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8 Thy Praise more constant thản before,

Shall fill his daily Breath;
Thy Hand, that hath chastis'd him fore,

Defends him still from Death.
9 Open the Gates of Zion now,

For we shall worship there,
The House where all the Righteous go

Thy Mercy to declare.
10 Among th’ Assemblies of thy Saints

Our thankful Voice we raise;
There we have told Thee our Complaints,

And there we speak thy Praise.



11 BEHOLD the fure Foundation-Stone,

Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heav'nly Hopes upon,

And his eternal Praise.
12 Chosen of God, to Sinners dear,

And Saints adore the Name;
They trust their whole Salvation - here,

Nor shall they suffer Shame,
13 The foolish Builders, Scribe and Priest,

Reject it with Disdain ;
Yet on this Rock the Church shall rest,

And Envy rage in vain.
14 What though the Gates of Hell with tood,

Yet must, this Building rife;
'Tis thy own Work, Almighty God,

And wondrous in our Eyes,

PART IV. | 15 THIS is the Day the LORD hath made,

He calls the Hours his own;
Let Heav'n rejoice, let Earth be glad,

And Praise surround the Throne. 16 To-day He rose and left the Dead,

And Satan's Empire fell ;

To-day the Saints his Triumph spread,
5 And all his Wonders tell.
* 17 Hosanna to th' anointed King,

To David's holy SON !
Help us, O Lord! descend and bring

Salvation from thy Throne. 18 Blest be the Lord, who comes to Men

With Meffages of Grace :
Who comes in God his Father's Name,

To save our finfui Race,
19 Hosanna in the highest Strains

The Church on Earth can raise !

The highest Heav'ns, in which He reigns, I Shall give Him nobler Praise.

PS A L M CXVIII. Metre iii.
IF T your Voice, and thankful fing

Praises to your heav'nly King;
For his Mercies far extend,
And his Bounty knows no End.
Israel, thy CREATOR bless,
And with joyful Tongue confess,
That his Mercies far extend,
And his Bounty knows no End.

2 He my Strength, and He my Song,

Lo! my Days I yet prolong,
And each hoitile Force o’erthrown,

my great Salvation own:
Shouts of Health, and Hymns of Praise,
Wisdom's faithful Follow’rs raise,-
“ O how strong the Hand divine!

« what Wonders, LORD, are thine !" 3 Ope the Gates of Righteousness,

Let me, favour'd with Access,
Bless my great Deliv'rer's Name,
And his boundless Love proclaim :
Thee the God inthròn'd above,
Thee my Lips fhall fing, whose Love
Το my
Voice Attention

gave, Swift to hear, and strong to fave. 4 See the Stone, that, cast aside

By the Builders' erring Pride,
In the Dome assumes its Place,
Own'd the Angle's nobleft Grace;
Thou the Work, great God, haft wrought;
In its Scenes our wond’ring Thought
Joys thy Clemency to trace,

Seal'd to Jacob's favour'd Race. 5 Save, O save, eternal LORD,

Now thy prosp’ring Aid afford;
Let thy fav’ring Beams arise
To thy People's longing Eyes :-
Lift your Voice, and thankful fing
Praises to your heav'nly KING;
For his Mercies far extend,
And his Bounty knows no End,


O! what a glorious Corner-Stone

The Jewish Builders did refuse ; But God hath built his Church thereon,

In spite of Envy and the Jews. -2 Great God, the work is all divine,

The Joy and Wonder of our Eyes ; This is the Day that proves it Thine, The Day that law our Saviour rise. 3 Sinners rejoice, and Saints be glad ;

Hosanna ; let his Name be bleit ; -- A thousand Honours on his Head,

With Peace, and Light, and Glory rest. +

In God's own Name He comes to bring
Salvation to our dying Race ;
Let the whole Church address their King
With Hearts of Joy, and Songs of Praise.

C LEST are the Undefil'd in Heart,

Whose Ways are right and clean ;
Who never from thy Law depart,

But fly from ev'ry Sin.
¿Blest are the Men that keep thy Word,

And practise thy Commands;
With their whole Heart they seek the LORD,

And ferve Thee with their Hands. 3 Great is their Peace who love thy Law;

How firm their Souls abide !
Nor can a bold Temptation draw

Their steady Feet aside.

4 Then shall my Heart have inward Joy,

And keep my Face from Shame,
When all thy Statutes I cbey,

And honour all thy Name.
5 But haughty Sinners God will hate,

The Proud shall die accurst;
The Sons of Falsehood and Deceit

Are trodden to the Dust.
6 Vile as the Dross the Wicked are :

And those that leave thy Ways
Shall fee Salvation from afar,

But never taste thy Grace.

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I TO Thee, before the dawning Light,

My gracious God, I pray ;
I meditate thy Name by Night,

And keep thy Law by Day,
2 My Spirit faints to see thy Grace,

Thy Promise bears me up;
And while Salvation long delays,

Thy Word supports my Hope.
3 Seven Times a Day I lift my Hands,

And pay my Thanks to Thee; Thy righteous Providence demands

Repeated Praise from me. When Midnight-Darkness veils the Skies, 4

I call thy Works to Mind;
My Thoughts in warm Devotion rife,

And sweet Acceptance find.

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