The Self-Taught Software Tester A Step By Step Guide to Learn Software Testing Using Real-Life Project

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To successfully perform a job of software tester you should have a sound knowledge of testing fundamentals and should be able to correlate that knowledge with the experience you have learned while working as a tester on a software project. This book will teach you both, the first half of the book provides a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of software testing and the second half focuses on a step by step walk-through of a real-life testing project. This will help you to understand how the real software projects are run from start to end and where the testing fits in the big picture of the project lifecycle.

The book provides details of each testing activities which will help you to understand how the test activities are planned, executed and monitored in real projects. This book is a roadmap, a guide to understanding the bits and pieces of software testing and how you can apply them when you are working as a tester on a project. This book will teach you each and everything you should know about software testing with references to a real-life project.

This book will not only help you in securing your first testing job but will also guide you on your day-to-day journey as a software tester.

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