The Westminster Alice

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Westminster Gazette, 1902 - Всего страниц: 67

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A spoof Alice - Alice in Downing Street, Alice in Pall Mall, Alice in a fog, Alkice goes to Chesterfield, etc. Читать весь отзыв

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Стр. 13 - You see, I had read a book," the .Knight went on in a dreamy, far-away tone, " written by some one to prove that warfare under modern conditions was impossible. You may imagine how disturbing that was to a man of my profession. Many men would have thrown up the whole thing and gone home. But I grappled with the situation. You will never guess what I did.
Стр. 4 - It hasn't any meaning," said the Cat, "it simply is." "Can it talk?" asked Alice eagerly. "It has never done anything else," chuckled the Cat. "Can you tell me what you are doing here ? " Alice inquired politely. The Ineptitude shook its head with a deprecatory motion and commenced to drawl, "I haven't an idea." "It never has, you know," interrupted the Cheshire Cat rudely, "but in its leisure moments" (Alice thought it must have a good many of them) "when it isn't playing with a gutta-percha ball...
Стр. 16 - Alice was relieved to notice that there was another horse with an empty saddle ready for him to scramble on to. There was a frightful dust, of course, but Alice saw him gathering the reins of his new mount into a bunch, and smiling down upon her with increased amiability. "It's not an easy animal to manage," he called out to her, "but if I pat it and speak to it in French it will probably understand where I want it to go. And," he added hopefully, "it may go there. A knowledge of French and an amiable...
Стр. 2 - ... in cocksure blessedness, Some in Philosophic Doubt. Some in brackets, some in sulks, Some with latchkeys on the ramp, Living (in a sort of peace) In a Concentration Camp. Party moves on either side, Checks and feints that don't deceive, Knights and Bishops, Pawns and all, In a game of Make-Believe. Things that fall contrariwise, Difficult to understand Darkly through a Looking-Glass Turvey-wise in Wonderland. ALICE IN DOWNING STREET "HAVE you ever seen an Ineptitude?"1 asked the Cheshire Cat...
Стр. 65 - But I was thinking of a way To feed oneself on batter, And so go on from day to day Getting a little fatter. I shook him well from side to side, Until his face was blue: 'Come, tell me how you live,' I cried 'And what it is you do!
Стр. 13 - You went to war, of course " "Yes, but not under modern conditions." The Knight stopped his horse so that he might enjoy the full effect of this announcement. "Now, for instance," he continued kindly, seeing that Alice had not recovered her breath, "you observe this little short-range gun that I have hanging to my saddle? Why do you suppose that I have sent out guns of that particular kind? Because, if they happened to fall into the hands of the enemy, they'd be very little use to him. That was my...
Стр. 6 - Its theory is," he continued, seeing that Alice was waiting for 1 "The Ineptitude" — Mr. AJ (later Earl) Balfour, First Lord of the Treasury in Lord Salisbury's third Administration, 1895-1900. more, "that you mustn't interfere with the Inevitable. Slide and let slide, you know.
Стр. 33 - Intercessional,' if you like." Alice began, but the words didn't come a bit right, and she wasn't at all sure how the Queens would take it : "Voice of the People, lately polled, Awed by our broad-cast battle scheme, By virtue of whose vote we hold Our licence still to doze and dream, Still, falt'ring Voice, complaisant shout, Lest we go out, lest we go out." Alice looked anxiously at the Queens when she had finished, but they were both fast asleep. " It will take a deal of shouting to rouse them,
Стр. 44 - I sent a message to the White To tell him — if you must, you might. But then, I said, you p'raps might not (The weather was extremely hot). This query, too, I spatchcock-slid, How would you do it, if you did ? I did not know, I rather thought — And then I wondered if I ought.
Стр. 4 - It hasn't any meaning," said the Cat, " it simply is." " Can it talk ? " asked Alice eagerly. " It has never done anything else," chuckled the Cat. " Can you tell me what you are doing here ?

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