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3 To God my Heart resign' its Care;

To Him my Tongue address;d its Pray'r,;
While struck with Horrors as I stood,
A Sea of Sorrows-raund ine flowd;
“No more, my Soul, no. more, I cry?d,
« In Man's fallacious Aid confide.

4 O what: Requitaliat-my Hand,

Shall Mercies, LORD, like thine demand ?
By Thee, from each: Distress.enlarg'd,
The Cup with, Benediction chargd
I take,--and, touch'd with holy Flame,
Invoke my great Deliv'RER's Name.

PSALM CXVI. Metre iii.
I Ear

Inclin'd to my distressful Pray'r;
He heard my fupplicating Voice,

And bade my fainting Heart rejoice.
2 For this, when future Sorrows, rife,

To Him I'll breathe my humble Cries;
For this, thro' all my future Days,

Adore his Name and fing, his Prạife.
- 3 For ever-gracious is the LORD,
For ever faithful to his Word

By bleft Experience now I prove
His Mercy, his unchanging Love.

4 Return my Soul, and sweetly ręst
-1 On thy Almighty Father?s Breast;

The Bounties of his Grace adore,
And count his wondrous Mercies o'er.

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5 NOW will I walk before the LORD,

A living Witness to his Word;
With Faith and Pray’r I sought his Face,

My Griefs were great, and great his Grace. 6 No meaner Help, no mortal Art,

Could ease the Anguifh of my Heart;
My hasty Tongue, in rash Replies,

Pronounc'd the Words of Men but Lies. 7 What shall I render to the LORD?

Or how his wondrous Grace record ?
To Him my grateful Voice I'll raise,

And change my Sighs for Songs of Praise. 8 The crowded Courts shall see me pay

The Vows of my distressful Day :
In Life and Death the Saints shall find
Their Guardian-God for ever kind.

9 THY Servant, LORD, is wholly Thine,

By Nature's Ties, and Bonds divine ;
From deep Distress and Sorrow free,

Anew I give myself to Thee.
10 To Thee with Sacrifice of Praise,

My Invocations I will raise ;
To Thee my Vows shall warm ascend,

While Crowds with Joy thy House attend. II O Sion, in thy sacred Courts,

Where Glory dwells and Joy resorts,
To Notes divine I'll tune the Song,
And Praise shall flow from ev'ry Tongue.



P.SALM CXVII. Metre i.

iin HY Name, Almighty LÓRD,

Shall found through distant Lands :
Great is thy Grace, and sure thy Word ;

Thy Truth for ever stands.
Far be thine Honour spread,
And long thy Praise endure,
Till Morning-Light and Ev'ning-Shade

be exchang’d no more.
PSALM CXVII. Metre ii.

mar 2017 RAISE the LORD, with hallow'd Mirth,

Ev'ry Nation, Tribe, and Tongue;' 1

Christians, militant on Earth, F.

Let your SAVIOUR's Praise be fung,
2 See his Mercy o'er our Landst
Spread its ever-heating Wing;

And his Truth through. Ages. stand;
Praise, O praise, th' eternal King.

PSALM CXVII. Metre iii.





ROM All that dwell below the Skies

Let the CREATOR's Praise arise :
Let the REDEEMER's Name be fung

Through ev'ry Land, by ev'ry Tongue.
2 Eternal are thy Mercies, LORD;

Eternal Truth attends thy Word;
Thy Praise Thall found from Shore to Shore,
Till Suns shall rise and set no more.

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PSALM CXVII. Metre iv.
No God let all the Nations raise

Their cheerful Voice and, fing his
His Mercy and his Love are sure ; [Praise :
His Truth for 'ever shall endure;
His Kindness to us we'll record,
And will for ever praise the Lord.

E E what a living Stone

The Builders did refuse
Yet God hath built his Church thereon,

In spite of envious Fews.
2 The Scribe and angry Priest

Reje&t thine only Son;
Yetion this Rock Íhall Zion"reft,

As the chief Corner-Stone:
3 The Work, O LORD, is Thines

And wondrous in our Eyes : -
This Day declares it all divine,

This Day did Jesus. rise. 4

This is the glorious Day

That our REDEEMER made ;
Let us rejoice, and finig, and pray,

Let all the Church be glad. 5* Hosannah to the King

of David's royal Blood;
Bless Him, ye Saints : He comes to bring

Salvation from-your God. 6 We bless thine holy Word,

Which all this Grace displays
And offer on thine Altar, LORD,

Our Saerifice of Praise.

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PSALM OXVIH. Metre ii.
THE LORD appears my Helper now,
Faith afraid

1 Of what the Sons of Earth can do,

Since Heav'n affords its Aides 2 'Tis safer, LORD, to hope in Thee;

And have my God my Friend, Than trust in Men' of high Degree,

And on their Truth dependly
3 Like Bees my Foes befer me round, rp

Allarge and angry Swarm";
But I shallall their Ragé confound,

By thine Almighty-Arm.. 4 'Tis through the Lord my Heart is strong,

In Him my Lips-rejoice ; While his Salvation is my Song,

How cheerful is: my Voice
5 Like angry Bee's they girt me round; ;

When God appears they Alys
So burning Thorns, with crackling Sound,

Make a fierce Blaze and die.
6 Joy to the Saints and Peace belongs ;

The LORD protects their Days:
Let Ijrael tune immortal Songs
To his Almighty Grace.

PART II. 7. LORD, thouthalt heard thy Servant cry,

And refcuid from the Grave;
Now shah he live: (and none can die,

If GoD refolve to fave.)

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