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7 How terrible thy Glories be!

How bright thine Armies shine!;
Where is the Pow'r that vies with Thee ?

Or Truth compar'd to Thine!
8 The Northern Pole and Southern rest

On thy-supporting Hand ;
Darkness and Day froin East to Wef

Move round at thy Command.
9 Thy Words the raging Wind control,

And rule the boilt'rous Deep;
Thou mak'st the sleeping Billows roll,

The rolling Billows seep.
10 Heav'n, Earth, and Air, and Sea are thine,

And the dark World of Hell ;,
How did thinę Arm in Vengeance shine,

When Egypt durft rebel!
ni Justice and Judgment are thy Throne,

Yet wondrous is thy Grace;
While Truth and Mercy join'd in one

Invite us near thy Face.

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12 BLEST are the Souls that hear and know

The Gospel's joyful Sound;
Peace shall attend the Paths they go,

And Light their Steps surround. 13 Their Joy shall bear their Spirits up

Through their R&DEEMER's Name ;
His Righteousness exalts their Hope,

Nor Satan dares condemn.

14 The Lord, our Glory and Defence,

Strength and Salvation gives : .Ifrael, thy KING for ever reigns, Thy God for ever lives.

PART IV. 15 HEAR what the LORD in Vision said,

And made his Mercy known:
« Sinners, behold your Help is laid

“On my Almighty So». 16 “ High fhall He reign on David's Throne,

« My People's better KING;
“My Arm fhall beat his Rivals down,

« And Hill new Subjects bring. 17 « My Truth shall guide Him in his Way,

«With Mercy by his Şide; “ While in my Name, thro' Earth and Sea,

“He shall in Triumph ride. 18 “My first-born Son, array'd in Grace,

“'At my Right-Hand shall fit; « Beneath Him Angels know their Place,

“And Monarchs at his Feet. 19 “My Cov’nant stands for ever fast;

" My Promifes are strong: aft, • Firm as the Heay'ns his Throne Thall “ His Seed endure as long."

PART V. 20 « YET (faith the LORD) if David's Race,

« The Children of my Son, “ Should break my Laws, abufe my Grace,

“ And tempt mine Anger down ;

21 “ Their Sins I'd våfit with the Rod,

“And make their Folly smart;
“ But I'll not cease to be their God,

“ Nor from my Truth depart.
22 “ My Coy'nant I will ne'er revoke,

But keep my Grace in Mind:
« And what eternal Love hath spoke,

« Eternal Truth shall bind.
« Once have I sworn (I need no more),

“ And pledg’d my Holiness
« To seal the sacred Promise fure

($(To David and his Race.
24 « The Sun shall see, his Offspring rise,

“And spread from Sea to Sea,
« Long as he travels round the Skies,

“ To give the Nations Day1
25 “Sure as the Moon that rules the Night

i« His Kingdom shall endure ;
« Till the fix'd Laws of Shade and Light
« Shall be observ'd no more.

26 THINK, mighty God, on feeble Man!
How few his Hours! how fhort his Span!

Short from the Cradle to the Grayé :
Who can secure his vital Breath
Against the bold Demands of Death?

With Skill to fly, or Pow'r to save ?
27 LORD, shall it be for ever said,
« The Race of Man was only made

“ For Sickness, Sorrow, and the Duft ?”


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Are not thy Servants Day by Day 1
Sent to their Graves and turn'di to Clay?
LORD, where's thy Kindness to the Just?

28 Hast thou not promis'd to thy Son,

And all his Seed, a heáinly Crown?

But Flesh and Sense indulge Despair :
For ever blessed be the LORD! ;
That Faith canlread his holy Word,

And find a Resurrection there.
PMI Caban!

ever bleffèd be the LORD!!!:))
Who gives his Saints a rich Reward

For all their Toil, Reproach, and Pain;
Let All below, and All above,
Join to proclaim thy wondrous Love,

And each repeat'a loud Amen.

Y grateful Tongue, immortal King,

Thy Mercy shall for ever fing;
My Verse to Time's remotest Day
Thy Truth in facred Notes display:
o Thou, with endlefs Glory crown'd, —
With Faithfulness invested round,
The North and South aflume their Place;
While Tabor's Brow, with Ev’ning red,
And Eastern Hermon's unfhorn Head,
Wide through their echoing Groves thy

In Songs of grateful Joy proclaim. [Name 3 Strong is thine Arm i thy steadfast Will

Thy Hands with, sure Effect fulfil;

While Justice, 'mid th' ethereal Plain,
And Equity thy Throne sustain,
And white-rob'd Truth and Mercy fair

Thy Steps precede, thy Path prepare. 4 O Blest, who know that sacred Sound

Which spreads the joyful Tidings round,
And speaks a Jubilee begun,
Which through eternal Years fhall run! -
Around their Steps thy Light shall shine,

And ev'ry Beam declare then thine. 5

How shall they joy from Day to Day,
Thy boundless Mercy to display ;
Thy Righteousness, indulgent LORD,
With holy Confidence record;
Thy Strength their surest Refuge deem,
Thy Grace their Dignity supreme !

6 FOR ever shall my Song record

The Truth and Mercy of the LORD:
Mercy and Truth for ever stand

Like Heav'n establish'd by his Hand. 7 Thus to his Son He sware and said,

« With Thee my Cov'nant first is made; « In Thee shall dying Sinners live;

“ Glory and Grace are Thine to give. 8 « Be Thou my PROPHET, Thoumy Priest;

“ 'Thy Children shall be ever bleft; “.Thou art my chosen King: Thy Throne “ Shall stand eternal like my own.

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