The Bible Without Theology: The Theological Tradition and Alternatives to it

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University of Illinois Press, 2000 - Всего страниц: 198
In this thought-provoking volume, Robert A. Oden Jr. advocates stripping away the theological and historiographic biases that underlie modern biblical scholarship in order to arrive at a nontheological historical reading of the Bible. Oden calls into question a scholarly tradition that accepts biblical writers' views of themselves and their neighbors at face value and reproduces a view of Israelite religion as divinely guided and inherently superior.

Using cross-cultural and interdisciplinary methodology, Oden investigates three biblical issues--the clothing of Adam and Eve, Jacob's name change to Israel, and ritual prostitution and Deuteronomy--in light of extra-biblical evidence. He also challenges scholars' assumptions of Scripture as monotheistic and proposes treating biblical narrative as myth rather than as historical fact.


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Interpreting Biblical Myths
Grace or Status? Yahwehs Clothing of the First
The Case of Jacob
Religious Identity and the Sacred Prostitition
Epilogue The Persistence of Theology in Biblical Study
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