The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychohistory

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Ori Academic Press, 25 сент. 2021 г. - Всего страниц: 286
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The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychohistory brings together the life stories of 37 talented and innovative scholars creating a new way of looking at the world. Psychohistory probes people's motivation, focusing especially on childhood, coping mechanisms, creativity, dreams, fantasy, overcoming trauma, personality, and unconscious drive. It goes beyond history and psychology to become an amalgam of a multitude of disciplines. The twice Pulitzer Prize-winning author Barbara Tuchman insightfully said, "All good history is psychohistory." This is the companion volume to Dr. Paul Elovitz' first history of this dynamic field, The Making of Psychohistory: Origins, Controversies, and Pioneering Contributors (Routledge, 2018).

Early readers of the manuscript have had some very powerful things to say. Professor Pamela Steiner of Harvard reports that "This volume will impress the reader with the rapid and overdue development of the fascinating interdisciplinary field... [of] 'psychohistory.'" It provides a methodology and knowledge, in her words, "to save ourselves from ourselves." She goes on to say that as well as being a "needed reference book" that "psychohistory can reinvigorate the study of history and make it as compelling to a truly wide audience" such as college freshmen.

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Dr. Paul H. Elovitz, a historian, psychoanalyst, and psychobiographer, is a founder and leader of the organized field of psychohistory. He is a founding member and past president of the International Psychohistorical Association (1978-); founder and director of the Psychohistory Forum (1982-); and Editor-in-Chief and founder of the scholarly journal Clio's Psyche (1994-). After teaching at Temple and Rutgers Universities, Prof. Elovitz now teaches the psychohistory of the Holocaust, presidential leaders, and much else at Ramapo College. The Making of Psychohistory is one of his eight books and 400 publications.

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