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lic utility, and the importance of the object, should supersede, or supply the defects of, at least, general orders, and that no object of his cruize could possibly stand in any degree of comparative value, with the proper application of that knowledge, which he had now accidentally acquired ; he accordingly, instantly proceeded, with the utmost expedition, to the West Indies, in order to communicate the intelligence to Sir George Rodney. That commander, who was then at Carlisle Bay in the island of Barbadoes, whither, we have formerly shewn, he had repaired, after his last ačtion with, and long pursuit of M. de Guichen, in order to vićtual, water, and refit his fleet, upon receiving this intelligence by the Cerberus, used the utmost diligence in putting to sea, in order to intercept the Spanish fleet and convoy, before they could join the French, who were then in Fort-Royal Bay, Martinique, and had not yet recovered the effects of the late rough encounters. Nothing could have been more happy, signal, or decisive in its

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it had taken effect. But the views and hopes of the British commander were frustrated, through the caution of the Spanish admiral. Had he proceeded directly to Fort-Royal Bay, which was his obječt, and the appointed place of rendezvous to all his squadron and convoy, he could scarcely have avoided falling in with the British fleet, and the event would not admit of a doubt. But Don Solano, apprehensive, though not informed of the danger, prudently stop

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commanders re-embarked their people, and the combined fleets proceeded, before the middle of July, with the Spanish convoy to the westward. It appeared afterwards, that M. de Guichen, having escorted the Spaniards as far as the island of St. Domingo, and knowing there was no enemy in the way, he left them to proceed singly to the Havanna, while he put in himself at Cape François. In the mean time, Commodore Walfingham had arrived from England at St. Lucia, with a few ships of the line, and four regiments under his convoy for Jamaica. The commander in chief, who was in the dark as to the defigns of the enemy, but informed of their departure from FortRoyal, sailed with the whole fleet, as well to observe their motions, as to see the convoy well on their way. Being soon satisfied as to the immediate destination of the enemy, he dispatched Admiral Rowley, along with Mr. Walfingham and the convoy, to Jamaica; these commanders taking ten sail of the line along with them, to reinforce Sir Peter Parker, and thereby insure the security of that island. Sir George Rodney kept the remainder of the fleet, in order to observe the future motions of the enemy, and to cover the Leeward Islands. The fickness among the Spaniards, with the apparent want of concert between the fleets, went far beyond, in their consequences, the immediate scene, and near views of action. In a word, they were the means of overthrowing the whole scheme and design of the campaign, not in the West Indies only, but in North AmeIl Ca

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