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ET Children hear the mighty Deeds
Which God perform’d of old;

our younger Years'we law,
And which our Fathers told

2 He bids us make his Glories known;

His Works of Pow'r and Grace ;
And we'll convey his Wonders down

:! Through ev'ry rising Race.,
3 Our Lips shall tell them to our Sons,

And they again to theirs ;
That Generations yet unborn

May teach them to their Heirs.
Thus fhall they learn in God alone

Their Hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget his Works,
But practise his Commands.

5 O WHAT a stiff rebellious House

Was Jacob's ancient Race!
False to their own most solemn Vows,

And to their Maker's Grace.
6 They broke the Covnant of his Love,

And did his Laws despise,
Forgot the Works He wrought to prove

His. Pow'r before their Eyes.
7 They saw the Plagues on Egypt light

From his revenging Hand:
What dreadful Tokens of his Might
Spread o'er the stubborn Land.

8 They saw Him cleave the mighty Sea,

And march'd with Safety through, With wat'ry Walls to guard their Way,

Till they had 'scap'd their Foe.
9 A wondrous Pillar mark'd the Road,

Compos’d of Shade and Light;
By Day it prov'd a shelt'ring Cloud,

A leading Fire by Night.
10 He from the Rock their Thirft fupply'd ;

The gushing Waters fell,
And ran in Rivers by their Side,

A conftant Miracle.
11 Yet they provok'd the LORD most High,

And dar'd distrust his Hand :-
€ Can He with Bread our Hoft supply

« Amidtt this Desert Land ?
The LORD with Indignation heard,

And caus’d his Wrath to flame;
His Terrors ever fand prepar'd

To vindicate his Name.

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13 WHEN Israel fins the LORD reproves,

And fills their Hearts with Dread;
Yet He forgives the Men He loves,

And sends them Heay’nly Bread.
He fed them with a lib'ral Hand,

And made his Treasures known;
He gave the Midnight-Clouds Command
pour Provision down.

15 The Manna, like a Morning-Show'r,

Lay thick around their Feet;
The Corn of Heav'n fo light, fo pure,

As though 't were Angel's Meat. 16 But they in murm’ring Language faid,

« Manna is all our Feast :
u We loath this light, this airy Bread;

« We must have Flesh to taste." 17 « Ye shall have Flesh to please your Luft,”

The LORD in Wrath replied ;
And fent them Quails, like Sand or Duft,

Heap'd up from Side to Side.
# 18 He gave them all their own Desire

And greedy as they fed,
His Vengeance burnt with secret Fire,

And fmote the Rebel dead. 19 When some were Nain, the rest

return’d, And sought the LORD with Tears ; Under the Rod they fear'd and mourn’d,

But foon forgot their Fears.
20 Oft He chastis'd, and still forgave,

Till, by his gracious Hand,
The Nation He resoly'd to save

Poffefs'd the promis'd Land. ;



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ISRAEL's Father and his God!

The Heather Pow'rs thy lov'd Abode Rapacious feize ;--see ev'ry Foe

Reproach and fierce Derifion throw.

2 See, LORD, and say how long thine Ire

Shall blaze with unextinguish'd Fire ?
How long thy Flock are doom'd to prove
The fad Sufpension of thy Love?
Bleft SAVIOUR ! let thy Pow'r divine
Conspicuous in our Rescue Thine,
And (Ifrael's Trespass purg'd away)

Thy boundless Clemency display.
4. Say, why should the reproaching Foe

His Triumphs build on Israel's Woe,
And ask, while thus thy Scourge we bear,
« Where's now your God, ye Outcasts,

-5 O hear the wretched Captive's Groan ;

The Souls whom Death has mark'd his own;
Haste, LORD, while helpless thus we grieve,

Thy long-loft People to relieve !
6 So shall the Flock acknowledg’d Thine

To Thee in grateful Praises join,
And, long as Ifrael boasts a Name,
From Sire to Son transmit thy Fame.

REAT SHEPHERD of thine Ifrael,

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And ledst the Tribes, thy chosen Sheep,

Safe through the Desert and the Deep. 2 Thy Church is in the Desert now :

Shine from on high and guide us through;
Turn us to Thee, thy Love restore,
We shall be fay'd, and ligh no more.

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3 Great God, whom heav'nly Hosts obey,

How long shall we lament and pray,
And wait in vain thy kind Returns

How long shall thy fierce Anger burn?" 4. Instead of Wine and cheerful Bread,

Thy Saints with their own Tears are fed ;
Turn us to Thee, thy Love restore :
We shall be fav’d, and sigh no more.

PART II: !11!' 5 HAST Thou not planted with thy Hands

A lovely Vine in Heathen Lands?
Did not thy Pow'r defend it round,

And heav'nly Dews enrich the Ground? 16 How did the spreading Branches shoot,

And bless the Nations with the Fruit !
But now, dear LORD, look down and fee

Thy mourning Vine, that lovely Tree.' 7 Why is its Beauty thus defac'd?!..

Why halt thou laid her Fences waste?
Strangers and Foes against her join,

And ev'ry Beast devours thy Vine. 8 Return, Almighty God, return;

Nor let thy bleeding Vineyard mourn :
Turn us to Thee, thy Love restore ::
We shall be fav’d, and figh no more.

PART III. 9 LORD, when this Vine-in Canaan grew,

Thou wast its Strength and Glory too!
Attack'd in vain by all its Foes, 777,
Till the fair. Branch of Promise rose.

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