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5 Thy Stroke the Rock's dark Entrails clave;

Forth from its Depth the foaming Wave
Sprang instant-and with lengthen's Train
Irriguous lav'd the thirsty Plain.


6 BY Thee prepar'd, the Night and Day

Alternate walk th' ethereal Way;
Thy Art'the Light's thin Texture spun, L

And with it cloth'd the radiants un.
7 Thy Hand the Earth’s vast Fabric rounds,

Its Balance fixes, marks its Bounds;
With Summer's Show'rs its Glebe unbinds,
Or wraps it with the wint'ry Winds.

:11 8' PARENT of Nature ! God fupreme !

While Folly's Sons thy Acts blafpheme,
O vindicate thy Name from Wrong,
And silence the reproachful Tongue.
9 Let not the Fangs of cruel Pow'r

Thy' trembling Turtle's Life devour, ".. Nor dark Oblivion's Shade, our Pain

For ever from thy Thought detain. io O give the Flock that bears thy Name, :: Thy fed'ral Mercy yet to claim:

Behold within each cavern'd Cell,

Fraud, Violence, and Rapine dwell! 11 Behold! and let th' afflicted Poor,

(From Terror and from Shame secure) With grateful Heart, and joyous Tongue, . Wake to thy Praise the hallow'd Song.

HY Name, immortal God, thy Name

Our Love and highest Praise shall
Whose Acts atteft Thee ever near, [claim ;

And plant within our Hearts thy Fear. 2 “ Lift not the Horn, ye Sons of Pride,

(The LORD, with fierce Rebuke, hath cry'd) Is Lift not the Horn !-- nor thus in vain;

“With stubborn Neck, my Name profane.” 3 That God, whose Word the Heav'ns out

spread, The regal Crown from Head to Head Transfers :-Wealth, Honour, Pow'r, his

At Will shall grant, at Will resume. [Doom 4 His Hand the full-charg'd Cup prefents,

While red with Wrath its Wine ferments,
Whose Mixture Earth's rebellious Train

Low to its utmost Dregs shall drain. 5 But I, with facred Transport fillid,

To Jacob's God my Praise will yield;
Through Life's continualRound,myTongue
Shall wake to Him its thankful Song.

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OD's Glories Salem's Temple fill,

And rest on Sion's sacred Hill:
There broke his Hand the Sword and Shield,
And cast them useless on the Field;
There snapp'd the Arrows wing’d with Fire,
And bade the raging War expire.

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2 O cloth'd with Majesty divine !

O say, what Strength shall equal thine !
Not such the Mountain's Boast, whose Seat
To Rapine's Sons a safe Retreat
Presents-and, neighb'ring to the Sky,

With awful Wonder strike the Eye. 3 At thy Rebuke o Jacob's God,

The Steed, whose Hoofs in hoftile Blood
Were dipt,--the Car that o'er the Plain
Rush'd headlong on, nor heard the Rein,
With Horror struck, confess Thee nigh,
And wrapt in Iron-Slumber lie.

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Earth heard when God the Judgment gave,
And rose his injur'd Saints to save ;
In silent Dread beheld his Look,
And instant to her Centre shook :-
Thou, Thou alone, our Fear fhalt claim,
Ye Nations bow, and own his Name !

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5 Him ferve and fear, and duteous bring

Your Presents to the heav'nly KING ;
That KING, whose Sword, in Wrath apply'd,
Lops in mid Growth the Tyrant's Pride,
And, threatful, bids each earthly Throne
His mightier Sway submissive own.

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To fought his gracious Ear,

TO God I cry'd with mournful Voice,

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In the sad Day when Troubles rose,

And fill'd the Night with Fear.

2 My overwhelming Sorrows grew

Till I could speak no more ;
Then I within myself withdrew,

And call'd thy Judgments o’er.
3 I call'd back Years and ancient Times

When I beheld thy Face;
My Spirit search'd for secret Crimes

That might withhold thy Grace.ru
I call'd thy Mercies to my Mind,

Which I enjoy'd before ;
And will the LORD no more be kind ?

His Face appear no more? "5 Will He for ever caft me off ?

His Promise ever fail ?
Has He forgot his tender Love?

Shall Anger still prevail ?-
6 But I forbid this hopeless Thought,

This dark, despairing Frame, Rememb’ring what thy Hand hath wrought;

Thy Hand is still the fame.
in I'll think again of all thy Ways,

And talk thy Wonders o'er;
Thy Wonders of recoy'ring Grace,

When Flesh could hope no more. 8 Grace dwells with Justice on the Throne ;

And Men that love thy Word
Have in thy Sanctuary known

The Counsels of the LORD.

PART II. 9 MAKER of All! At thy Command

Revers'd the Laws of Nature ftand;
Stupendous Scenes thy Acts afford,

And bid the Nations know their LORD. 10 Let Jacob and let Jofeph fay

How. Itrong thine Armi to chase away
Each Woe that waits thy People near,
Each Danger thât exeites their Fear.
The Deeps beheld, Thee, heav'nly KING!
The Deeps beheld Thee, and each Spring
That rose from out its fandy Bed,
Tumultuous own'd the fudden Dread.

12 Incessant from the bursting Cloud:

Down stream'd the bidden Rain ;-aloud
Peal'd the big Thunder ;-through the Sky

Thy flaming Shafts were feen to fly. 13 And, as thy Voice around the Pole

In awful Threats was heard to roll, [Head
Earth trembling groan'd, while o'er her

Its livid Sheet the Lightning spread. 14 Wide yawn'd the Flood from Shore to

And op'd a Path unknown before, [Shore,
While Israel's Guardian and his God

With trackless Step its Channel trod. 15 As Sheep to distant Pastures led,

Secure thy People march?d, convey'd
By Moses and by Aaron's Hand,
To promis’d Canaan's happy Lands

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