Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of Bourbon: From the Accession of Philip V. to the Death of Charles III. 1700 to 1788. Drawn from the Original and Unpublished Documents, Том 4

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815

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Стр. 188 - Majesty's great wisdom — that overtures of a negociation should be set on foot with that court, in order to engage Spain, if possible, to join their arms to those of your Majesty, for the obtaining a just and honourable peace, and mainly for recovering and restoring to the crown of England the most important island of Minorca, with all the ports...
Стр. 273 - British government, is what made, in the same instant, the declaration of war, and attacked the King's dignity. Your excellency may think of retiring when, and in what manner, it is convenient to you ; which is the only answer that, without detaining you, his Majesty has ordered me to -give you.
Стр. 187 - Majesty's orders and instructions relating to the same herewith transmitted, cannot but affect your excellency with the deepest sense of the great and particular trust which the King is most graciously pleased to repose in your known experience and long approved abilities...
Стр. 187 - ... health will be found so well restored by the late use of medicinal waters, as to leave nothing more to desire for the proper and ablest discharge of a commission of such high moment, and which peculiarly demands the utmost circumspection, vigilance, delicacy, and address. It is judged the most compendious and sure method of opening and conveying to your excellency with due clearness and precision, the scope and end of the measure in question, to refer you to the minute itself, in extenso, unanimously...
Стр. 216 - Ferdinand sunk into hopeless melancholy, immured himself in the secluded palace of Villa Viciosa, and refused to transact any public business. His situation is thus described by the British Ambassador, Lord Bristol : " The Catholic King will ' not be shaved, walks about without any covering but ' his shirt, which has not been changed for a surprising ' time, and a night-gown. He has not been in bed for ' ten nights, nor is he thought to have slept five hours ' since the 2d of this month, and that...
Стр. 268 - Two ships have lately arrived at " Cadiz with very extraordinary rich cargoes from the " West Indies, so that all the wealth that was expected " from Spanish America is now safe in Old Spain.
Стр. 195 - And for greater and clearer indication on matters of this extreme importance, I am, though unnecessarily, expressly to acquaint you that thejdng can in no supposed case ever entertain the thought of putting Gibraltar into the hands of Spain, until that Court, by a junction of their arms with those of His Majesty, shall actually and effectually recover and restore to the Crown of England the island of Minorca, with all its fortresses and harbours.
Стр. 18 - To the foreign transactions of this year I must add the decease of the King of Spain, Ferdinand the Sixth, a Prince of excellent intentions, but desponding temper and slender capacity. He was conscious of his own defects, and on one occasion, when a courtier had paid him a compliment on his skill in shooting, he replied : " It " would be extraordinary if I could not do one thing
Стр. 189 - Spain on the complaints touching the establishment made by the subjects of England on the Mosquito shore, and in the bay of Honduras, since the treaty concluded at Aix la Chapelle, in October 1748, in order that all establishments so made be evacuated.
Стр. 189 - ... an exchange of Gibraltar for the island of Minorca, with the ports and fortresses thereof, their lordships are most humbly of an unanimous opinion, that the court of Spain should without loss of time be sounded with respect to their dispositions thereupon ; and if the same shall be found favourable, that the said negotiation should be carried forward and ripened for execution, with all possible dispatch and secrecy. Their lordships are...

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