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4 The weeping Orphan's Cheek to dry,

The guiltless Suff'rer's Cause to try;
To rein each earth-born Tyrant's Will,
And bid the Sons of Pride be ftill.


Refuge is the God of Love ;

Why do my Foes insult and cry “ Fly like a tim'rous trembling Dove;

« To distant Woods or Mountains fly? 2 If Government be all destroy'd,

(That firm Foundation of our Peace) and Violence make Justice void,

Where shall the Righteous seek Redress ? 3

The Lord in Heav'n has fix'd his Throne;
His Eyes furvey the World below :
To him all mortal Things are known;

His Eyelids search our Spirits through. 4 If He afflicts his Saints fo far,

To prove their Love, and try their Grace, What may the bold Tranfgreffors fear?

His very Soul abhors their Ways. 5 The righteous LORD loves righteous Souls,

Whose Thoughts and Actions are sincere ;
And with a gracious Eye beholds
The Men that his own Image bear.



Whose Acts conform to thy Decree;
New Arts of Fraud each Heart has known,
And speaks a Language not its own;
But God with Vengeance arm'd shall rise,
And scourge the Tongues of Pride and Lies.

2 « Enough (th' eternal Sire has cry'd)

“Enough my fuff'ring Saints have figh’d, « To Me disclos'd their ceaseless Fear, “And pour'd their Sorrows in mine Ear: “My Hand shall fee their Wrongs redreft,

“ And sooth to Peace the troubled Breaft.”. 3 Pure are thy Words, Almighty Lord,

As Silver oft by Fire explor'd:
Thy Love each faithful Heart shall share,
And joy in thy protecting Care [pread,
Unmov’d ;-tho’ Wrongs the Earth o'er-
And Vice triumphant lifts it Head.

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TOW long wilt thou conceal thy Face ?

My God, how long delay? When thall I feel those heav'nly Rays

That chase my Fears away?
2 How long shall my poor lab'ring Soul

Wrestle and toil in vain ?
Thy Word can all my Foes control,

And ease my raging Pain.
3 See how the Prince of Darkness tries

All his malicious Arts,
He spreads a Mift around my Eyes,

And throws his fiery Darts.
4 Be Thou my Sun, be Thou my Shield,

My Soul in Safety keep';
Make hafte before mine Eyes are sealed

In Death's eternal Sleep.

5 Since I have always plac'd my Trust

Beneath thy Mercy's Wing,
Thy saving Health will come, and then

My Heart with Joy fhall spring.
6 Thou wilt display that sov’reign Grace

Where all my Hopes have hung ;
I shall employ my Lips in Praise,
And Viet'ry shall be sung.

EHOLD the Fool, whose Heart denies


While, fearless, Sin's worst Paths he treads,

Mark how the dire Example spreads ! 2 Th’ETERNAL MONARCH from on High

Caft on the Sons of Earth his Eye,
If haply fome He yet might see

From Error's baleful infuence free. 3 Whose Lives an impious Age might shame,

Who fought his Love, and own’d his Name; Who'midft infectious Times have stood

Unstain'd, and obstinately good. 4 He look’d:--but ah! not one could find

To Virtue's Heav'n-taught Rules inclin'd: Each led from Wisdom's Path astray,

Pursues the Tenour of his Way.
5 Who, mightiest Lorr, to Israel's Eyes

Shall bid the wish'd Salvation rife,
From Sion's Hill its healing Ray
Extend, -and round us pour the Day?

6 When Thou (thy Pow'r the Work demands)

Shall back recall our captive Bands, [Fraine,
Our ceaseless. Shouts, thro' Heav'n's wide
Shall ransom’d Israel's Joy proclaim.

PSALM XV. 'LORD, who is the

happy Man that may Not Stranger like, to visit them,

But to inhabit there?
2 The Man who walks in pious Ways,

And works with righteous Hands;
Who trusts his Maker's Promises,

And follows his Commands.
3 He speaks the Meaning of his Heart,

Nor flanders' with his Tongue ;
Will scarce believe an ill Report,

Nor do his Neighbour wrong.
4 Who Vice, in all its Pomp and Pow'r,

Can treat with just Neglect;
And Piety, though cloth'd in Rags,

Religiously respect.
5 Who on his plighted Vows and Trust

Has ever firmly stood ;
And though he promise to his Loss,

He makes his Promise good.
6 Whose Hands disdain a golden Bribe,

And never gripe the Poor;
This Man, when Earth's Foundation shakes,

Shall stand with God secure,

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Reserve me, LORD, in Time of Need,

For Succour to thy Throne I fee;
But have no Merits there to plead;

My Goodness cannot reach to Thee.
2 Oft have any Heart and Tongue confest

How empty and how poor I am;
My Praise can never make Thee blest,

Nor add new Glories to thy Name.
3 Yet, LORD, thy Saints on Earth may reap

Some Profit by the Good I do;
These are the Company I keep,

These are the choicest Friends I know. 4

Let others choose the Sons of Mirth,
To give a relish to their Wine;
I love the Men of heav'nly Birth,
Whose Thoughts and Language are divine.

5 HOW fast their Guilt and Sorrows rise,

Who haste to seek fome Idol-God!
I will not taste their Sacrifice,

Their Off rings of forbidden Blood, 6 My God provides a richer Cup,

And nobler Food to live upon:
He for my Life has offerd up

Jesus his best beloved Son.
7 His Love is my perpetual Feast;

By Day his Counsels guide me right :
And be his Name for ever bleft,
Who gives me sweet Advice by Night.

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