Waves of Hate: Naval Atrocities of the Second World War

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Leo Cooper, 2002 - Всего страниц: 243
The extent to which the rules of war, or conventions as they are more usually referred to, were broken during naval actions in the Second World War is the gripping subject of Waves of Hate, naval historian Tony Bridgland's latest work. Contrary to comfortable mythology, unchivalrous or even downright disgraceful acts amounting to culpable war criminality were not the sole preserve of our enemies. All sides stand accused of lapses of conduct which had appalling consequences for their hapless victims. Nor did these only occur in the heat of battle when fear and adrenalin-rush may have confused judgement; all too often there is a strong suspicion of calculated and cold pre-meditation. Thanks to his meticulous research, the author's selection of a wide variety of incidents at sea makes for vivid and compelling, if uneasy, reading. Amid all the drama of action there is much on which to reflect. It is the moral questions that these accounts raise that make Waves of Hate so much more than a mere catalogue of atrocities at sea. The Author Tony Bridgland is an avid military historian with a keen nose for a good story and the ability to tell it well. Previously published works include Field Gun Jack versus The Boers, Sea Killers in Disguise and Naval Atrocities at Sea 1939-1945. Tony lives in Rye, Sussex.

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