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And while thy Mercy on our Heads
The Fulness of its Blessing sheds,
With them th' accepted Hymn to fing

To Thee, my SAVIOUŘ and my KING. 3 Too faithful Followers of our Sires,

Our Life with theirs, great God, conspires
Thy Wrath on this our Realm to call,
And teach thy Terrors here to fall ;: 1
Where foon Oblivion can efface

Each Act of thy ftupendous Grace. 4 Yet, still our FATHER, ftill our FRIEND,

To Israel's Voice, great God, attend;
That Sion with delighted Ear
The hallow'd Strains again my hear :
Thy Name the Subject of each Song,

Thy Praise the Boast of ev'ry Tongue. 5 O, thankful, hail th' Almighty LORD,

The God, by Jacob's Sons ador'd:
To Him through endless Ages raise
One Song of oft-repeated Praise :
And let consenting Nations join
To bless, with us, the Name divine.

10 GoD above from All below

Let Hymns of Praise afcend;
Whose Blessings unexhausted low,

Whofe Mercy knows no End.
2 But chief by thofe his Name be blest,
To whom his Aid He

gave ; Beheld them by the Foe oppress’d,

And reachd his Arm to fave.

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3 To East, to West, to South, to North,

Condemn'd awhile to roam ;
His Hand in Pity brought them forth,

And call'd the Wand'rers home. 4 Behold them o'er the Desert stray,

A helpless, hopeless Train :
Some City where their Steps to stay

They leek, but feek in vain.
5 Ah ! what shall cheer their fainting Mind,

Or what their Woes assuage,
To Thirst's afflictive Pain confign'd,

Or Famine's fiercest Rage ?
6 Distress’d, to God they make their Pray’r:

He guides, secures their Feet;
And, safe in his protecting Care,

They reach their destin's Seat.
7 O then that All would bless his Name,

Whofe Mercy thus they prove,
And, pleas’d, from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love.

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8 WHO o'er the Waves from Shore to Shore

The Gifts of Commerce bear, The Wonders of the Deep explore,

And own that God is there.
9 By these his Works are seen; his Ways

By these are understood ;
He speaks the Word ; the Storm obeys,

And rising lifts the Flood.

10 Now high as Heav'n the Bark afcends,

Now seeks the Depth below:
Each Heart beneath the Terror bends,

And melts with inward Woe.
11 As gorg’d with Wine, in wild Amaze

They reel from Side to Side :
Nor Hope survives, their Souls to raise,

Nor Reafon wakes to guide. 12 Distreft, to God they make their Pray'r,

Obedient to his Will,
The Storms that rag'd, their Rage forbear,

The Seas that roar'd, are still.
13 Joy now revives each anxious Mind;

They see their Labour o'er ;
Then, led by Him, their Haven find,

And touch the wish'd-for Shore.
14 O then that All would bless his Name,

Whofe Mercy thus they prove ;
And, pleas'd, from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love.

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15 GOD speaks ; and lo, a burning Waste,

Where roll’d the Floods before ;
And, touch'd by the descending Blast,

The Springs are seen no more. 16 Sad Witness of some dire Offence,

Behold the fertile Soil
No more its wonted Gifts dispense,
But mock the Tiller's Toil.


He bids; and o'er the Desert wide.

The liquid Lake is spread ::
New Springs the thirsty Earth divide,

And murm’ring lift the Head.,
18 And now they low the foodful Grain,

The tender Vine they rear ;
Now waves the Harvest o’er the Plain;

And Plenty, crowns, the Year. . 19 Anon, if, sunk with heaviest Woe,

They feel Oppression's Pow'r; Though civil Rage, or conqu’ring. Foe,

Their boasted Strength devour ; 20 His Hand affords the wish'd Release,

Collects their scatter'd Train;,
And bids them like the Flocks increase

That fill the verdant Plain.
21 His Works-attentive while.it fees,

The Heav'n-instructed Mind
Shall own how equal'hts Decrees,

His Providence how kind.


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GOD, my Heart is fully bent

To magnify thy Name My Tongue, with cheerful Songs of Praise,

Shall celebrate thy Fame. 2 Awake, my.. Lute, nor thou, my Harp,

Thy warbling Notès delay; While I, with early Hymns of Joy,

Prevent the dawning Day.

3 To all the liftning Tribes, O LORD,

Thy Wonders I will tell,
And to those Nations-fing thy Praise

That round about us dwell.
4. Because thy Mercy's boundless Height

The highest Heav'n transcends;
And far beyond th' aspiring Clouds

Thy Faithfulness extends,
5 Be Thou, O God, exalted high

Above the starry Frame;
And let the World, with one Consent,

Confess thy glorious Name.
6 That all thy chosen People Thee

Their Saviour may declare,
Let thy Right-Hand protect me ftill,

And answer Thou my Pray’r.

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PSALM CVIII. Metre ii.


Its thankful Tribute to present ;

?, And, with my Heart, my Voice I'll raise

To Thee, my God, in Songs of Praise. 2 Awake my Glory,--Harp and Lute,

No longer let your Strings be mute;
And I, my tuneful Part to take,

Will with the early Dawn awake. 3 Thy Praises, Lord, I will resound

To all the listning Nations round;
Thy. Mercy highest Heav'n transcends,
Thy Truth beyond the Clouds extends.

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