Teaching Multilevel Classes in ESL

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Pippin Publishing Corporation, 2004 - Всего страниц: 208
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The world of the multilevel ESL classroom, despite being an exciting, challenging and richly rewarding one for teachers, is by no means an easy environment, particularly for those entering it for the first time. However Jill Sinclair Bell's Teaching Multilevel Classes in ESL, now extensively revised and updated in a second edition to reflect the real world of today's classroom, will prove a tried and trusty friend - ready, like any good friend, with advice and support whenever needed.

Inspired by and based on the author's own extensive familiarity with teaching in multilevel classrooms, this classic has been further enriched by the more theoretical understandings from her experience as a professor of education. Furthermore, not only has the author herself personally tested all the ideas and activities in the book, so have groups of teachers of widely ranging experience, from novice to veteran. Above all, Jill Bell recognizes the folly of pretending that multilevel teaching is easy, offering instead reassuring support and encouragement, sample lesson plans to illustrate how the ideas in her book can work in practice, and an easy-to-read text with masses of practical examples. In addition, and as an added bonus, the second edition reflects the latest ideas in teaching practice, discussion material updated to reflect changes in the student demographic profiles, a fully revised list of the latest resources including websites, and an additional chapter, brimming with sparkling and easily implemented ideas, focusing on ways to use technology successfully in the classroom.

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Dr. Jill Sinclair Bell is a teacher and teacher educator who has worked in a wide range of educational settings around the globe. She has published articles in professional and academic journals, classroom materials for adult learners of English and several books for teachers. She currently teaches at York University in Toronto.

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