What's the Big Deal about Bitcoin?

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"By far the clearest, most enjoyable, and most enlightening book about Bitcoin I've read. This is a must-read for anyone curious about the currency." - Isaac Morehouse, CEO of Praxis

Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, but most people have no idea what the fuss is about. If you keep hearing about Bitcoin, but don't understand the hype, this book is written for you. It features:

* A five-word definition of Bitcoin
* No technical jargon
* A step-by-step explanation for the complete novice

This is a "what-is" book, not a "how-to" book. Learn why the most popular objections to Bitcoin aren't very accurate, including:

* "Bitcoin is just a Ponzi scheme!"
* "It's only used by criminals!"
* "It's not a real currency!"
* "It has no intrinsic value!"
* And "What about Mt. Gox?"

Enthusiasts often claim the technology is invincible and perfect; it isn't. To clearly understand Bitcoin, you have to know the real challenges facing the technology, including:

* The 51% attack
* Transaction limits and confirmation times
* The year 2140
* Governments and regulations

Bitcoin has been called "the future of online payments." Learn why big-name companies have started accepting the currency, including Microsoft, Dell, Newegg, TigerDirect, Overstock.com, Dish Network, and Expedia. By the end of this book, you will have a clear answer to the question, "What's the big deal about Bitcoin?"

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Steve Patterson is a philosopher, author, and award-winning video producer. He is currently traveling the world, hosting the Patterson in Pursuit podcast.

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