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perfeótion of discipline exhibited on the one side, and opposed on the other by an unconquerable resolution and perseverance, inspired and supported by the enthusiasm of liberty.

If the soldier finds abundant matter of entertainment and observation in the recital of the Me events, the statesman and philosopher will not final less room for serious contemplation in the causes and consequences of the contention. They have led to the establishment of a new epocha in the history of mankind; they have opened the way to new systems of policy; and to new arrangements of power and of commerce. To the whole British nation, however dispersed in the old or in the new world, every part of the history of this contention, in all its §umstances: ‘and: consequences, must at all times be in the highès: degree interesting.

It would be tréspaffing too far on the indulgence of the public, te: trouble them with any detail of the unavoidable and unfortunate interruptions which have occasioned the delay of our present publication. We console ourselves in the hope, that those causes will not appear in any degree to have operated with respect to the attention which we have paid to a faithful discharge of our duty in the condućt of the History. The happy return of the public tranquility will, by lefsening our labours, enable us to recover our former station in point of publication.

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A N N U A L R E G IS T E R, For the YEAR 1781. •eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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