National Association of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook: NAB Engineering Handbook

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Taylor & Francis, 26 апр. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 2120
The NAB Engineering Handbook provides detailed information on virtually every aspect of the broadcast chain, from news gathering, program production and postproduction through master control and distribution links to transmission, antennas, RF propagation, cable and satellite. Hot topics covered include HD Radio, HDTV, 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary services, EAS, workflow, metadata, digital asset management, advanced video and audio compression, audio and video over IP, and Internet broadcasting. A wide range of related topics that engineers and managers need to understand are also covered, including broadcast administration, FCC practices, technical standards, security, safety, disaster planning, facility planning, project management, and engineering management.

Basic principles and the latest technologies and issues are all addressed by respected professionals with first-hand experience in the broadcast industry and manufacturing. This edition has been fully revised and updated, with 104 chapters and over 2000 pages. The Engineering Handbook provides the single most comprehensive and accessible resource available for engineers and others working in production, postproduction, networks, local stations, equipment manufacturing or any of the associated areas of radio and television.

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15 AMFM Field Strength Measurements
Donald G Everist CohenDippell and Everist P C
Ralph S Blackman Rees Associates
3Television Camera Systems
Michael Bergeron and Stephen Mahrer Panasonic Broadcastand Television Systems Company
Birney Dayton NVISION
BruceDevlin Snell Wilcox ThomasEdwards Public Broadcasting

DaneE Ericksen Hammett Edison
Stanley Salek Hammett Edison
JerryWhitaker Advanced Television Systems Committee
David E Wilson Consumer Electronics Association
Dr SamSwan University ofTennessee Knoxville
DavidM BadenRadio FreeAsia 2 3 System Integration and Project Management
David Maxson Broadcast Signal
13Audio andVideo overIP Networksand Internet Broadcasting
14Cable Television Systems
PaulHeartyRyerson University
Phil Rayson Radian Communications Services Corp John Wahba Turris Corporation
Edward A Lobnitz TLC Engineering for Architecture
Richard G Hickey Flash Technology
Linley GummConsultant Gary SgrignoliMeintel Sgrignoli Wallace
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Graham Jones has more than 35 years experience in the broadcast industry. With NAB he works on advanced television issues, technical standards, education and training. He is a member of both ATSC and SMPTE engineering committees. Previously he was Engineering Director for the Harris/PBS DTV Express - the educational road show that introduced DTV to many U.S. broadcasters. He started his career with the BBC in London, and has worked as a consultant to broadcasters in many parts of the world. He holds a degree in physics, is a chartered electrical engineer, and is a member of the IEE, SMPTE, SBE and the Royal Television Society. In 2004 he received the Bernard J. Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award from the Advanced Television Systems Committee.
David Layer is Director, Advanced Engineering in the Science & Technology Department of NAB, located in Washington, DC. David has been with NAB since 1995, and has been very active in the radio standards setting area. He is also involved in NAB's technical conference planning and technical publication activities, and has been an author and contributing author for numerous technical publications, including IEEE Spectrum magazine (a leading journal of the Electrical Engineering profession) and the McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology.
Tom Osenkowsky is a Senior Member of IEEE, NARTE and SBE. He has been practicing broadcast engineering since 1976. He has designed, constructed and maintained radio broadcast facilities in the United States and Caribbean Islands, written software for engineering applications and is a freqquent contributor to Radio World magazine.

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