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the same species of hirundines
with us, or that they are only seen
in those parts during our winter.
Between what hath been ad-
vanced in the preceding and pre-
feat dissertations, the arguments
against the periodical migration of
swallows have filled many pages,
and it may be right to bring them
to a conclusion, by answering an
objection which is much relied
upon by those who maintain the
contrary opinion.
It is frequently asked by these,
where and when the swallow
moults, if this does not happen in
parts of the globe to the South-
ward of Europe. -
To this I do not pretend to an-
fwer by informing them where er
when these birds change their
feathers ; but I may equally ask
the question with regard to nine
of the birds out of ten which

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is formed in the mountain of Borgfrazzo. In general, the climate of the island is the finest in the world. The sky is never darkened two days together. There is scarce any winter : the heats of the summer are moderated in the mountains by the North winds; they are more violent in the towns of Bastia, St. Fiorenzo, la Gagliola, Calvi, and Ajaccio. The illnesses to which the troops are subjećt, are attributed to the heat of the air; and I believe they proceed rather from want of good water, which those places are very defi

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we find Fiorenzo, a town in the most ruinous condition. Its gulph is immense, and might contain a prodigious number of ships; it is more than a league over, and runs three leagues deep into the lands. It is bordered with high mountains, which shelter it from all kinds of winds except the North-East. The harbour is filled with rocks near the surface of the water, which only admit boats to land. We meet next with la Gagliola, which has a bad road, where none but tartans and feluccas can land: after this comes Calvi, the port of which, though very large, can only receive frigates of a moderate fize: the port of Ajaccio is more convenient, and deeper ; , ships may cast anchor there in the midst of the bason. Bonifacio terminates the point of the Western coast, where there is a little port, good and secure.

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