The golden minster: the Anglo-Saxon minster and later medieval priory of St Oswald at Gloucester

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Council for British Archaeology, 30 нояб. 1999 г. - Всего страниц: 267
Standing buildings survey, documentary sources, excavation and specialist finds studies are combined to produce a history of the Anglo-Saxon minster and Medieval priory founded in c.900 AD, at the time of the re-founding of Gloucester when the relics of St Oswald of Northumbria were given to the city. This report discusses the 1975-76 excavations and standing building survey, including studies of the finds, sculpture and architectural stone, burials and human skeletal remains. It is believed that the building may have been nicknamed 'Golden' during the 10th century on account of its numerous ornaments.

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The documentary evidence to 1086 by Michael Hare
The excavation and the structural evidence
The finds
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