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PSA L M LXXII. Metre ii.
REAT GOD, whose universal Sway

The knownand unknown Worlds obey, Now give the Kingdom to thy SON; Extend his Pow'r, exalt his Throne. 2 Thy Sceptre well becomes his Hands; į All Heav'n submits to his Commands

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His Justice shall avenge the Poor ;

And Pride and Rage prevail no more. 1 3 With Pow'r He vindicates the Just,

And treads th' Oppreffor in the Dust;
His Worship and his Fear shall last

Till Hours, and Years, and Time be past. 4 As Rain on Meadows newly mown,

So shall He send his Influence down :
His Grace on fainting Souls distils,

Like heav'nly Dew on thirsty Hills.
5 The Heathen Lands, that lie beneath

The Shades of over-spreading Death,
Revive at his first dawning Light,

And Deferts blossom at the Sight.
6 The Saints shall flourish in his Days,

Drest in the Robes of Joy and Praise ;
Peace, like a River, from his Throne,
Shall Aow to Nations yet unknown.

17. JESUS shall reign where'er the Sun

Does his fucceffive Journies run:
His Kingdom stretch from Shore to Shore;
Till Moons shall wax and wane no more.

8 To Him shall endless Pray'r be made,

And Princes throng to crown his Head ;
His Name, like fweet Perfume, shall rise

With ev'ry Morning-Sacrifice.
9 People and Realms of ev'ry Tongue

Dwell on his Love with sweetest Song ;
And Infant-Voices shall proclaim

Their early Blessings on his Name. 10 Blessings abound where'er He reigns ;

The Pris'ner leaps to loose his Chains ;
The Weary find eternal Rest,

And all the Sons of Want are blest. 11 Where He displays his healing Pow'r,

Death and the Curse are known no more;
In Him the Tribes of Adam boast

More Bleffings than their Father lost. 12 Let ev'ry Creature rise, and bring

Peculiar' Honours to our KING ;
Angels descend with Songs again,
And Earth repeat the loud Amen.


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Nowo convinc'd the Lord is kind

OW I'm convinc'd the Lord is kind

To Men of Heart sincere : Though once my foolish Thoughts repin'd,

And border'd on Despair. 2 I griev'd to see the Wicked thrive,

And spoke with angry Breath, « How pleasant and profane they live!

“How peaceful is their Death !”

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3 Yet while my Tongue indulg'd Complaints,

I felt my Heart reprove ;
« Sure I fhall thus offend thy Saints,

"And grieve the Men I love."
4 But still I found my Doubts too hard,

'The Conflict too severe,
Till I retir'd to search thy Word,

And learn thy Secrets there, 5.There, as in some prophetic Glass,

I faw the Sinner's Feet
High mounted on a flipp'ry Place,

Befide,a fiery Pit.
6 I heard the Wretch profanely boast,

Till at thy Frown he fell ;
His Honours in a Dream were lost,

And he awakes in Hell.
7 LORD, what an envious Fool I was!

How like a thoughtless Beaft!
Thus to suspect thy promis'd Grace,

And think the Wicked bleft.
8 Yet was I kept from full Despair

'Upheld by Pow'r unknown:
That bleffed Hand that broke the Snare,

Shall guide me to thy Throne.

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9 GOD, my Supporter and 'nry Hopes

My Help for ever near,
Thine-Arm of Mercy held me up,

When finking in Defpair.

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10 Thy Counsels, LORD, shall guide my Feet

Through this dark Wilderness;
Thine Hand conduct me near thy Seat,

To dwell before thy Face.
I Were I in Heav'n without my God,

'Twould be no Joy to me;
And while this Earth is my Abode,

I long for none but Thee.
12 What if the Springs of Life were broke,

And Flesh and Heart should faint !
God is my Soul's eternal Rock,

The Strength of ev'ry Saint. 13 Behold, the Sinners that remove

Far from thy Presence die ;
Not all the Idol-Gods they love

Can save them when they cry.
14. But to draw near to Thee, my God,

Shall be my sweet Employ;
My Tongue thall found thy Works abroad,

And tell the World my Joy.

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ORD, what a thoughtless Wretch was I,

To mourn and murmur, and repine To see the Wicked plac'd on high,

In Pride and Robes of Honour shine !
2 But, О their End! their dreadful End !

Thy Sanctuary taught me fo:
On slippery Rocks I see them ftand,
And fiery Billows roll below.


never envy

3 Now let them boast how tall they rise,

them again ; There they may stand with haughty Eyes,

Till they plunge deep in endless Pain. 4

Their fancy'd Joys how fast they fee !
Just like a Dream when Man awakes ;
Their Songs of softest Harmony

Are but a Preface to their Plagues.
5 Now I esteem their Mirth and Wine

Too dear to purchase with my Blood;
LORD, 'tis enough that Thou art Mine,
My Life, ny PORTION, and my God.

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THOU, whose Hand has Ifrael led,

His Fold enlarg’d, his. Pasture spread, Call to thy Thought the facred Band,

Once own'd the Purchase of thine Hand. 2 The Heritage by Thee redeem'd;

Fair Sion's Mount, where copious stream’d
Th' eternal LIGHT,-and spoke her Shrine

The Seat of MAJESTY divine. 3

Thee from of old my KING I fee,
Nor knows my Heart a Friend but Thee :
Thine Arm alone, in Jacob's Right,

Hath turn'd each adverse Pow'r to Flight. 4 At thy Command, the wat'ry Deeps

Asunder stood, in liquid Heaps :
Thy Mandate Jordan's Channel dry'd,
And backward roll'd its wond'ring Tide.

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