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7 Let thy Almighty Work appear,

With Pow'r and Evidence divine;
And may the Bliss thy Servants share,

Continued to their Children fine. 8 Thy glorious Image fair imprest,

Let all our Hearts and Lives declare ;
Beneath thy kind Protection bleft,
May all our Labours own thy Care.


Metre i.

I OW bleft the Man, how safe from

Who to his SAVIOur flies! [Harm, And on his Truth and mighty Arm

Alone for Help relies ! 2 He from the Fowler's fecret Snare

Thy trembling Feet shall guide ; And shield from Plagues that walk the Air

With Death's gigantic Stride. 3. His overspreading Wings of Love

Shall sure Protection yield; While his eternal Truth shall prove

Thine adamantine Shield. 4 What though strange Terrors fill the Night?

Death's Shafts obscure the Day?
He, thy Salvation's Strength and Light,

Shall chafe each Fear away. 5 What though fierce Plagues, through horrid

With wild Destruction reign? (Gloom, Though Thousands round Thee crowd the Ten Thousand press the Plain? [Tomb,

6 Thine Eyes shall see his vengeful Rod,

And not one Fear inoleft;
In the high Friendship of thy GOD

Supremely safe and blest.


7 YE Sons of Men, a feeble Race,

Expos'd to ev'ry Snare, [place, Come, make the LORD your Dwelling

And try, and trust his Care. 8 No III shall enter where


Or if the Plague come nigh,
And fweep the Wicked down to Hell,

'Twill raise the Saints on high.
9 He'll give his Angels Charge to keep

Your Feet in all their Ways ;
To watch your Pillow while you Sleep,

And guard your happy Days. 10 Their Hands shall bear you left you fall

And dash against the Stones :
Are they not Servants at his Call,

And sent t'attend his Sons ? 11 Adders and Lions


shall tread;
The Tempter's Wiles defeat;
He that hath broke the Serpent's Head,

Puts him beneath your Feet.
« Because on Me they set their Love,

“I'll save them, (faith the LORD)
w I'll bear their joyful Souls above

“Destruction, and the Sword.


13 « My Grace shall answer when they call;

« In Trouble I'll be nigh :
« My Pow'r shall help them when they fall,

« And raise them when they die.
14 « Those that on Earth my Name have

“ I'll honour them in Heav'n; [known, « There


Salvation shall be shown, " And endless Life be giv’n.”

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E that hath made his Refuge God,

Shall find a most secure Abode Shall walk all Day beneath his Shade,

And there at Night shall rest his Head. 2 Then will I say, “ My God, thy Pow'r

" Shall be my Fortress and my Tow'r; “ I, that am forri'd of feeble Dust,

“ Make thine Almighty Arm my Trust.” 3 Thrice happy Man! Thy Maker's Care

Shall keep thee from the Fowler's Snarc,
Satan the Fowler, who betrays

Unguarded Souls a thousand Ways. 4. Just as a Hen protects her Brood'

From Birds of Prey that seek their Blood
Under her Feathers; fo the Lord

Makes his own Arm his People's Guard. 5 If burning Beams of Noon conspire

To dart a pestilential Fire,
God is their Life, his Wings are spread
To fhield them with an healthful Shade,

6 If Vapours with malignant Breath

Rise thick, and scatter Midnight-Death,
Israel is safe :-The poison'd


pure, if Ifrael's God be there.

PART II. 7 THOUGH Thousands by thy Side are slain,

And Myriads round Thee press the Plain,
No Dart shall thy Destruction dare,

Nor wound whom God has bid to spare. 8 And since thy Heart (to God resign'd)

In Him its Refuge boasts to find;
No Dangers fhall thy Path await,

Nor enter thy protected Gate. 9 While round thee plac'd, th’Angelic-Train

Thy Steps with tend'rest Care sustain,
Safé fhalt thou walk through Ways un-

Norstrike thy Footagainst a Stone. [known, 10 Go, fearless on the Dragon tread,

And press the proftrate Lion's Head :
Go, crush the Serpent, though his Veins

Lodge half the Poison of the Plains. 11 Thus faith the LORD, « Thy filial Love

“I mark, and all thy Acts approve :
« For this thy Head aloft I'll rear,

« Bow to thy Fray'r my willing Ear. 12 « Thy Fears avert, thy Griefs attend, “(Thy God; thy GUARDIAN, and thy

FRIEND) " Thy Years prolong; and to thy Heart «. My health-dispensing Grace impart.


PSA L M XCII. Metre i.
I THOU who art enthron'd above,

Thou by whom we live and move ;
O how sweet with joyful Tongue
To resound thy Praise in Song !
When the Morning paints the Skics,
When the sparkling Stars arise,
All thy Favours to rehearse,

And give Thanks in grateful Verse.
2 Sweet the Day of sacred Rest,

When Devotion fills the Breast;
When we dwell within thy House,
Hear thy Word, and pay our Vows :-
Notes to Heav'n's high Manfion raife,
Fill its Courts with joyful Praise ;
Let repeated Hymns proclaim
Great JEHOVAH's awful Name.

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3. From thy Works our Joys arises,

O Thou only good and wise !
Who thy Wonders can declare?
How profound thy Counfels are !
Warm our Hearts with sacred Fire,
Grateful Fervours still inspire ;
All our Pow'rs, with all their Mights,
Ever in thy Praise unite.

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Metre ii.

To praise thy Name, give Thanks and To thew thiy Love lyy Morning-Lighty [ling;. And talk of all thy Truth at Night.

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