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Marriages - [204
Principal promotions - [206
Deaths - - – [209

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The trial of George Gordon, Esq; commonly called Lord George Gordon,

for high treason, at the bar of the court of King’s Bench, on Monday,
Feb. 5, 1781 - - 2

- 17 Particulars of the trial of M. De la Motte, on a charge of high treason

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Sept. 178o - 266 Prices of flocks for the year 1781 — 267 Supplies granted by parliament for the year 1781 — ` 268. -Ways and means for raftng the above supplies **- É.

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Character of the Emperor Constantine; from Gibbons’s History of the
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
An account of the pastoral manners and of the government of the Scythians
or Tartars; from the same - 3
An account of the life and literary character of Henry Howard, Earl of
Surry; extraded from Warton's History of English Poetry 9
Character of Thomas Sackville, the first Lord Buckhurst; from the same
- * I
Charađer of the late Dr. Fothergill - - ;:
An account of the Indians of Porto de la Trinidad, in lat. 41. on the
north-west coast of America 2d
An account of john Law, and of the Missipi scheme projected by him in
1717 - - 2
An account of the Chevalier d'Eon - - :
Character of the French ; from Sherlock’s Letters

- 2 Character of the French ladies, compared with that of the English; Aft

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