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3 The Sparrow choofes where to reft,

And for her Young provides a Neit;
But will my God to Sparrows grant

That Pleasure which his Children want? 4

Bleft the Saints who sit on high,
Around thy Throne of Majesty;
Thy brightest Glories fhine above,

And all their Work is Praise and Love, 5 Blest are the Souls that find a Place

Within the Temple of thy Grace ;
There they behold thy gentler Rays,

And seek thy Face, and learn thy Praise. 6 Bleft are the Men whose Hearts are set

To find the Way to Zion's Gate ; [Road
God is their Strength; and through the

They lean upon their Helper GOD.
7 Cheerful they walk with growing Strength,

Till All fhall meet in Heav'n at length,
Till All before thy Face appear,
And join in nobler Wonhip there.

8 GREAT God, attend while Zion sings

The Joy that from thy Presence springs :
To spend one Day, with Thee on Earth,

Exceeds a Thousand Days of Mirth. 9 Might I enjoy the meanest Place

Within thy House, O God of Grace,
Not Tents of Eases, nor Thrones' of Pow'r,
Should tempt my Feet to leave thy Door.

10 God is our Sun, he makes our Day ;

God is our Shield, he guards our Way
From all th’ Assaults of Hell and Sin,
From Foes without and Foes within.

11 All needful Grace will God bestow,

And crown that Grace with Glory too:
He gives us all Things, and withholds
No real Good from upright Souls.

12 O God, our King, whose sov'reign Sway

The glorious Hofts of Heav'n obey,
And Devils at thy Presence flee;
Blest is the Man that trusts in Thee.

PS A L M LXXXIV. · Metre iii.

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How pleasant and how fair
The Dwellings of thy Love,
Thy earthly Temples are !

To thine Abode
My Heart aspires,
With warm Desires
To see

my God.

2 The Sparrow for her Young,

With Pleafure, seeks a Neft;
And wand'ring Swallows long
To find their wonted Rest :

My Spirit faints
With equal Zeal,
To rise.and dwell
Among thy Saints.


O happy Souls that pray
Where God appoints to hear !
O happy Men that pay
Their constant Service there! Ietini

They praise Thee ftill ;
And happy they love
That love the Ways
To Zion's Hill !

4 They go from Strength to Strength,

Through this dark Vale of Tears,
Till each arrives at length, ?!
Till each in Heav'n appears:

O glorious Seat,
; When God our Kings

2: Shall thither bring 1997
Our willing Feet!!!'

PART II. 5 TO spend one facred Day

Where God and Saints abide,
Affords diviner Joy
Than Thousand Days beside.

Where God resorts
I love it more
To keep the Door

Than shine in Courts. 6 God is our Sun and Shield,

Our Light and our Defence';
With Gifts his Hands are fillid,
We draw our Blessings thence :

He shall bestow
On Jacob's Race
Peculiar Grace
And Glory too.


The LORD his People loves ;
His Hand no Good withholds
From those his Heart approves,
From pure and pious Souls

Thrice happy he,
O God of Hofts;
Whose Spirit trufts
Alone in THÉE.



PSA L M LXXXIV. Metre iv.

TO W sweet thy Dwellings, LORD, how

What Peace, what Bliss, inhabit there!
With ardent Hope, with strong Desire,
My Heart, my Flesh, to Thee aspire ;
I burn to tread thy Courts--and Thee,

My God, the living God, to see.
2 ETERNAL KING, around thy Dome

The Sparrow finds her peaceful Home ;
With her the Dove, a licens'd Guest,
Affiduous tends her Infant-Nest,
And to thine Altar's fure Defence

Commits th' unfeather'd'Innocence.
3 Bleft who, like these, from Day to Day

Within thy House permitted ftay;
Bleft who (their Strength on Thee reclin'd)
Thy Seat explore with conftant Mind;
Whose joyous Tongue thy Mercies raise

To Hymns of Gratitude and Praise. 4 One Day if in thy House I dwell,

That Day a Thousand shall excel :
Amidst thy meaneft Saints to wait,
And guard th' Approaches of thy Gate,

Be this far happier Station mine, [Thine.

Than Courts where Crimes in Splendour 5 Thou, LORD, art Ifrael's Sun and Shield; Thy Love shall Grace and

Glory yield,
Nor e'er permit the pious Train
Thy Gifts to ask, and ask in vain ;
Blest who, in Confidence of Pray’r,
To Thee, great God, resign their Care.



HY gracious Favour, Lord, display,

Which we have long implor'd; And for thy.wondrous Mercy's Sake, i

Thy wonted Aid afford.
2 God's Answer patiently I'll wait,

For He with glad Success,
(If they no more to Folly turn)

His mourning Saints will bless. 3 To all that fear his holy Name,

His great Salvation's near ;
That rich Displays of glorious Grace

May in our Land appear.
4 For Merey now with Truth is join'd ;

And Righteousness with Peace,
Like kind Companions abfent long,
With friendly Arms embrace.

[Heav'n 5 Truth from the Earth fhall fpring, while

Shall Streams of Justice pour;
And God, from whom all Goodnefs flows,

Shall endlefs Plenty show'r,

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