The Real Alice: Lewis Carroll's Dream Child

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Michael Joseph, 1981 - Всего страниц: 271
Together Lewis Carroll and his Alice have been eulogised, criticised, psychoanalysed. Their phantasmagoric dreamworld has fired the imaginations and fed the minds of poets, philosophers, musicians and artists the world over -- they have proved inspirational to creators as James Joyce, Lennon and McCartney, W.H. Auden, Walter de la Mare, Arthur Rackham and Salvador Dali. Now, for the first time, Alice Liddell is the subject of a major biography. Immaculately researched and enhanced by 150 fine illustrations, many of them previously unpublished or rare, The Real Alice sheds a fascinating new light on the person who was Lewis Carroll's dream-child and will give pleasure both as a biography and as an addition to the wealth of Carrolliana already in existence.

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