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10 Fair BRANCH, ordain'd of old to shoot

From Dauid's Stock, from Jacob's Root ;
Himself a noble Vine, and we

The lesser Branches of the Tree :
IT 'Tis thy own Son, and He shall ftand,

Girt with thy Strength, at thy Right-Hand;
Thy first-born Son, adorn's and blest

With Pow'r and Grace above the rest. 12 O! for his Sake attend our Cry,

Shine on thy Churches, left they die ;
Turn us to Thee, thy Love restore:
We shall be fay’d, and sigh no more.

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ING to the Lord aloud,

And make a joyful Noise:
God is our Strength, our SAVIOUR GOD;

Let Israel her bis Voice. 2 << From vile Idolatry

“ Preferve my Worfhip clean;
" I am the LORD who set thee free

“ From Slavery and Sin. 3

« Stretch thy Defires abroad,

“And I'll fupply them well;
« But if you will refuse your Gon,

If Israel will rebel ; 4

“I'll leave them, faith the LORD,

" To their own Lufts a Prey,
« And let them run the dangerous Road;

« 'Tis their own chofen Way.



5 « Yet, O! that all my Saints
« Would hearken to my

« Soon I would ease their fore Complaints,

« And bid their Hearts rejoice. 6

« While I destroy thcir Foes,

“I'd richly feed my Flock; “ And they should taste the Stream that flows « From their eternal Rock.”

PSA L M LXXXII. MONG th”. Assemblies of the Great,

A greater Ruler takes bis Seat;
The God of Heav'n, as Judge, furveys
Those Gods on Earth, and all their Ways.
2 Why will ye then frame wicked Laws ?

Or why fupport th' unrighteous Cause?
When will ye once defend the Poor,

That Sinners vex the Saints no more? 3 They know not, LORD, nor will they know;

Dark are the ways in which they go ;
Their Name of earthly Gods is vain,
For they shall fall and die like Men.

2 4 Arise, O LORD, and let thy Son

Posless his: universal Throne,
And rule the Nations with his Rod :
He is our JUDGE, and He our God.



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No longer let thy pow'rful Hand
Withhold its oft-requested Aid,
While thus thy Focs our Peace invade.

2 Behold them, LORD, their Arts employ,

The Heav'n-rais'd People to destroy,
The Souls, whom, with thy Favour crown'd,

Thy secret Presence wraps around. 3 Their Leagues, their Plans, with frantic Aim,

Against Omnipotence they frame;
And, fir'd to Rage, with fierce Alarms

The headlong Nations rush to Arms. 4 Swift as the fiery Deluge strays,

And wraps the Forests in its Blaze,
Or, furious, onward as it pours,

The Mountain's shaggy Waste devours. 5 Let wild Confufion clothe their Cheek,

And teach them, LORD, thy Name to seek,
While Ruin, Death, and Shame, they fee

To each ordaind that errs from Thee.. 6 “ JEHOVAH, shall the Rebels cry,

“ JEHOVAH only reigns on high,
« And, o'er the Earth from Day to Day
“ Aflerts his everlasting Sway."

PSA L M LXXXIV. ,Metre i.

GOD of Hosts, the mighty LORD,

How lovely is the Place
Where Thou, enthron'd in Glory, shew'st

The Brightness of thy Face !
2 My longing Soul faints with Desire

to view thy bleft Abode;
My panting Heart and Flesh cry out

For Thee the living God. 33

3 The Birds a peaceful Home secure,

And, joyful, tend their Neft ;-
Thine Altars yield my Soul her Joy,,

Thy Courts, her sweetest Relt.!". 4 O LORD of Hofts, my King and God,

How highly blest are they
Who in thy Temple always dwell,

And there thy Praise display! 5 Thrice happy they whose Choice has Thee

Their sure Protection made ;
Who long to tread the facred Ways

That to thy Dwelling lead.
6 As through the dreary Vále they pass

Of Vanity and Tears;
Grace pours its plenteous Streams, and

The thirsty Defert cheers. [thence 7 Thus they proceed from Strength to

And still approach more near; [Strength,
Till All on Zion's holy Mount
Before their God appear..


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8 O LORD, the mighty God of Hosts,

My Supplication hear ;
Thou God of Jacob, to my Voice

Incline thy gracious Ear.
9 Behold, O God, our Shield, the Face

Of thine anointed Son:
We from our Impotence and Guilt

To Him for Refuge run.

10 To dwell one Day within thy Courts,

My God, my gracious King,
T'implore thy Love, to learn thy Will,

And thy Salvation sing.
11 Far, far in my Efteem exceeds

A Thousand Days befide,
That in the Height of carnal Joys

Uninterrupted glide.
12 Rather at Zion's facred Gates

Would I a Servant wait,
Than in the Tents of Sin reside,

Or fill a Throne of State.
13 For God, who is our Sun and Shield,

Will Grace and Glory give;
And no good Thing will He withhold

From them that juftly live. 14 Thou God, whom heav'nly Hofts obey,

How highly bleft is he,
Whosë Hope and Trust, fecurely plac'd,

Is still repos'd on Thee!


PSA L M LXXXIV. Metre ii.

pleafant, how divinely fair,

OLORD OF Hosts, thy Dwellings are! With long Defore my Spirit' faints

To meet th' Affemblies of thy Saints. 2 My Flesh would rest in thine Abode ;

My panting Heart cries out for God;
My God! my KING! why should I be
So far from all my Joys and Thee ?

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