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10 Not Sinai's Mountain could appear

More glorious, when the Lord was there;
While He pronounc'd his dreadful Law,

And struck the chosen Tribes with Awe, II How bright the Triumph none can tell,

When the rebellious Pow'rs of Hell,
That thousand Souls had Captive made,

Were all in Chains like Čaptives led. 12 Rais'd by his FATHER to the Throne,

He sent the promis'd SPIRIT down,
With Gifts and Grace for Rebel Men,
That God might dwell on Earth again.


13 WE bless the LORD, the Juft, the Good,

Who fills our Hearts with Joy and Food;
Who pours his Blessings from the Skies,

And loads our Days with rich Supplies. 14 He sends the Sun his Circuit round,

To cheer the Fruits, to warm the Ground;
He bids the Clouds with plenteous Rain

Refresh the thirsty Earth again.
15 "Tis to his Care we owe our Breath,

And all our near Escapes from Death :
Safety and Health to God belong;

He heals the Weak, and guards the Strong. 16 He makes the Saint and Sinner prove

The common Blessings of his Love;
But 'the wide Diff'rence that remains
Is endless Joy, or endless Pains.

17 The Lord that bruis'd the Serpent's Head,

On all the Serpent's Seed fhall tread;
The stubborn Sinner's Hope confound,

And smite him with a lasting Wound.
18 But his Right-Hand his Saints shall raise

From the deep Earth, or deeper Seas y
And bring them to his Courts above,
There fhall they taste his special Love.

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SA. Break in upon my Soul:

AVE me, O GOD, the swelling Floods “ I fink; and Sorrows o'er my Head

“ Like mighty Waters roll.”
2 Thus in the great Messiah's Name

The royal Prophet mourns';
Thus he awakes our Hearts to Grief,

And gives us Joy by Turns.
3 “ Now shall the Saints rejoice, and find

“ Salvation in my Name, “ For I have borne their heavy Load

“ Of Sorrow, Pain, and Shame. 4 « Grief like a Garment cloth’d me round,

“ And Sackcloth was my Dress, “ While I procur'd for naked Souls

“ A Robe of Righteousness.
5“ Amongst my Brethren and the Jews

“ I like a Stranger stood;
“ And bore their vile Reproach, to bring

« The Gentiles near to GOD.

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6 « I came in sinful Mortals' Stead

“ To do my Father's Will:
« Yet when I cleans'd my Father's House,

“ They scandaliz'd my Zeal.
7 « My Fasting and my holy Groans

« Were made the Drunkard's Song;
« But God, from his celestial Throne,

“ Heard my complaining Tongue.
8 “'Twas in a most accepted Hour

“ My Pray'r arose on high,
« And for my Sake my God shall hear

“ The dying Sinner's Cry."

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NOW let our Lips, with holy Fear

And mournful Pleasure, sing
The Suff'rings of our great HIGH-PRIEST,

The Sorrows of our KING.
10 He sinks in Floods of deep Distress;

How high the Waters rise !
While to his heav'nly Father's Ear

He sends perpetual Cries.
« Hear me, O LORD, and save thy Son,

“ Nor hide thy shining Face ;
“ Why should thy Fav'rite look like one

« Forsaken of thy Grace?
12 “ With Rage they perfecute the Man

“ That groans beneath thy Wound,
" While, for à Sacrifice, I pour

“ My Life upon the Ground.


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13 “ All my Reproach is known to Thee,

« The Scandal and the Shame; « Reproach hath broke my bleeding Heart, « And Lies defil'd


Name. 14 “ With Vinegar they mock my Thirst;

“They give me Gall for Food; “ And, sporting with my dying Groans,

* They triumph in my Blood. 15 " Shine into my distressed Soul,

« Let thy Compaflions fave; “And though my Fleh sink down to Death,

( Redeem it from the Grave. 16 “ I shall arise to praise thy Name,

« Shall reign in Worlds unknown, « And thy Salvation, O my God!

« Shall feat me on thy Throne."

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17 FATHER, I fing thy wondrous Grace,

I bless my SAVIOUR's Name; He bought Salvation for the Poor,

And bore the Sinners' Shame.
18 His deep Distress has rais'd us high,

His Duty and his Zeal
Fulfill'd the Law which Mortals broke,

And finish'd all thy Will.
19 His dying Groans, his living Songs,

Shall better please my God,
Than Harp or Trumpet's folemn Sound,

Than Goats or Bullocks Blood.

20 This shall his humble Follow'rs fee,

And set their Hearts at reft ;
They by his Death draw near to Thee,

And live for ever bleft.
21 Let Heav'n, and all that dwell on high,

To God their Voices raife,
While Lands and Seas assist the Sky,

And join t' advance thy Praise. 22 Zion is thine, most holy God;

Thy Son shall bless her Gates ;
And Glory purchas’d by his Blood,
For thy own Ifrael waits.

ASTE to my Aid, my Saviour, hafte;


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To Thee directs its Pray'r :
In wild Confusion backward borne,
Their Wish defeated let them mourn,

And lost in empty Air.
2 Be Shame their juft Reward assign’d,
While round me, with relentless Mind,

Derision's Shout they raise :
Thy Bliss let All who seek Thee fare,
And taught thy Love, that Love. declare

In Songs of ceafeless Praise.
3 While there in thy Salvation joy,
Increasing Griess my Thought employ,

And speedieft Aid demand,
My Helper and REDEEMER, hear!
o, instant in my Cause appear,

And reach thy faving Hand.

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