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your memorialist prays that he may be admitted to the sent in the
Senate for the 20th Senatorial district, for the unexpired term.
Respectfully submitted,
Madison, January 10, 1871.

To coumittee on Privileges and Elections.

By Senator Clark: Mcm No 2, S. Of L. B. Vilas, claiming to be admitted to a seat in the Senate from the 25th senatorial district, and ordered spread on the journal, as follows:

To the Senate of the State of Wisconsin:

Your memorialist, Levi B. Vilas, of the city of Madison, in the county of Dane, in said State, respectfully shows, that by section. 13, article 3, of the constitution of this state, it is declared that—

“No person being a member of congress, or holding any military or civil office under the United States, shall be eligible to a seat in the Legislature; and if any person shall, after his election at a member of the legislature, be elected to congress, or be ap{. to try office, civil or military, under the government of the

nited States, his acceptance thereof shall vacate his seat.”

And your memorialist further shows that the Hon. Romanzo E. Davis, who claims to have been elected senator from the 26th senatorial district at the general election in 1869, was on the 25th day of April, 1870, appointed postmaster at Middleton, in said Dane county, under the government of the United States; that he accepted said office, and was duly commissioned on the 18th day of June following; and that by “his acceptance thereof,” his seat in this honorable body became vacant from the time of his acceptance, which was as early as June, 18th, 1870. And your memorialist further shows that, at the general election on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday, being the 8th day of November, 1870, your memorialist was duly elected senator from said 26th senatorial district, to fill the vacancy so created, and is legally entitled to the seat in the senate occupied by the said Davis. Wherefore your memorialist prays that he may be admitted to the seat in the sent.te for the 26th senatorial district for the unexpired term,

Respectfully submitted,

Madison, January 11th, 1871.

(Signed,) - LEWI B. WILAS. To committee on Privileges and Elections.

REsolutions INTRoDUCED.

By Senator Pratt :
Res. No. 5, S.,
Resolved, That the president pro tem., and standing committees
of the senate for the year 1871, be as follows except the committee
on benevolent institutions: -
President pro tem—C. G. Williams.
Judiciary Committer—Geo. C. Hazelton, Angus Cameron,
H. S. Magoon, Myron Reed, Geo. H. Baldwin.
Committee on Finance—M. H., Pettit, Philo Belden, Carl H.
Committee on Corporations—B. U. Strong, John H. Jones,
Lyman Morgan.
Committee on Roads, Bridges and Ferries—Samuel Pratt, W.

. S. Flint, E. H. Ives.

Committee on Town and County Organizations—J. H. Foster, Wm. M. Colladay, A. Schantz. Committee on Military Affairs—H. S. Town, B. U. Strong, Lyman Walker. Committee on Privileges and Elections—J. C. Hall, Francis Little, Satterlee Clark. o Committee on Agriculture—Philo Belden, R. E. Davis, W. W. Woodman. Committee on Legislative Erpenditures—W. S. Flint, Philo Belden, Myron Reed. Committee on State Affairs—Wm. M. Griswold, W. T. Price, Geo. Krouskop. Committee on Federal Relations—Angus Cameron, Wm. M. Griswold, Satterlee Clark. Committee on Education—R. E. Davis, H. S. Magoon, Francis Huebschmann. - Committee on Banks and Banking—Wm. M. Colladay, F. S. Miner, Lyman Walker. Committee on Internal Improvemen's—H. S. Magoon, J. H. Foster, Geo. Baldwin. Committee on Contingent Expenditures—H. S. Town, M. H. Pettit, C. H. Schmidt. Committee on Public Lands—Francis Little, Samuel Pratt, Adam Schantz. Committee on State Prison—M. H. Pettit, E. S. Miner, S. D. Burchard. Committee on Railroads—W. T. Price, Wm. M. Griswold, Angus Cameron, W. S. Flint, B. U. Strong, H. S. Town, P. V. Deuster, Geo. Krouskop, E. H. Ives. Committee on Printing—E. S. Miner, Wm. M. Colladay, P. W. Deuster. Engrossed Bills—J. H. Jones, M. H. Pettit, W. W. Woodman. Enrollel Bills—J. C. Hall, J. H. Foster, S. D. Burchard.

Joint Committee on Claims—E. S. Miner, Wm. M. Griswold, J. A. Rice.


Res. No. 5 S.,
Appropriating money.
Which was adopted.

The Lieutenant-Governor appointed Senators Pratt and Morgan

to wait upon the President pro tem elect, Senator Williams, and conduct him to the chair, when,

On motion of Senator Clark,
The Senate adjourned.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1871. 10 o’clock, A. M.

Senate met pursuant to adjournment.
Lieutenant Governor presiding.
Roll called, quorum present. -
Reading of the journal dispensed with.


By Senator Price:

Res. No. 6. S.

Resolved, That the committee on Enrolled Bills, and the cemmittee on Engrossed Bills, are hereby authorized to employ a clerk, whose services shall be divided between the two committees, as the members of those committees shall direct; also, that the committee on Railroads, and the committee on Claims, each, are hereby authorized to employ a clerk; also, that the sergeant-at-arms is hereby authorized to employ one additional door-keeper.


Res. No. 6, S.

Which was adopted.

Res. No. 1, S.,
Which was, on motion, laid aside for one hour,


On leave granted, read first and second times and referred.

By Senator Williams:
No. 1. S.,

A bill to legalize an adjourned term of the circuit court for Rock

Which was, on motion of Senator Williams,
Passed under suspension of the rules.

By Senator Huebschmann :
No. 2, S.,
A bill amendatory of sections 6, 7, 8 and 9, of chapter 120, re-
vised statutes. relating to courts held by justices of the peace.
To committee on Judiciary.

By Senator Huebschmann:
No. 3, S.,
A bill to amend section 205, chapter 120, revised statutes, enti-
tled “ of courts held by justices of the peace.”
To committee on Judiciary.

By Senator Krouskop

No. 4, S., A bill to incorporate the Iowa and Richland Counties Railroad Company.

To committee on Railroads.

By Senator Burchard: No. 5, S., A bill to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the town of Westford and the south ward of the village of Randolph, in the county of Dodge, and to authorize the clerk of the board of said county to apportion taxes to said town and village. To committee on State Affairs.

By Senator Foster:
No. 6, S., -
A bill to abolish probate fees in the county of Winnebago.
To committee on Judiciary, with accompanying resolution.

By Senator Price:
No. 7, S.,
A bill to incorporate the Chippewa "improvement and boom com-
To committee on Incorporations.
By Senator Williams:
No. 8, S.,
A bill to incorporate the Wisconsin conference board of trustees.
To committee on Incorporations.


The Committee on Enrolled Bills have examined

No. 1 S.,

A bill to legalize an adjourned term of the Circuit Court in and for the county of Rock,

And find the same correctly enrolled.

J. C. HALL, - Chairman.

MESSAGE FROM THE ASSEMBLY By E. W. Young, Chief Clerk thereof.

MR. PREsident :

I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has concurred with the Senate in the passage of

No. 1, S.

A bill to legalize an adjourned term of the Circuit Court in and for the county of Rock.

MESSAGE FROM THE ASSEMBLY. By E. W. Young, Chief Clerk thereof.

MR. Persident :

I am directed to present for your signature

No. 1, S.,

A bill to legalize an adjourned term of the circuit court in and for the county of Rock.

Which has been signed by the Speaker.

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