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19 Nor less thy Glories in the Deep,

Where Fish in Millions iwim and creep
With wondrous Motions, swift or flow,

Still wand'ring in the Paths below.
20 There Ships divide their wat'ry Way,

And Flocks of scaly Monfters play ;
There dwells the huge Leviathan,
And foams and sports in spite of Man.


21 VAST are thy Works, Almighty LORD!

All Nature rests upon thy Word,
And the whole Race of Creatures ftands,

Waiting their Portion from thy Hands. 22 While each receives his diff'rent Food,

Their cheerful Looks pronounce it good;
Eagles and Bears, and Whales and Worms,

Rejoice and praise in diff'rent Forms. 23 But when thy Face is hid, they mourn,

And dying, to their Dust return;
Both Man and Beast their Souls refign;

Life, Breath, and Spirit, all are Thine. 24 Yet Thou canst breathe on Duft again,

And fill the World with Beasts and Men;
A Word of thy creating Breath

Repairs the Wastes of Time and Death. 25 His Works, the Wonders of his Might,

Are honour'd with his own Delight;
How awful are his glorious Ways !
The Lord is dreadful in his Praise,

26 The Earth stands trembling at thy Stroke;

And at thy Touch the Mountains smoke
Yet humble Souls may fee thy Face,

And tell their Wants to fov'reign Grace. 27 In Thee my Hopes and Wifhes meet,

And make my Meditations sweet;
Thy Praises shall my Breath employ,

Till it expires in endless Joy,
28 While haughty Sinners die accurst,

Their Glory bury'd with their Dust,
I to my God, my heav’nly KING,
Immortal Hallelujahs sing.

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Invoke his facred Name : [LORD, Acquaint the Nations with his Deeds,

His Matchlefs Deeds proclaim. 2 Sing to his Praife in lofty Hymns,

His wondrous Works rehearse;
Make them the Theme of your Discourse,

The Subject of your Verfe.
3 Rejoice in his Almighty Name,

Alone to be ador'd ;
And let their Hearts o'erflow with Joy

Who humbly seek the LORD.
4 Seek ye the LORD, his faving Strength

Devoutly still implore ;
And where He's ever present, seek

His Face for evermore.

5 let the Works his Hands have wrought

Your Admiration move;
Think on the Judgments of his Mouth,

And Wonders of his Love.
6 His Cov'nant, which He kept in Mind

For num'rous Ages past,
To num'rous Ages yet behind

In equal Force shall last.


7 GOD fware to Abr' ham and his Seed,

And made the Blessings fure;
Gentiles the ancient Promise read,

And find his Truth endure. 8 « Thy Seed fhall make all Nations blest,

(Said the Almighty Voice) « And Canaan's Land shall be their Rest,

“ The Type of heav'nly Joys.” 9 How large the Grant! Howrich the Grace,

To give them Canaan's Land,
When they were Strangers in the Place,

A little feeble Band. 10 Like Pilgrims through the Countries round,

Securely they remoy'd ;
And haughty Kings that on them frown'd,

Severely He reprov’d.
II.“ Touch mine Anointed, and my Arm

“ Shall foon revenge the Wrong ;
« The Man that does my Prophets Harm,

« Shall know their God is strong,"

12 Then let the World forbear its Rage,

Nor put the Church in Fear
Ifrael mult live through ev'ry Age,

And be th’ Almighty's Care.



13 THUS were the Tribes from Bondage

And left the hated Ground ; [brought, Each fome Egyptian Spoils had got;

And not One feeble found.
14. The LORD himself chose out their Way,

And mark'd their Journeys right;
Gave them a leading Cloud by Day,

A fiery Guide by Night.
15 They thirst; and Waters from the Rock

In rich Abundance flow;
And following still the Course they took,

Ran all the Desert through.
16 O wondrous Stream ! O blessed Type

Of ever-flowing Grace !
So CHRIST our Rock maintains our Life

Through all this Wilderness.
Thus guarded by th' Almighty Hand,

The chosen Tribes possest
Canaan the rich, the promis'd Land,

And there enjoy'd their Rest.
18 Then let the World forbear its Rage,

The Church renounce her Fear;
Ijrael must live through ev'ry Age,

And be th’Almighty's Care.



Metre i

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The Fountain of eternal Love,
Whose Mercy firm through Ages past

Has stood, and shall for ever last.
2 Who can his mighty Deeds express,

Not only vast, but numberless
What mortal Eloquence can raise

His Tribute of immortal Praise ? 3 Happy are they, and only they,

Who from thy Judgments never stray,
Who know what's right, not only so,

But always practise what they know. 4 Extend to me that Favour, LORD,

Thou to thy Chofen doft afford;
When Thou return'st to set them free,

Let thy Salvation visit me.
50! may I worthy prove to see

Thy Saints in full Prosperity!
That I the joyful Choir may join,
And count thy People's Triumph mine.
PSA L M CVI. Metre ii.
ET Songs of Joy to God ascend,

Whofe Love no Limit knows nor But O, what Tongue in equal Lay [End; His Acts can speak, his Praise display? Thrice happy who with fteadfast Will

The Dictates of his Law fulfil ! 2 O grant me, with thy Flock, to prove

The Pow'r of thy redeeming Love ;


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