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H I S T O R Y,


P O L I To I C S,

r a N D - -
L I T E R A T U R E,
| For the YEAR 1781.

L O N D O N :
Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall-mall, 1782.

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THE year of which we treat was so abundant in military event, that if all other memorials of the same nature were lost, it might afford no very imperfeót transcript of the art of modern war in all its forms, whether by sea or by land. Though we are not astonished by the appearance of such immense armies as have so often desolated the old world, nor by those actions which have in a day decided the fate of nations and empires, we see as vast, though less concentrated, operations of war, condućted upon its most scientific principles. When taken in a general view, the combination of its de

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see the war rage, nearly at the same time, in the

countries on both fides of the:North River, on the Chesapeak, in South Carolina; the Floridas, North

Carolina, Virginia, the West Indies, the American and West Indian seas. Through this arrangement,

in part fortuitous and in part the effect of design, we are presented with a number of the best-condućted and severest actions recorded in history. We behold, in an unhappy contention between Eng

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valour which can never be exceeded, and all the A 2 per

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