise and swell; 'Tis good to bear my Father's Stroke,

That I might learn his Statutes well. 4. The Law that issues from thy Mouth Shall raise


cheerful Passions more Than all the Treasures of the South,

Or Western Hills of golden Ore. 5 Thy Hands have made my mortal Frame,

Thy Spirit form’d my soul within ;
Teach me to know thy wondrous Name,

And guard me safe from Death and Sin. 6 Then All that love and fear the LORD

At my Salvation shall rejoice;
For I have hoped in thy Word,
And made thy Grace my only Choice.



O God I cry'd, with Anguish ftung,

Nor form'd a fruitless Pray'r,-
« O fave me from the lying Tongue,

“ And Lips that would ensnare !” 2 Thou Child of Guilt, to Falsehood bred, :

Say, what shall be thine End? See keenest Arrows o'er thy Head, 1 And quenchless Coals, impend,

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3 Ah! Woe is Me, to Mefech's Seat

And Kedar's Tents confin'd;
Perpetual Insult doom'd to meet

From Men of restless Mind.
4 When Offers mild of Peace I make,

And friendliest Terms prepare ;
My Words their slumb'ring Rage awake,

And arm them for the War.
PSA L M CXXI. Metre i.
O! from the Hills my Help descends ;

To them I lift mine Eyes :
My Strength on Him alone depends,

Who form’d the Earth and Skies.
2 He, ever watchful, ever nigh,

Forbids thy Feet to Ride ;
Nor Sleep nor Slumber seals the Eye

Of Ifrael's Guard and Guide.
3 He, at thy Hand, array'd in Might,

His Shield shall o'er thee spread :
Nor Sun by Day, nor Moon by Night,

Shall hurt thy favour'd Head.
Safe shalt thou go, and safe return,

While He thy Life defends;
Whose Eyes thy ev'ry Step discern,

Whose Mercy never ends.
PSA L M CXXI. Metrę ii.
P to the Hills I lift mine Eyes,

Th'eternal Hills beyond the Skies ;
Thence all her Help my Soul derives;
There my Almighty Refuge lives.

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