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5 Th’impartial Judge, whose Eyes each Day

Cast o'er the Earth their strict Survey:
To Him, my Soul, for Help repair,

He makes the faithful Heart his Care. 6 If Man his Law refuse to know,

He whets his Sword, He bends his Bow,
And points with Fire the winged Dart,

Ordain'd to pierce th’ Oppressor's Heart. 7 Thy Truth, O LORD, fhall on my Breast

In sweet Remembrance stand imprest;
With grateful Joy my Heart inspire,
And wake to ceaseless Praise my Lyre.

PS A L M VIII. Metre i.


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Is thine exalted Name ! The Glories of thy heav'nly State

Let Men and Babes proclaim. 2 When I behold thy Works on high,

The Moon that rules the Night, And Stars that well adorn the Sky,

Those moving Worlds of Light: 3 LORD, what is Man, or all his Race,

Who dwells so far below, That Thou should'st vifit him with Grace,

And love his Nature fo!
4. That thy eternal Son should bear

To take a mortal Form,
Made lower than his Angels are,

To save a dying Worm!

5 Let Him be crown'd with Majesty,

Who bow'd his Head to Death: And be his Honours founded high,

By all Things that have Breath.
6 Jesus, our Lord, how wond'rous great

Is thine cxalted Name!
The Glories of thy heav'nly State

Let the whole Earth proclaim.



Metre ii.

Mmortal King! thro’Earth’s wide Frame

How great thy Honour, Praise, and Name!
From Infants Thou canft Strength upraise,

And form their lifping Tongues to praise. 2 When, rapt in Thought, with wakeful Eye

I view the Wonders of the Sky;
Whose frame thy Fingers o'er our Head

In rich Magnificence have fpread:
3 The filent Moon, with waxing Horn,

Along th' ethereal Region borne;
'The Stars, with vivid Luftre crown'd,

That nightly walk their destin'd Round. 4 Lord, what is Man, that in thy Care

His humble Lot should find a Share!
Or what the Son of Man, that Thou
Thus to his Wants thine Ear should'st bow?
His Rank awhile, by thy Decree,
Th’angelic 'Tribes beneath them see,
Till round him thy imparted Rays
With unextinguish'd Glory blaze.

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T celebrate thy Praife, O Lord,

6 Immortal KING! thro' Earth's wide Frame

How great thy Honour, Praise, and Name !
Whose Reign o'er distant Worlds extends,
WhoseGloryHeav'ns vastHeight transcends.

PSALM IX. Metre i.
I will

prepare ;
To all the liftning World thy Works,

Thy wondrous Works declare. 2 The Thought of them shall to my Soul

Exalted Pleasures bring ; While to thy Name, O Thou Most HIGH,

Triumphant Praise I fing.
3 God is a constant, fure Defence

Against oppreffing Rage;
As Troubles rise, his needful Aids

In Behalf engage.
4 All those who have his Goodness prov'd

Will on his Truth confide;
Whose Mercy ne'er forsook the Man

That on his Help rely'd.
5 Sing Praises therefore to the LORD,

From Sion his Abode,
Proclain his Deeds, till all the World

Confess no other God.


PSALM IX. Metre ii. THEE, LORD, I boast my Bliss fupreme,

Thy Praise my Song'sexhaustless Theme: O Higher than the highest, Hail ! Thou, Thou haft bid my Cause prevail.

2 Come ye, who in the dang'rous Hour

Wish for your Guard the strong-built
Each Terror to the Winds resign'd, [Tow'r;

In God a furer Refuge find.
3 The Souls that, once oppress’d with Woe,

Ilave learn'd thy Na ne, great God, to know,
Their Hope on Thee shall flill sustain,
Whom none has fought, and fought in vain.

40 Thou, whose Care prolongs my Breath,

And lifts me froin the Gates of Dcach ;
Thy Servant's Woes attentive view,

While impious Men my Steps pursue.
5 So shall thy Praise employ my Tongue,

And Sion's, Portals hear my Song:
While with experienc'd Heart I show

What Joys from thy Salvation fow.
6 In Sion God has fix'd his Rest;

o be his Praise aloud confeft;
His Acts through ev'ry Clime resound,
Far as to Earth's extremeft Bound.

PSA L M X. Metre i.

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WHX dot the Loan fand off fo far?

And conceal ,
When great Calamities appear,

And Times of deep Distress ?
2 LORD, shall the Wicked ftill deride
... Thy Justice and thy Low'r?
Shall they adyance tlieir Heads in Pride,

And still thy Saints devour?


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3 They put thy Judgments from their Sight,

And then insult the Poor;
They boast in their exalted Height;

That they shall fall no more.
4 Arise, O God, lift up thine Hand,

Attend our humble Cry;
No Enemy shall dare to stand

When God afcends on High.
5 Thou wilt prepare our Hearts to pray,,

And cause thine Ear to hear ;-
He hearkens what his Children fiy,

And puts the World in Fear.
6 Proud Tyrants shall no more oppress,

No more despise the Just;
And mighty Sinners shall confess

They are but Earth and Duft.

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PSA L M X. Metre ii.

[Reign, HINE is the Throne :-Beneath thy

Immortal KING! the Tribes profane Behold their Dreams of Conquest o’er,

And vanith to be seen no more.
2 The meek Observer of thy Laws

To Thee commits his injur'd Cause;
In Thee, each anxious Fear refign’d,

The Fatherless a Father find.
3 Thou, LORD, thy People's Wish canst read,

Ere from their Lips the Pray’r proceed;
'Tis Thine their drooping Hearts to rear,
And bow to ev'ry. Sign thine Ear:

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